JUL 24, 21 .. TO FEEL GOOD ? DO GOOD !

Back almost 27 years ago, on October 5th of 1994, in Akron, Ohio, at a meeting of the King School Group, Patti and I heard a speaker named Jerry Berkley from Cleveland, Ohio. It was a Speaker’s Meetinge and he spoke up front at the podium for the full meeting. He would speak for a few minutes and then pause, look out at the audience, and quietly say with a certain intensity : To feel good, do good.

Then he would resume his talk, and a few minutes later again pause and repeat his words : To feel good, do good.

Little did we realize that we would take Jerry and his words with us for possibly the rest of our lives. We each have shared his words countless numbers of times around the world.

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Yesterday afternoon Patti and I were sitting on our bed while I was reading a short story to Patti. This is something we do almost daily. From our bed we can see out of our bedroom window. Out of the corner of my eye I thought that I saw a United Parcel Service (UPS) Deliveryman go to the front door of our building. We can not see our building’s front entryway porch from our bed. Then, carrying a parcel under his arm, I clearly saw him walk away. I leapt up, looked out our window, saw the traditional UPS Brown Delivery Truck in our front parking area, opened our window and called to him. 

“Sir would you like me to let you into our building?” He said yes and returned.

Since we ourselves get a fair number of UPS deliveries, he was very familiar to me and we exchaged pleasantries. Then I signed for the parcel and took it upstairs to one of our neighbors.

And? Because I also did what Doctor Laura always said to do : Do the next right thing, I felt great. So too did the UPS Deliveryman and I am sure our upstairs neighbor was pleased when he got home and did not have to to through the re-scheduling of a delivery routine.


It works everytime.

Cap and Patti

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