Yesterday morning, we left Motel 6 in Phoenix at 8:30am, excellent time. Then we delivered our GMC Suburban to the AAMCO Service Center for a transmission re-build, and hit the road (Interstate 17 to Interstate 10 to Interstate 19) for Green Valley. We were in Green Valley and at our hotel around 11:30am. We were informed that we had to return at 2pm or later as our room was not ready for us.

What to do for several hours?

Wonder of wonders, with the help of the front desk staff (one employee in particular) we were AT a (live and in person) noon meeting by 11:50am. There is an EXCEPTIONAL Alano Club here, just great. 15 in attendance (10 gray and senior citizens). Only 5 of those in attendance used masks but the social distancing was strong and we sat well away (in a nice comfortable couch) from the main table-string (tables laid end-to-end). Odd but none at the table wore masks and the other 5 mask-users sat away from the table. Nice and well chaired meeting.

Off to Walmart to shop. THEN we had an exceptional, as good-as-it-can-get, visit with friends from Alaska, who also have a home here in Green Valley, that date-back a decade or so. Then back to our Hotel at 4:20pm to WATCH JEOPARDY at (of all weird times) 4:30pm. 

JEOPARDY Captain? Yes I know, I had never ever in this lifetime watched Jeopardy. But Tom and Ginny are loyal fans AND (get this) Aaron Rodgers (the Green Bay Packers foot team quarterback) is the Guest Host on Jeopardy for two weeks (following the death of long time Jeopardy Host Alex Trebeck Novermber 8th 2020). 

What a hoot and what fun to see Aaron Rodgers (himself a life long fan and also a Celebrity Jeopardy Champion in 2015) do, in my humble opinion, a great job.



What else to do?

Watch the Baylor Bears absolutely smash the Gonzaga Bulldogs (86 to 70 and it wasn’t that close) in the Final Game of March Madness.


Pasta Roni with Tuna in our room.


Yours Truly crashed out about 10pm.

Smiles Cap and Hugs (sleeping in as I write this Tuesday morning) from Patti

And? Today Tuesday? A Day Trip to Bisbee, Arizona? Just lay low and recover from the past week? Catch some meetings at the local Alano Club? Who Knows? Does The Shadow Know? Time Will Tell!

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