I have literally been ‘wracking my brain’  for what to call / title this Post. I know what I am going to show here but I could NOT come up with a title and then, Voila, the above title appeared.

Back in Irkutsk, when I moved into the flat, immediately inside of the door (as you enter) was a towel that was used to wipe one’s shoes off upon entering the flat. It took-a-beating and looked miserable ( it would get filthy dirty especially in the winter and on rainy days ) doing its job. So I washed it, purchased a dark blue floor mat whose life calling WAS to be a floor mat, and used the towel to put on the floor when I would wash my feet. Perfect. He even got to be used as a towel from time-to-time.

The other day I saw how frayed several of his edges were.

So, knowing exactly and precisely where a seamstress was*,  I decided (no matter the cost) to have his edges ‘hemmed’. 

*Upstairs on the second floor above our Nomin Super Market Patti..

Cosmetic Surgery. The Doctor in her operating room.

She helped me instantly. When I set out the towel she ‘knew immediately’ what I wanted her to do.

Into action she flew.

What a nice job. She hemmed all four of his sides. I thought she’d only hem the badly frayed edges.



And the cost (keep-in-mind that cosmetic surgery can be quite expensive)..

Also keep-in-mind that this was a walk-in, Emergency Room, situation. I had not met with the Doctor previously to discuss this issue..

Nice lady. I was deeply touched at the passion she showed for my piddling little project.

I asked her, “The cost?”

I was stunned, I was absolutely stunned, at the cost of 2,000 Mongolian Tugrik.

Seventy five United States cents ($0.7498).

She went right back to her work.

Notice in the above and below photos, on the extreme right edge of each photo, do you all see the ‘blaze yellow something’ above the ‘reddish and gray something’.

There it is again, this time on the left side of the below photo, the ‘blaze yellow something’.

In walked a man with a young (I’d estimate 8 years old) daughter. My seamstress picked up the ‘blaze yellow something’, slipped it over the 8 year old’s arm (she was wearing a jacket) and moved it up to her arm-pit area. 

Voila. The ‘blaze yellow something’ is a safety precaution with winter and the dark fast approaching.

I was astounded. And we in the U.S. think we have all the answers. I’ve never ever seen anything like this in the U.S.

My seamstress looked and me, and smiling (all with body language) asked if I’d like her to make me one?

That ‘blaze yellow safety arm band’ could save my life because someone (a motorist) saw me and avoided running over me.

Do you all see in the below photo that my ‘blaze yellow safety arm band’ has a brilliant reflective stripe on it?


The cost for my custom made just for me ‘Blaze yellow safety arm band’ was 2,500 Mongolian Tugrik or U.S. Dollars ninety four cents!


“It most certainly does appear that something inexplicable beyond our understanding may just be watching-out-for-you!”

To quote Rocky Graziano, “Somebody Up There Likes Me!”

All of this being because I cared for a frayed Bobbsey Towel and wanted to make his life a little better.

Sign me Speechless.


You believe or you don’t believe. You’re all in or your’re all out. There is no middle ground here Sports Fans. For What It’s Worth I sure do not understand it.

2 thoughts on “OCT 2, 19 .. COSMETIC SURGERY FOR A BOBBSEY and MORE

  1. Patricia Boone

    This seamstress is a very competent cosmetic surgeon (the frayed towel looks exquisite) and creator of safety arm bands .. what a great idea! And .. and .. she is just right down the street from you if you should have any further needs. Nice to have an “Urgent Care” close to you! Smiles and love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I’ll have to give her the website address to this Post so she can see it. She is a very nice lady. I don’t know if she is the creator of the safety arm bands or not but I’ve not seen them elsewhere. It was a lot of fun to be on the phone as you read this Post. I wonder what other projects she could do for me and the Bobbseys. Much Love, Cap

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