Above are but a few of the subtitles running in my head for a title to this Post.

Let’s begin with two dates. November the 28th, 2020 (the date that I mailed my year 2019 Federal Income Taxes to the I.R.S.) and July the 8th, 2021 (the date that I received my year 2019 Federal Income Tax Refund).

Doing the math for you, it took seven months and fourteen days from when I submitted my year 2019 Income Taxes and finally received my refund.

During one telephone conversation with the I.R.S., a very kind and personable and understanding gentleman said to me, “Sir. Why don’t you file your Income Taxes electronically? It isn’t difficult and it is a much faster process than mailing a paper Income Tax Return!”

So last week I decided to try and file my year 2020 Income Tax electronically.

Not that it was all that simple, it wasn’t but..


OLT .. 

“And what exactly does OLT stand for Captain.” 

On Line Taxes is what OLT stands for.

It seems that the IRS really encourages us all to file our Federal Income Taxes electronically and, I believe, has partnered with several software firms operating under the name of OLT to help us do so (to file electronically).

No! Filing via OLT is not all that easy. But Yes I am witness to the fact that it is doable because I successfully did it.

Part of the issue is my age (84 years) and the odd way the process comes together BUT (as I just said) I am witness to the fact that it is doable because I successfully did it.

The final major stumbling block was filing a Schedule D via OLT. I just could not do what I wanted to do (put losses and gains etc) onto the OLT format.

Now we digress.

Dreams and Dreaming. 

The below link seemingly has everything you may want to know about Dreams and Dreaming and far more.

A few weeks ago, Patti and I read the above article carefully and thoroughly, top to bottom, and we were absolutely fascinated.


Last Monday, when I went to bed, I remained stymied by the OLT format Schedule D that I could not solve.

During the night I dreampt about this issue and in my dream I could vividly and clearly (as in crystal clear) see what I was doing incorrectly and what I needed to do.

I got up Tuesday morning and voila, and presto, I finished the OLT Schedule D format and filed my year 2020 Federal Income Taxes.

You have two OLT options.

  • 100% Free Edition.
  • A Premium Edition that costs you only $7.95 and entitles you to some real benefits (oneline live chats, a telephone number to call to speak with someone, etc). This $7.95 cost is less expensive than mailing your taxes Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.

Later in the day Tuesday I received an email from OLT telling me that my submittal had been rejected by the I.R.S.

A two minute live chat with an OLT representative, and my not understanding that my Personal PIN for year 2019 was my bottom line Total Earnings on my Form 1040, solved the issue.


My year 2020 Income Taxes are filed and in the hands of the I.R.S.

Interesting that the OLT software does a lot of figuring for you as you enter your data. 

Still Smiling .. Cap 

I am ready to assist Patti now.

P.S. From Patti … arg … yet another “new system” to learn.  Thank goodness I have an experienced “teacher” in the house!!

2 thoughts on “AUG 21, 21 .. AMAZING .. STUNNING .. BRAVO .. I DID IT .. A DREAM .. WHAT ON EARTH IS OLT ?

  1. Robert 94596

    My plan is to be the last to file manually. I also strive to owe (within the Federal $1,000 limit, state $500 limit), so no waiting for refund. Someone’s got to do it!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      What do you mean Robert? NO waiting for a refund? Smiles and happy to see that you are still following along with us as your time and schedule allow. Cap

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