For What It’s Worth, we have published a post dated May 28, 2021, on blogspot showing The Colorado River State Historic Park, another Yuma, Arizona, attraction that we visited during our recent visit.

To see the post, please click onto the below link.

The  two of us continue to closely follow (5 days a week) the television show Jeopardy. The two week Tournament of Champions just finished and we really got-into following it.

We are also following the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoff season rooting primarily for the Los Angeles Lakers but taking an interest in some of the other matchups as well.

Yes, of course, medical issues remain a challenge with each of us but isn’t this the normal situation when one gets into their 80’s ? We have friends and many of our relatives who are no longer with us. So we give thanks for our blessings and carry-on with living one day at a time.

Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti

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