NOV 19, 21 .. WHERE WAS I, THREE YEARS AGO, ON NOV 19, 2018 ??

For What It’s Worth, IF you want to go back three years in time with me, then join me in a sentimental journey. To join me, first please read this Post to the very end where you will find your link back in time. 

Let’s begin with a wonderful song, written by George and Ira Gerschwin, and recorded on March 14, 1937..

They can’t take that away from me!

Oh Me, Oh My, am I one of the luckiest people alive ?

And ? 

And I am still-in-touch with my Russian friends who (via WhatsApp) sent me the below photos just yesterday.

Sent by Sergey from Irkutsk, Russian Siberia, the below scenes (very close to my flat when I was in Irkutsk) remain familiar in my memory.

I would go back (and take Patti with me) in one, short, New York Minute if world conditions would so permit me to do so.


Below is your link back to November 19, 2018. I put the link down here because some of you may get-lost or confused after following the link and then trying to get back here. This way, you click the link and you have completed reading this Post and don’t need to return here.

Did you all (or did any of you) view the lunar eclipse early this morning. It was the longest in 580 years !!

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