Subtitle : My poor, aching right shoulder.

Last September 27th, while Patti and I were in Manley Hot Springs visiting our cabin, I took a terrible fall and seriously injured my right arm from the shoulder all the way down to my right elbow, forearm and hand. In the ensuing months I have, from time to time, mentioned this incident along with some details of still ongoing medical visits and physical therapy. In fact my next physical therapy appointment is this Wednesday in the early afternoon.

Yesterday, at the end of the Post, I wrote the following words.

Yes. Sad to say, my right shoulder (hurt in my fall last September 27th) is still an uncomfortable challenge that has become a live-with-it fact of my daily life, physical therapy notwithstanding.


As I was beginning to wake up this morning, as I do each and every morning, I reached up to turn off my CPAP breathing machine. For whatever reason, while sleeping, I had moved toward the center of our bed so I had to really, and I mean REALLY, stretch out my right arm to reach the CPAP’s power shutoff mechanism. Now I could easily have simply moved my entire body towards the left side of our bed so I would not have had to do a REALLY exaggerated stretch to reach my CPAP machine. 

As I did this severe, super straight out stretch of my right arm, suddenly I heard and felt a pronounced POP in my right shoulder.

And ? So what ? You ask me.

Instantly, and I mean INSTANTLY, the pain that has been with me for almost four months, suddenly and instantly ceased!

And ? AMAZINGLY, as I sit here typing, some twelve hours later, the pain is still gone and my right arm really feels normal in all aspects.

Do you think that my right shoulder has been dislocated for the past four some months and I just (totally accidently) POPPED it back into place ?

I can’t wait to discuss this with my physical therapist this next Wednesday.

Smiling, and I mean SMILING, Cap

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8 thoughts on “JAN 25, 21 (Part 1 of 2) .. MY RIGHT SHOULDER .. AN ODD THING HAPPENED TO ME THIS MORNING ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes POPPING Good News. We will see what my Physical Therapist says after I talk it over with her. I too hope the pain is gone for good BUT only time will tell. Happy you got our note card and that you also like the name of your street. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes maybe (I am a fan of, and I do believe in, the services that a good chiropractor can deliver) but with the tremendous bruising from shoulder to wrist and hand I headed for a medical doctor first. So happy to know you are checking in here from time to time Walter. Do you realize we ‘go back’ some thirty seven (37) or so years OL’ Friend W2. Cap

  1. Kleiner Bär

    Glad to hear that the pain is gone. I would take it a little easy on that arm until you see your physical therapist on Wednesday. With rotator cuff injuries, popping followed by instant pain relief can happen when a tendon ruptures. Your arm could still function normally afterwards and just be a little weaker.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      You and I are both are happy that the pain is gone (at least for now it is MUCH better). Who knows? Does ‘The Shadow’ Know? Too funny Kleiner Bär because you have no way of knowing that ‘The Shadow’ was a Radio Show here in the United States (you being from Germany) back in the late 1930’s that ran through the l940’s and into the l950’s. I will be happy when and IF the current Radio Show titled ‘Cap’s Aching Right Shoulder’ ends. Still smiling .. Cap

  2. Gullible

    What Kleiner Bär said. Take it easy. No tryouts for the Kansas City Chiefs or the Buccaneers. No launching a kayak for a paddle around the world. No ping pong or tennis games.

    I’m not sure your therapist can diagnose the injury. See a shoulder specialist.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Last October the 12th I thought that I was seeing a shoulder specialist. Shows To Go You I guess. It will be interesting to see what I find out during my next physical therapy appointment. Thanks for your support. I totally agree with you about not over doing it with a sudden rush to do physical exercise. Cap

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