Update as of 1:40PM Arizona time January 7th .. Patti and I saw our local Doctor here in Lake Havasu City and basically got only good news. My current symptoms (the diarrhea especially along with some bloating and stomach cramps) are a result of over medication (my Doctor’s opinion) by the Emergency Room. More to follow in tomorrow’s Post. 

Today, Friday the 7th of January, Patti and I will meet with a local Doctor here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, who specializes in gastro-intestinal medical issues to discuss my Acute Diverticulitis flare up last week that took me to the Emergency Room here in Lake Havasu City. To be honest, we can hardly wait to see him. We have made quite a list of questions to ask him.

And, as I like to say, For What It’s Worth, over on blogspot we publised a Post (we hope will) close out the chapter in our lives about our GMC Suburban being stolen on Christmas Eve Day, this past December 24th. Below is a link that will take you there..


We hope those of you who check the above link out, will find it interesting.

Cap and Patti

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