For What It’s Worth ..  We have published a Post on blogspot showing PART 3 in a series of three Posts about Hot Air Ballooning here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. IF would like to see it, please click onto the below link.


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Our friend and Ally Gullible has published Chapter 19 of her 2021 Africa trip

Chapter 19 – In Which We Hunt the Elusive Black RHino

These magnificent species of Africa – elephants, rhino, lions, leopards, cheetah, the great apes (Africa has four of the world’s five great apes) – this is a treasure for all humanity, and they are not for sale. They are not for trade. They need to be valued and preserved by humanity. We all need a global commitment to that. — Patrick Bergin

By clicking onto the below link, you can go directly to Gullible’s website and see Chapter 19.


That will do it for now.

Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “JAN 27, 22 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Gullible

    Something’s up with your blogspot as it won’t allow comments. I want to tell you a couple things I learned about hot air balloons.

    1. The traditional meal after a hot air balloon ride is chicken and champagne.

    2. Hot air balloons launch in the early morning because that is when the surrounding air is cooler and denser, allowing the heated envelope to rise.

    3. Riding in a hot air balloon is absolutely COOL!

      1. Cap Chastain Post author

        I showed the tethered balloon ride in photo 21 of PART 1 of the HAVASU BALLOON FESTIVAL Post. Quite a line of people waiting and (in my opinion) not worth the $20 fee. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I’ve no idea about the issue of comments. I have had trouble (more than once) posting comments to YOUR blogspot website. Now, to post to your website I sign into my website and then I am able to post a comment on your site. Go figure huh ?? No Champagne for us, chicken maybe, but no flights either!! Cap

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