As all of you who are following us know, I lost the keys to our GMC Suburban (Black Beauty) here on the motel property. I will never know who found the keys and how the keys got into the hands of an accomplished car thief. One issue is that I had a ‘Steering Wheel Club’ on the steering wheel BUT, with my stolen car keys, the thief also had the keys to the ‘Steering Wheel Club’ so it was no trick to unlock it and drive away.

When we got Black Beauty back, I immediately purchased a new ‘Steering Wheel Club’.


Perhaps (but I seriously doubt it) the thief made a set of duplicate keys for Black Beauty but NOT for the Club, since it is next to impossible to get a duplicate key for a Club. So I am confident that the new Club gives me a high level of anti-theft security.

In reading the directions (WHO in the world reads the directions for a ‘Steering Wheel Club?) I saw two things.

First, the company said to have a Club key with your vehicle keys. NO WAY. I am keeping the Club key separate and away from the truck keys.

Second, and THIS IS IMPORTANT, it is recommended that when you park youe vehicle, you turn the steering wheel one full revolution before you turn the vehicle off

Do you get it? If the front wheels are turned one full revolution, your vehicle can’t be pushed straight back! IF your wheels are straight forward, even with the Club mounted and in place, your vehicle can be pulled or pushed straight back or forward.

So, that’s today’s trivia!!

Cap and Patti

Today, over on blogspot, we published PART 4 of the BUSES BY THE BRIDGE. This is the final Post in a series of Posts showing the enormous Volkswagen Bus round up here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Below is a link to PART 4.


2 thoughts on “JAN 21, 22 .. STEERING WHEEL-CLUB .. IT COULD HELP YOU ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It sure makes sense doesn’t it Gullible? With the front wheels cranked to the right or left, and with The Club on the steering wheel preventing them from being straightened out, the thief or theives can’t simply push it or tow it up the street. Amazing isn’t it what we learn when we read the directions. Cap

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