I am writing this late on ..

Monday, October 25th.

Last Friday both Patti and I received our Moderna Covid-19 Booster Shots. As of this morning, I was feeling no after effects.

On the other hand, two close friends (who also recently received a Booster Shot) have had very significant after effects.

Then, while sitting at lunch today with friends in a restaurant, I suddenly felt like I was going to ‘black out’ right there at the table in the restaurant. I gathered my wits and regained my composure and all was (more or less) well.

Then Patti and I (after a several hour visit here at our condo with our friends) went out to run a series of errands. Home we came, watched Jeopardy and the end of the Seattle Seahawks – New Orleans Saints Monday night football game and suddenly I again felt disoriented, and was having some balance issues. I told Patti I was going to lay down which I did.

While lying in bed with Patti beside me suddenly I ‘did the math’. Last Friday to today is three days. Ah ha, what I am experiencing is a reaction to our Covid-19 Moderna Booster Shot.

The good news. I was hungry. I was able to get up, and with Patti’s assistance prepare dinner, and to eat and to enjoy a full dinner. And ?? I feel well enough to write these few words here.

Over and Out for Now .. Cap

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