It has been some eight days since my last Post here on dot.net. Patti and I have been enjoying the NBA Playoffs and just living life. We have begun to attend some live, in person, meetings and continue to attend zoom online virtual meetings as well. 

Wednesday, June the 16th

I’ll start with the good. I mean the REALLY GOOD. Our weather. We have had an all-time great Spring heading into what looks to be an all-time great Summer. Patti and I have been taking very pleasant walks every evening after dinner to our local park, The Sitka Street Park, and just loving it. The park is being used by a wide segment of our local population, families with their young children, older groups having well organized picnics, youth playing volley ball, and the park just resonates with happiness and cheer.

Walking to The Sitka Street Park.

Here is the scenery that Patti was enjoying in the above photo.

The Sitka Street Park.

As you look at the next two photos below, in the distant background, you can see the Climbing Rock.

Below are closeup photos of the Climbing Rock.

The children really love to climb up on the Rock. It is absolutely amazing to see some very small children nimbly get up on top of The Rock.

One and all enjoy playing Volley Ball.

In the below photo, taken behind the Volley Ball playground in the above three photos, you can see the park is a good size.

The Picnic Pavillion.

There are very small and quiet groups.

And there are Knock-Your-Socks-Off enormous groups.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When Does Life Get Easy? 

I am waiting.

Monday, June the 14th.

In a nutshell, I lost (for the first time in my life as best as I can rememer) a set of five keys. Keys to our building, into our Condo, into our storage locker, to our formal and major postal address our U.S. Postal Box and to our local U.S. Postal Box in front of our condo. 

The adventure (of losing my keys) began with a trip to the Post Office. I mailed some mail, and I checked our Postal Box (this is critical because I know I had my keys when I did this) and picked up some mail. I then threw (junk mail) some of it away;

Then we drove to one of our local Super Markets where Patti went in. I stayed in the truck.

Then we stopped at our local Fed Ex / Kinko’s where I went in and made several copies and came out. We then drove home to our Condo.

As we arrived home and got out of our truck,  Patti asked where my cane was. I’d left it at the Fed Ex / Kinko’s. I walked Patti to our door and went to get my keys to open the door and .. my keys were gone.

Back to Fed Ex / Kinko’s I drove for my (it was waiting for me) cane and NO the staff had not had any keys turned in.

Back to the Post Office I drove. NO the staff had not had any keys returned. Home I came. Then I thought about throwing junk mail away and back to the Post Office I drove and I emptied the tall, deep, industrial sized waste basket where I’d thrown away the junk mail, item by item, piece by piece. 100% empty. I replaced the mish mash piece by piece. NO keys.

Home I came. Defeated. Soundly and utterly defeated.

You don’t have to ask me : Yes I checked my pockets twenty or thirty times (minimum), and the truck, and (you get it)..

Tuesday, June the 15th.

Upon awakening, I lay awake thinking about my lost keys. I had them in the Post Office yesterday. I used them to open and to close my postal box. I’d gone back and emptied the trash receptical and asked the postal staff about keys being found / turned in. Same with Fed Ex / Kinko’s, no keys turned in and I’d not used keys there. I’d driven home. Got out of our truck. Walked across our lawn and up the steps and reached for my keys and they were gone.

I mused : I wonder, could it be, that in getting from the truck and walking across the lawn to our Condo the keys escaped from me.

Up I got and (yes I got dressed first) out I went to explore the lawn in front of our Condo.


There, in the grass, was my set of five keys.

To the day I die, and maybe beyond, I will never know how my keys got onto the lawn without me knowing.

No words here will ever suffice to adequately express the relief finding my keys provided me.


I’m waiting for life to get easy. 

Still Smiling .. Cap and Patti (who was as relieved as I was)


  1. admin_andrej

    I really enjoyed the story about the keys, Cap. Don’t feel bad! I have done the same thing on several occasions, swearing each time that I could not have but noticed losing them.
    The park with the climbing rock seems very welcoming and I am happy you both have such a place close by. Hello Patti!

  2. Cap

    Thanks so very much Andrej for your kind words of simpatico and understanding. They really mean a lot to us. Patti says Hi back. Smiles and Hugs..

  3. Walter

    Hey Cap,
    Like Andrej, I really enjoyed your story of the “Lost Keys.” These type incidents, which no doubt happen to everyone sooner or later, make you question your very sanity. Take heart, you’re not alone Brother! And of course, you found the keys so all’s well! Carry on my man.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow. So great to see you are still following along here as your time and own life issues allow Walter. At age 84 one really needs reality checks when such an incident whacks you in the chops. Smiling still Walter. Your Ally .. Cap

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