TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION IS ?  In terms of being special, what day is today, March 16th 2023?

Today is the first day of MARCH MADNESS 2023

Below is a link to The NCAA Bracket.

It really is a very readable Bracket. Michael’s UCLA Bruins are Number 2 seed in the West. 

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What to do now that we’ve lost half or more of our followers who “Could care less about March Madness”.

No one, not one single one of you “took me to task” about yesterday’s Post ..


And the fact that I did not comment on our weather here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Wednesday the 15th of March .. The Ides of March ..

March 15, The Ides, is the day that, by most accounts, Julius Caesar was assassinated.

We had a real mixture of rain, thunder and lightning and some strong wind gusts as well as some relatively sunny and basically pleasant weather.

The severity of the thunder and lightning in particular were new to us.

The above two photos are in no way good evidence of the rain and wind we had.

Patti and I are now “into” Season 44 of Survivor on CBS that is aired each Wednesday.

Over And Out

Cap and Patti

Based upon this wandering Post, you’d think that I am, at least somewhat, lost.

4 thoughts on “MAR 16, 23 .. AND TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION IS ?

  1. Michael

    Yesterday’s weather here in Lake Havasu was a real doozie! Mid afternoon walk with Little Bit along the channel was somewhat T-shirt/shorts weather. I knew rain was in the forecast but I felt truly blessed to take an hour and commune with nature and my precious fur-baby! Then back home, just a couple of hours later, while browsing the internet my cell phone put out what I thought was going to be an ‘Amber’ alert! I was grateful that it wasn’t, but almost bit my tongue when it was warning of a foreboding ‘TORNADO’ alert! I thought ‘no way!’ it must be a broadcast error! Then, 45min later the thunder echoed overhead, so many lightning strikes and the winds gust brought what many of us thought was going to evolve as a genuine ‘TORNADO!’ Thankfully it didn’t peak to that dangerous level but I’ve never seen blacker clouds and tumultuous rain ‘n lightning….and OMG! The winds were wicked! The good news is there was very little damage to life and limb here in our community. We are Truly Blessed! Keeping with the ‘tornado’ theme I’m praying that my UCLA Bruins bring some thunder, lightning and, well, not exactly a tornado. But I hope they play the best they’re capable of to not only win, but to put the rest of the playoff teams on notice! The Bad Boys are in town! Go Bruins!
    Cap and Patti, have a most delicious day! Chat ya later! Big cyber ((Hugs!))

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      To say the weather was a real doozie is an understatement Michael. We never saw a TORNADO alert but had we, we would have been concerned what with the weather going nutso with wind and rain and lightning. The Bruins came through in their first game of March Madness. More to follow. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

  2. Kathleen

    “Based upon this wandering Post, you’d think that I am, at least somewhat, lost.” Well, then I must be a little lost, also, as I enjoy your meandering and appreciate you sharing it with us.

    As for the weather, Mother Nature is on a full rampage. We have already had one atmospheric river this week that was preceded by a lot of snow at lower elevations; we are forecast to see another one soon. Tahoe has had around 600 inches of snow this winter. I have lost count of the number of blizzards back in North Dakota.

    I am sorry you had to be in the middle of that. If you didn’t already know, lacking a basement to hide in, a room without windows is the best. I would have to hide in a closet in my current home. Thankfully, they are big enough for me and the cats. Stay safe and enjoy the March Madness.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Kathleen. YOU always support us in all ways. There is some “unreal” weather happening ALL OVER. What little we had was nothing in comparison with so many others in so many other locations. Whewie !! Cap and Patti

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