I will begin with today’s major event for us. After much internal debate with herself, Patti decided to get her hair cut shorter than I think that I have ever seen it.

It really looks great Patti.

Onward with my Covid-19 Booster Shot after effects.

IF these two (yesterday and now) Covid-19 oriented Posts help one person, I will be pleased. They are not about me per sé. They are my vehicle to pass along my experience with the Booster Shot so that IF you experience the same, or similar, after effects you will not feel alone with what you are experiencing.


Two friends did this for me, shared with me THEIR experience with symptoms as a result of THEIR Booster Shots. By doing this for me, they each REALLY helped me to realize what was happening to me yesterday.

I am writing this late on ..

Tuesday, October 26th.

All in all, I feel that I am about 90% recovered from the after effects of my Friday Covid-19 Booster Shot that hit me like a small ton of bricks yesterday.

90% is NOT 100% and yes, I am still experiencing some ‘vertigo like’ and yes very bothersome symptoms. BUT, they did not prevent me from getting out today and accomplishing some things that needed to be done nor did they prevent Patti and I from attending a meeting this evening. My appetite today remains excellent and this is very positive.


For now that will be that. I don’t plan to revisit this topic unless the wheels-really-fall-off.

Over and Out .. Cap

2 thoughts on “OCT 26/27, 21 .. COVID-19 BOOSTER SHOT SYMPTOMS

  1. admin_andrej

    I am glad you are feeling better Cap and I like the haircut Patti.
    I too received a booster shot this past week, the Pfizer, due to my medical conditions. The side affect I noticed started with the second dose 6 months ago and was a ringing in my ears, tinnitus. It dissipated some after awhile but returned again when I received the booster. A bit annoying at times but not overwhelming. I hope it fades, as it did after the second dose.
    Stay safe!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I spoke just one day too soon yesterday about feeling better Andrej. But today (Thursday the 28th) I now AM feeling much better. Call it three challenging days following my booster shot. So pleased to read that you also have received the booster shot. Amazing the resistance to even getting the vaccines. Smiles, Cap

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