In Irkutsk, the city in Russian Siberia where Patti and I had a flat for some nine months, there is an absolutely amazing shopping center that is the equal to any we have here in the United States.

In the Russian language it is 130 КВАРТАЛ (KVARTAL or Quarter). The 130th Quarter is a mega-development consisting of restaurants, pubs, museums, and an enormous shopping mall. I did a very long Post about it here on back on MAR 31, 19. 

Now when I say a long Post, I mean a very long Post. IF you have the time and the interest to visit it, below is a link for you.

In the below photo, my great friend over in Irkutsk, Sergey, is standing inside of 130 КВАРТАЛ which you see behind him.

Sergey just sent me the below photos of 130 КВАРТАЛ taken November the 19th.

I mean is it beautiful or IS IT BEAUTIFUL. Patti and I just loved going here during our time in Irkutsk.

Below are several photos of the area outside of the shopping center.

In front of one of the shops in 130 КВАРТАЛ is a small statue of this loveable dog.

I wish I had the time to go back and find my own photos of this dog amongst the (say) hundreds or thousands of photos that I snapped in Irkutsk.

Thanks so very much Sergey for this little Blast-From-Our-Past in Irkutsk.

Cap and Patti

Oh By The Way ..  I also did a Post on blogspot that you may wish to check out.

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