What’s in a photo ?

Thanks to our (finally after some many years of resisting it) joining the modern world with our smartphones, we are in contact with our friends we met during our extended visit to Russian Siberia.

The above photo, taken from a friends apartment, was sent to us via WhatsApp on our smart phone.

What’s in a photo ?

Months of memories came flooding back as we looked at the above photo. Thoughts of the several places we stayed again came-to-life with this one photo.

Smiles and Hugs .. Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “FEB 24, 21 .. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

  1. Olga

    It’s so nice to see this photo here! Of course I’ll give a chance to guess the “riddle”😁 to the guests of this blog.
    Many thanks for the Good and his Creatures Cap and Patti for having been met on my life way and brought hope and joy and knowledge of what I’ve always wanted to know. 🤗

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