Friday May the 12th 2023

With The Good Lord as my witness, I do NOT idly sit around waiting for, looking for, numbers that appeal to me on my smart phones and then capture them with a screen shot. That would take all the fun out of it.

How is this one. 12:12 Fri May 12

And The Dinkey Bird IS Singing In The Amfalula Tree.

– – – – – – – –

In one short day, a lot of the remaining snow really disappeared.

Thursday May the 11th Yesterday. Out in front of our Condo.

Friday May the 12th Today. 99% gone!

– – – – – – – – 

Thursday May the 11th Yesterday.

Friday May the 12th Today. Gone.

– – – – – – – –

Thursday May the 11th Yesterday.

Friday May the 12th Today.

– – – – – – – –

Friday May the 12th

Today Patti and I again tested (our third tests) for Covid-19 using an At-Home Test.

We were VERY PLEASED when both Patti and I tested NEGATIVE.

I immediately sent out a text sharing the good news.

Get with me here. The directions for all of these At-Home Covid Testing kits specifically state that you are not supposed to read the test until 15 minutes (some say 20 minutes) have passed. And they also specify an ending time from 25 to 30 minutes after which you are not supposed to look at the test strip or pouch.  

Based upon these guidelines (which we follow with an electronic timer) our two tests were NEGATIVE. 

Oh My .. Oh My .. Oh My !!

After the above end-time-guideline had passed, I noticed that Patti’s test showed POSITIVE. Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! It is very faint but very faint counts as positive.

So we are going to double check and re-test on Sunday.

When Does It Get Easy Huh?

Ciao4now. Over And Out. 

Cap and Patti

Oh By The Way .. We watched the Lakers beat the Warriors and advance to the Western Conference Finals in the NBA. We watched the Jeopardy Masters Competition and we enjoyed take home Singapore Rice Noodles for a fun dinner. We aren’t sitting here glum and distressed.

2 thoughts on “MAY 13, 23 .. NUMBERS AND SNOW REMAINING

  1. michael

    So happy to have received your texts last nights and the at-the-time reports of both Covid negatives results. Your success is our success! I’m sure a Rx remedy (akin to a bowl of chicken noodle soup, cooked up by a little ol’ Jewish grandma) is our ‘go-to’…..Singapore Rice Noodles! This tasty dish will jump start most human immune systems! haha
    Did Lebron and his teammates show some scintillating play last night? Go Team Lakers. Tues. night should provide some fireworks!
    You both have a Truly Blessed Day and weekend.
    Now, back to my after school hours blackboard experience…”I will not spell Kandy with a ‘K’ any longer….I will not spell….. only 500x’s more to repeat this lesson on ye old chalkboard! Hahaha
    Loving you, always,

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      LeBron and the Lakers are peaking at the precisely best time of the season : In the Playoffs. My money is on the Lakers. Denver hasn’t proven itself at the Conference Championship level and has never ever been in the Finals. But then again, there is always a first time isn’t there. It is worrisome that you are still having some issues with Covid Michael. It is nothing to take for granted. Wishing you all the best. Smiling .. Cap and Patti

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