Yesterday I wrote that I am truly blessed with many (as in MANY) friends who send me photos. Almost immediately after (and I mean literally)  publishing yesterday’s Post, Terry, one of our very closest friends up in the North, sent me the following three photos that he snapped yesterday on the Elliott Highway between Manley Hot Springs and its intersection with the Dalton Highway heading North for the Oil Fields on Prudhoe Bay.

Those are migrating Caribou you see in the photos below. 

Now some information about them and their migrations.

For openers get this : Caribou display the longest terrestrial migrations anywhere on the planet. In northwest Alaska, caribou travel up to 2,737 miles (4,404 km) per year. Migratory barren-ground caribou tend to aggregate during calving and calve synchronously (most females giving birth within a week of each other).

For all you will ever want to know about them please click onto the below link.


Terry texted that, in his 30 years in the North, he has never seen Caribou in this stretch of the Elliott Highway. He went on to text that they are not as smart as the Ptarmigan (birds) who just sit. Instead the Caribou were running alongside of his truck and then would run out in front of his truck!

Patti said, “The Caribou were playing with you Terry!”

Thanks Terry so very VERY much for the photos and comments.

Cap and Patti

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