Our great friend and loyal reader and supporter Gullible, just put up a post on her incredible website.

Spring has yet to spring in Turnagain Pass ..

Below is a link explaining what Turnagain Pass is ..


And then a link to Gullible’s Post ..


Her last words were : It’s been a long, hard winter.

IF Gullible says, “It’s been a long, hard winter.” 

Then it has been a long, hard winter.

Smiling Cap and Patti

Oh By The Way .. Today, Friday the 23rd of April 2021, Patti and I will be leaving Flagstaff and driving due South (a 2 hour drive of 130 miles) to Phoenix where Patti will have a CT Scan of her head at the Mayo Clinic. We will overnight in Phoenix, and tomorrow, Saturday the 24th motor to Needles, California, where we will spend three nights heading North to Laughlin, Nevada, next Tuesday the 27th of April. We are going to stay in Needles because Lake Havasu City is 98% booked due to a big event there. The few rooms available are incredibley priced. We will visit our friend Michael who formerly lived in Alaska.

It takes a little doing but on the below map you can see Flagstaff, Phoenix, and yes indeed, Needles (just up and above Lake Havasu City). Laughlin, Nevada, (not on the below map) is immediately above Bullhead City, Arizona.


Get It .. Got It .. Good ..

Some of you may have missed yesterday’s Post dated APR 22, 2021. To see it just keep scrolling down.


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