IF you just want the answer to how we are doing, skip to the end of this Post where it says : BOTTOM LINE.

Beginning with our two Posts dated FEB 11 and FEB 12, we’re into the events of our second Covid-19 vaccinations. I feel we MUST continue to tell The Rest Of The Story. It really upsets me when the professional news media begins a story, and then drops it cold and never finishes it. I don’t want to be in that category.

Now let’s get to the above title of this Post. For ‘What It’s Worth’ is the name of a hit song dating back to December 23, 1966. It is a haunting song, written by Stephen Stills and played by the rock group Buffalo Springfield. The first two lines of the song goes thusly : There’s something happening here, But What it is ain’t exactly clear.

Back in either late 1990, or early 1991, I titled my writings For What It’s Worth because (as the above first two lines of the song go) I could see that : There’s something happening here, But What it is ain’t exactly clear. As I pondered these words, I concluded that I had become (a bit of a) writer because I full well realized that in my writings (now almost thirty years ago) There’s something happening here, But What it is ain’t exactly clear.

Now how does this relate to Covid-19 ? Well having now reached the second day after getting our second Covid-19 vaccination, it has become clear to Patti and I that yes, There’s something happening here (possible side effects), But What it is ain’t exactly clear.

Assumptions now come into play. We two have been assuming that any reactions to the second Covid-19 vaccination would come within the first 24-hours following our vaccinations. 

At 3:13pm this afternoon (Saturday the 13th of February) , it had been precisely 24-hours since our Covid-19 first vaccinations. At 3:13pm, neither Patti nor myself had developed any symptoms we had feared (fever, headache, chills, fatigue, body aches, flu-like symptoms such as nausea etc). Yes our arms (but only very moderately) ached where the vaccination was administered but basically it was nothing at all.

Now Go Figure. About 4pm this afternoon Patti felt that : There’s something happening here, But What it is ain’t exactly clear because the bones in her right wrist began to ache. Due to after-effects from the shot ? Yes or No ? 

I will jump in going back to last night just after 12am as I settled I began to cough and my nose began to ‘run’. After-effects ? Then I went to sleep soundly with no further development including all day today.

BOTTOM LINE : At this moment we are basically symptom free. Neither of us is in any pain whatsoever. 

IF something more serious develops, or even if it doesn’t, we will keep all of you posted. Thanks for your interest.

By the way, yesterday, before we went to the hospital to get our vaccinations, I wanted to ‘arm-my-body’ with nutrition and ate a great snack.

How is this for one great snack.

Kirkland Hummus (left), a food bar (center) and a Chicken Roller (right). Not shown is the 24-oz of water mixed with Ensure nutritional supplement that I drank. Dehydration is absolutely to be avoided at all costs.

I wanted my body to be well-armed for the vaccination.


We slept past 11am. Then lay in bed visiting. Evenutually ate a strong breakfast. Enjoyed our afternoon and evening.

Smiles and Hugs .. Cap and Patti

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