No Sports Fans, I have not disappeared. Yes I know it’s been ten (as in 10) days since my last effort here on No I am not going to just fold up my tent and steal away into the night.

Criminals have again entered into our life. I have said it many times before and I will say it yet again, we felt FAR safer in Russian Siberia than we do here in our own home town of Anchorage, Alaska. 

Up until the other day, our truck has been vandalized and attacked four (4 count them) times. One time the entire truck was stolen. Two other times windows were smashed for the criminals to gain entry. The other time we may have left the doors open and unlocked.

Now the total is Five. Yes 5 times our poor truck has been attacked by criminals. This time our passenger side door lock asssembly was destroyed as the criminals vainly attempted to gain entry.

What to do? Head for Moore & Sons, our automotive repair center since 1994 (yes 26 years and counting, they look at us as family). As many of you know, I made my living in professional NASCAR automobile racing and I KNOW a really great service center when I find one.

On the left side of the above photo is Dimond Blvd here in Anchorage.

Turning around about 180° we look at Dimond Blvd proper. To the left below you can see ‘our’ Best Buy store.

Below we look at the back side of Moore & Sons Automotive.

It is time to go inside for a look see at where I spent four or so hours as the right passenger side door lock was repaired and our truck was serviced for the winter.

In the below photo, we have entered the rear entrance to the customer waiting area.

In the above photo, directly across the waiting area, you can see my blaze yellow safety vest over my black winter parka. This is the area in which I set up my own working area.

Below we walk across the above waiting area to see my work area up close.

A close look at my Lenovo Laptop. To its left in the first photo below, you can see my mobile hotspot.

My laptop is sitting upon a brown walnut colored piece of plywood (a lap board) that I use with my laptop sitting in our truck.

Looking over the top of my laptop, below you can see my view out onto Dimond Blvd.

Looking behind me at the rear entrance into the waiting area.

A very pleasant coffee service for customers.

I had to leave our condo early to meet my 8am service appointment. I opted to eat my breakfast here in my work space.

Two Cliff Food Bars, a helping of hummus, an 8-ounce bottle of prune juice, a boiled egg and my vitamins.

I also had a large 1,400ml nalgene bottle of Ensure mixed with water.

The four hours I waited flew past like the snap of one’s fingers.

A few hours in a day of my life.

Thanks for looking in on my morning here.


Yes I remain in Physical Therapy (PT). 

Lying flat on my back during one phase of my PT, I look up at the below lovely scene on the light above me.

Below is a closer look at the above light. How relaxing it is to look up at as my therapist is causing odd and uncomfortable sensations in my wounded right shoulder and elbow and arm as she performs her therapeutic skills.

Time to get up and proceed to a PT machine.

And the world she turns. I have to admit, it is wearing-upon-me, the daily living with my injured right arm.

6 thoughts on “DEC 17, 20 .. MOORE & SONS AUTOMOTIVE

  1. Gullible

    Sorry to hear about your Chevy getting attacked again but glad to hear they didn’t gain access or you’d be replacing the ignition system, too. Some people have taken to installing a master cut off switch to prevent theft. Was The Club deployed? It doesn’t stop them, but it does slow them down. I wonder about alarm systems… Have you looked into them?

    I went to high school with Jim Moore. He was very much into cars. I wonder?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      YES indeed, THE CLUB was firmly attached to the steering wheel. However THE CLUB won’t protect all of our belongings inside the truck which they didn’t gain access to. YES indeed we’ve looked into electronic alarm systems and have been discouraged because all of them won’t say they work in all cases and they tend to malfunction (have you ever been awakened by someone’s alarm going off in the middle of the night etc et all). YES indeed, on one of my trucks I HAD a master-cut-off-switch. The issue there is the master-cut-off-switch needs to be under-the-hood and hidden there as well. Do you realize what-a-hassle it is, even in summer weather to constantly be lifting the hood AND IF the wiring to the master-cut-off-switch malfunctions then you really have a problem on your hands. I’ll ask Jim about knowing you. Smiles and as always .. THANKS SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT. Cap

  2. Gullible

    People tell me the master switch can be under the dash and not so troublesome. Many recommend Ring systems or Viper systems with remote controls, so if it sounds you can shut it off from your bedroom window. There are also items made for Chevy vehicles that include a steel band for the steering column that prevents removal of the covers. Guys tell me Chevys from 1990 to 2006 are “ridiculously easy to steal. Another person said a simple baby monitor would help you discover when someone messes with your vehicle, or a game camera. Seems to me that some kind of alarm that sends to alerts your phone would be ideal.

  3. Gullible

    Most people recommend that you not leave anything of value in your vehicle. Remember, I had my highway emergency crate stolen from my truck when it was parked in your carport. You live in a high-theft area of town and maybe it’s something that should be taken up with your condo association. Like night patrols.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes we DO live in a seemingly high-theft area Gullible BUT it is very pleasant at the same time. Our condo association knows all about this long running issue. Night patrols cost too much money and non-police trained people have no business even thinking of attempting to do something about crime being conducted by professional criminals. A good way to get oneself killed. What’s valuable ? Seemingly everything to the criminals. Oh well..

  4. Gullible

    People recommend a Viper security system for your rig. One lady said she put signs warning not to bump the vehicle because it has a sensitive alarm. She said she hasn’t had any problem since.

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