Friday, January 20th

Today the Havasu Balloon Festival ramped up into full gear. 

HOWEVER !! Just like last year, after the balloons flew on Thursday, on Friday NO  balloons took to the sky because of wind issues here in Lake Havasu City. Today there were no balloons in the sky !

The balloons will not take to the sky if the ambient wind speed is 8 miles per hour.

Last year the balloons only flew on Thursday the very first day of the Festival and did not return to the sky. Word on the street today was the balloons will not fly tomorrow (Saturday) but may fly on Sunday, the wind permitting.

The main entry  into the grounds of the Festival and Fair.

It IS said..

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder ..

Having myself owned and piloted several side-car motorcycles ..

You ARE indeed very beautiful ..

– – – – – – – –

Saturday, January 21st (That being today)

Today is the day that I become an active part of the festival and fair.

My First Shift . From 8am until the end of the 5K / 10 K run..

I will be part of a team of volunteers that will assist the runners and the walkers. I will be at Station 5, the furthermost station and will give participants water and any assistance they may need.

My Second Shift . From 5pm until 8pm, I will “work” the main entrance to the festival and fair.

I will be checking visitors for proper wristbands and giving them guidance as needed.

– – – – – – – –

Since I will be active and busy tomorrow (Saturday), I am going to sign off now and go to bed and get a good nights sleep so as to be in top form tomorrow.

Ciao4now .. 

Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “JAN 21, 23 (2/4) .. THE 12th ANNUAL HAVASU BALLOON FESTIVAL AND FAIR

  1. Olga

    Nice photos! Nice post! How old is that motorbike, the green one? I remember me driving one like this, with my father…. It was called “Урал”. Since then I have been dreaming of the cheapest one of Harley’s at least …. ☺
    The warmest hug to Patti! ♥

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Olga ! Nice to get your comment. Olga I have no idea, none whatsoever, of the age of the sidecar motorcycle. For our readers here the Russian word Урал is Ural the name of a well known Russian sidecar motorcycle. Thanks for your best wishes Olga. Cap and Patti

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