Thursday, December the 22nd, 2022 (12/22/2022 Duces Wild !!)

Oh My .. Oh My .. Could it possibly be that God had something to do with this?

Oh Come On Now !! I don’t really think for one moment that God is involved in our daily lives like this BUT really.. 

When we sign into a motel, basically never (I can’t remember it ever happening) does Patti come into the motel or hotel office with me. She is tired from a long drive and has no reason to join me in the basic, mundane, sometimes a long sign-in process.

BUT yesterday (Thursday the 22nd) Patti came into the Windsor Inn office after I had gone in to sign in, after we arrived here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, after driving up from Phoenix, Arizona.

Why did she follow me into the office after a few minutes? Neither of us will ever know.

While I was signing in, Patti spied a local newspaper and decided to pick up a copy and take it to our room to read and do the crossword puzzle and other puzzles.

In reading the LAKE HAVASU NEWS – HERALD, Patti noticed the below advertisement for an apartment to rent and brought it to my attention. 

It was late in the evening by then and I said to Patti, “I’ll call tomorrow and inquire about the apartment.”

Friday, December the 23rd, 2022

When I was up at 8am, I asked Patti .. “Do you think it’s too early to call?” .. Patti said .. ” No, go ahead, call them. “

Being retired and sleeping late into the mornings we have lost touch with the reality that many / most working people are up and working at 8am.

Now let me assure you that there is a time – pressure at work here.

I had promised the Windsor Inn manager that this morning, as soon as the banks were open, in return for a discounted motel room charge rate, I would bring him $1,535.52 cash to pay for four weeks (28 days). I wanted to make a decision fast .. would it be The Windsor Inn or would it be our own apartment.

So I called and a most genial gentleman answered. Yes the apartment was still available. Yes he would rent on a short term (2 – 3 months) basis. He went on to say that he often rented it short term to ” traveling nurses ” from other states that were called in to assist the local hospital staff. He then said that he was busy with some personal matters and could we talk in the afternoon. I asked him for the location of the apartment saying I would like to at least see the location. He said that would be fine, gave me the address and repeated he had some other matters to attend to this morning. 

Bottom Line : He and I had instant person-to-person chemistry. The one thing we can never predict.

I drove to the apartment. I decided we wanted it.

I then went back to the Windsor Inn and told Patti about my decision.

Then I texted him (sending photos of Patti and me) telling him we wanted the apartment and we would pay cash up front. Then I said (thinking about ” traveling nurses ” he rents to) that during the months we would be in Alaska, I wanted him to feel free to rent out the apartment and (in effect) get two times the asking rental cost (what I will pay plus what a second renter would pay). 

He then called me and said (keep in mind he had other matters to attend to until the afternoon) let’s meet at the apartment in an hour and talk it over.

During our visit (he had all of the legal rental property paperwork with him and we completed it) he told us that he had already turned down 20 people wanting to rent the apartment. He also said that he refuses 98% of all prospective renters. Why did he instantly accept us?

I went to the local Wells Fargo bank and got a Certified Check for $5,000 good faith money. He went off to attend to his business.

Later in the afternoon he came to The Windsor Inn and he gave us keys and I handed him our good faith check for $5,000.

TAKE a really deep breath. Let it out slowly.

Patti and I have signed a long term lease to rent an apartment here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We now have a real home-away-from-home down here in Arizona.

A photo shoot will follow.

Our apartment is 100% fully furnished. From towels and bedding to a full kitchen full of implements. New T.V. Internet. You name it and it’s there. We’ve meet three of our four neighbors and REALLY like them. One is a 12 year tenant. Another is an 8 year tenant.

Amazing huh ?

Well ? We think that it’s amazing !

Cap and Patti

6 thoughts on “DEC 24, 22 (2/2) .. AND NOW !! SOME REALLY GREAT NEWS .. OUR NEW APARTMENT

  1. Michael d.

    Congratulations are in order for you new Havasu-ans!! Wow! A God shot it is! A sweet apt (and neighbors!) in a quiet part of downtown (Old Town) and so near to all of the large markets, restaurants, amenities and conveniences! And such a serendipitous gift! It is going to be a Truly Blessed Christmas for us all! And more exciting adventures with mis amigos! Thank you, God!
    Love always,

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Michael it was so nice to immediately visit last Thursday at the Golden Dragon, a very nice way to begin our visit. You sure know the shortest way to get from your home to Moyo Drive. So great to BE HERE for the winter Michael. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Kathleen so very much for your ongoing support. It means the world to us. Yes indeed, for sure it IS a Christmas Present. A good fellowship here is also a real bonus. Merry Christmas to you Kathleen. Cap and Patti

  2. Eva Wissmann

    Cap and Patti, sometimes things fall in place and are meant to be. The Universe (God) called to you and you answered. There are NO coincidences! MERRY Christmas and HAPPY New Year.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very VERY much Eva for your interest and support. YOU after all have been a Contributor to our website. We loved your photos from your vacation on the East Coast. Smiles and Hugs .. Cap and Patti

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