The above title says it all.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you all ! 

With regard to the two below versions of a most common saying, I’m not sure which way is the truth.

Is this the truth : Experience IS the best teacher.

Is this the truth : Experience is the ONLY teacher. 

Suddenly, into my life has sprung a new issue. An issue that I have long, LONG been aware of (as have most of you I am sure). An issue that I have often said to myself : I am well aware of this issue, there is no doubt that it exisits, but I don’t understand it at all. I can’t imagine it ever happening to me.

The issue : Older people, and even younger people who are seriously ill, complain of a total disinterest in eating. Food has absolutely no appeal to them.

About one month ago, suddenly, as I was beginning to eat my breakfast, I just lost interest in eating it. Inexplainable? Yes! But none the less, I just did NOT feel like eating. No it was NOT that I was not hungry. It was something entirely new to me. Now I KNOW (see the below link) this is not a good sign. And being aware that it is not a good sign, I forced myself to continue to eat and to finish breakfast BUT I sure did not feel like doing so.

And? Could it be breakfast only? So far my appetite has been 100% for all other meals. 

And? In the past month this issue has only resurfaced twice and each time I finished my complete breakfast.

Back to the topic.

Because I have now ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED this challenge, up close and personal, I fully understand what it is about and how it feels to be experiencing it. 

Is this the truth : Experience is the ONLY teacher.

Right now I’ll hedge the bet. IF you haven’t experienced something up close and personal, I’m not sure you can quite fully understand what another person is experiencing.


As I see it, this is the key to 12-Step Programs of Recovery working the way they do. The members themselves have actual experience with the various issues they are working to recover from. Someone with no actual experience is talking book knowledge only.


I warned you in the title.

Smiling .. Cap (who just totally enjoyed dinner)

P.S. from Patti:  Today, September 5th, is Cap’s 85th birthday.  He appreciates each and everyone of you being in his life!!

6 thoughts on “SEP 5, 21 .. RHETORICAL MIND WANDERINGS

  1. Walter

    Cap, that’s a great little story. The idea of losing ones interest in eating is indeed an experience I’ve never had and have NO way of relating to. Happy 85th Brother in recovery!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Walter, to say the least, this is indeed an unusual and, for me, somewhat weird experience. BOTTOM LINE : I now fully and totally understand, from the position of actual experience, what some people experience with diminishing life energy in their end stage of life. I don’t think that I am at the end stage of life BUT what do I know? I actually felt on these few occassions that IF I had to eat the breakfast in front of me I might throw it up. I DID eat the breakfast and I did NOT throw up BUT, For What It’s Worth Walter, I knew the feeling. Smiles .. Cap

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