For What It’s Worth, for the past several days my focus has been on blogspot where we just published a FUN, new post that, if you wish to see it, you can click onto the link below. It was a REAL UPPER for Patti and for me.

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Our great friend and Ally Gullible has published Chapter 11 of her 2022 African Safari.

The 2022 Africa Journals, Ch. 11: The Elephant and the Irony

“Of all African animals, the elephant is the most difficult for man to live with, yet its passing–if this must come–seems the most tragic of all.”-Peter Matthiessen, author of “The Tree Where Man was Born”

To see Chapter 11 just click onto the below link..

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We continue to prepare to move into our apartment. Tomorrow (Thursday) we hope to take delivery of a brand new, King Size, bed. We remain active in our Recovery programs attending meetings here in Lake Havasu City. We enjoyed a great dinner at Michael’s Monday evening.

Wow !! Year 2023 is in the wings of the theater of life about ready to take the stage !

We have a busy January coming up.

We are going up to Laughlin, Nevada, for a 6 night stay beginning January the 3rd at the Edgewater Hotel. 

We will be attending a three day conference where one of our Lake Havasu City friends will be speaking on Saturday morning the 7th of January.

We will be going back South to the Mayo Clinic for another (just one single 1/2 hour) appointment on January the 18th.

I will be a volunteer at the 2023 Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival that begins the 19th and ends the 22nd.

And we can’t forget ..

The National Football League playoffs begin with three games on January 14th and three games on January the 15th. Two games each on January the 21st and the 22nd. Two games on January the 29th. 

And The Super Bowl on February the 12th IN Phoenix, Arizona.

Last night (Tuesday) I enjoyed one of the very best Burger King Double Whoppers that I have ever eaten !!

We hope you enjoy the above Posts.

With Joy .. Cap and Patti

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