Sports Fans. August is here. THE NFL SEASON IS about to be upon us. All of the  NFL Training Camps are open. They all are up and running. 

Yesterday, Friday the 29th of July, one of my digital camera memory chips magically appeared before me falling out of a stack of papers. 

What to do with it !

Voila !! Shock all of you with a wild and crazy Blast From The Past.

Yes !! Oh Yes Indeed !! 

This I will say. While I am alive, our websites are not going to fade away and disappear. 

Duces and Jacks..

The Man With the Axe..

A Pair of Natural 7’s take All !!

Translation : This is a term for one of the Wild Card Poker Games. Deuces, Jacks, Man with the Axe is a Seven Card Stud High game. Deuces, Jacks and the Man with the Axe (the King of Diamonds) are Wild. If a player has two or more natural 7s they automatically take the entire pot. If two players both have a pair of 7s then they split the pot.

My life feels like a Wild Card Poker Game. I am up and I am down and I don’t have a clue in a carload how I will feel (and I mean literally) from hour to hour.

A Blast From Our Past ..

Sunday, November the 25th, 2012 in New Orleans

Patti and I went early to the New Orleans Superdome. Kick-off was scheduled for 3:25PM. Kick-off WAS PRECISELY AT 3:25PM. We were at the Super Dome about 10:20AM. There was little to no traffic!! We were second into the handi-capped parking lot as we entered about 10:40AM. It took 20 minutes because we parked by the ticket office so I could be positive our tickets (bought on-line) were good-to-go and I could also verify where we would be parking.


‘OUR’ San Francisco 49ers won BUT the New Orleans Saints were in-the-game almost all the way ..’Our’ Niners scored first on their second possession .. Niners 7 – 0 Saints .. then the Saints scored .. Niners 7 – 7 Saints .. end of the 1st Quarter .. then the Saints scored again .. Niners 7 – 14 Saints .. then the Niners tied it up .. Niners 14 – 14 Saints at half-time ..

Half-time was just wonderful .. bands and high school children and all kinds of activities .. FUN !

In the second half the Niners took-control .. a long passing play .. Niners 21 – 14 Saints .. a Niner ‘Pick-Six’ and it was Niners 28 – 14 Saints .. the Saints came back .. Niners 28 -21 Saints at the end of the 3rd Quarter .. a Niner Field Goal made it  Niners 31 – 21 Saints .. and that was the final score ..

San Francisco 49ers  31 – 21  New Orleans Saints ..

You may think you know what is coming next here BUT, when I myself don’t know, you don’t want to bet too much of your hard earned money on it!!

Cap and Patti, who lived this adventure, is just chuckling away at this Post.

4 thoughts on “JUL 30, 22 .. FOOTBALL IN JULY .. OH CAPTAIN !! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ..

  1. Gullible

    Oh, my word. Finding an old memory card is special. I don’t know how you organize your memory cards so you can find what you’re looking for, but I’d suggest buying a large (8TB) external drive and copying or moving all your photos to it. You can make new folders on the drive and catalog your photos such as India 2016, Mongolia 2009, Russia 2020, Patti’s Flowers 2022, etc. You can also add a new sub-folder under, say, Mongolia 2009 that reads Genghis Khan statue where all those particular photos would go. It takes a lot of computer work in the beginning but is worth it in the end.

    And might I remind you that you have never shown us your photos from the train trip we took from up north back to Ulanbaatar….. I know you got some dandies in the snow.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I put each memory card into a small envelope. Then, when I have time, over the years, I (by hand) make very general notes about each of the memory-card-files (the DCIM files) and put these notes into the envelope with the memory card. On the outside of the envelope, I briefly capsulize the contents of the envelope. And? When I find the time and the memory chip, I WILL post the photos of the trip from Sukbaatar South to Ulaanbaatar in the autumn of 2015. Maybe even a next priority. Does The Shadow Know Gullible? As always, in all ways, thanks for your support and ideas and overall interest! Cap

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          I have done that to some large degree BUT not with 100% of my memory chips. No question it’s a good move. Smiles Cap

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