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Thursday January 20th, 2022

For those of you who have been following along with us after our GMC Suburban (Black Beauty) was stolen on Christmas Eve Day last December 24th, you all know that the road has been too long for our comfort as well as stressful and arduous. 

When Black Beauty was recovered, we learned that his license plates had been stolen.

So the final chapter in the story revolved around the difficulty and the delays in getting new license plates.

First, it was a major hassle to get in-transit paperwork from the State of Nevada in Laughlin, Nevada where Black Beauty was taken to after he was recovered. We simply could not be driving him with absolutely no license plates.

On December 29th, we contacted the State of Alaska, Department of Motor Vehicles (AK DMV), who assured us that the issue of getting replacement license plates was 100% resolved and the new plates woule be in-the-mail soon.

We .. Were .. Elated !! Fast and instant service !!

Wrong Captain !!

We waited and we waited and we waited some more. No license plates. So we called the AK DMV to ask about the status of our replacement plates and were told that there was absolutely no information about the matter in their files and no case number had been assigned to our request. In other words : Time to start all over again from scratch!

In the meantime the State of Arizona most graciously issued us a formal temporary paper license plate.

So we started over with the Anchorage Office (who by the way, we thought we were dealing with back on December the 29th). Then in a day or so, the Anchorage Office told us another office was going to handle the matter. The Anchorage Office found our request was, after all, in the system. We asked the Anchorage Office IF they (the Anchorage Office) would handle it. They said no they would not take over the process.

So we began dealing with ‘ the other ‘ AK DMV office. We were told : The plates will be in the mail tomorrow. Tomorrow we called and were told the employee handling our case was ill and would be in the next day. The next day, the same story, the employee was still ill and would be in the next day. Finally, we successfully elevated our matter to the responsible supervisor of ‘ the other ‘ AK DMV office. The senior manager said last Thursday : “The replacement license plates and your handicapped placard WILL BE IN THE MAIL tomorrow Friday.”

Monday was a postal holiday. Tuesday no plates. Wednesday no plates.

Today I went over to our friend Michael’s home to pick up a box from Amazon. We are grateful that Michael is letting us ship all of our Amazon orders to his home.

Michael was in his garage (the door was open) busy working on a project, and I walked up to him to get the Amazon box he said was delivered yesterday. While visiting with him, I noticed his local mail man was at his mail box and I said to Michael .. “I wonder IF our license plates are in your mail box? I am going to check.” ..

Michael said, “I want to hear a VERY LOUD YAHOO if they are there.”

So out and off I went to check Michael’s mail box.


The proof is in the pudding not in the recipe.

Feast your eyes on the below three photographs.

Black Beauty’s Front License Plate

Black Beauty’s rear license plate.



Cap and Patti


  1. Michael d.

    Yes, my dear friend Cap was over-the-moon exuberant when he opened the mail box! His joy reverberated through the neighborhood! In quick fashion he called Patti on the cell phone and was explaining how I had dared him to shout ‘YAHOO! if the license plates were in my mail box’. I shouted to Patti from the background ‘YES HE DID! And,’he reminded me of Walter Huston in the classic scene from ‘Treasure of the Sierra Madre!’ Both Cap’s joy and elation, and the movie! lol

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks for sharing one of life’s moments to be treasured Michael. I could not believe, after I had said to you “I wonder if the mail man just brought the license plates?”, the plates indeed just been delivered. YAHOO !! .. Cap and Patti who shared in the joy ..

  2. Tom

    Great news, I hope the car thief has been jailed, so no one else has to go through all this hassle and inconvenience. I was doubtful that you would ever SEE the GMC again, so it was a Happy Ending.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      To begin with Tom, I too was amazed (shocked in fact) that we got the GMC back. Then to have the police find and recover it IN SEARCHLIGHT, Nevada, of all places Tom. As you know so well, Searchlight, Nevada, is but a wide spot on the road (HWY 95). I was amazed there was a police presence there and that police force realized (they were looking online for stolen vehicles I guess) it was stolen and took control of the GMC. Only when the criminal runs afoul of the law, and many criminals do get caught soon or later as a result of bad behavior, will he be jailed. He took the car across state lines (Arizona into Nevada) so it is an interstate crime. Thanks for you support and encouragement Tom. Cap

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