Saturday, November the 4th 2023

I had a very specific reason to snap the three below photos last Saturday the 4th.

Down at the bottom of this post, you will see the reason I snapped them when you see these photos again.

These two photos show our bedroom window as viewed from our front lawn with no snow.

Sunday, November the 5th 2023

I was happy I had the above photos BECAUSE they show the snow that fell during the night of Saturday the 4th into Sunday the 5th.

Thus I had the above “before the snow” and the below “after the snow” photos!

Looking out from our Condo Living Room.

Looking out from our Bedroom Window.

These two photos are very similar.

Standing on our front porch.

Later I got out with my brush to clean our Suburban off so I won’t have to do it today Monday as Patti and I head to a medical appointment. Of course I am assuming it won’t snow anymore.

Two views from our front porch.

The snow IS beautiful!

Looking back from the far end of our parking lot.

The children JUST LOVE THE SNOW!

Only God and The Universe, Patti, and my webmaster Andrej, know the enormous difficulty getting this post together has been due to monumental technical  problems with Midphase, our Word Press Hosting Service, all of which are far beyond our ability to solve.

– – – – – – – –

Yes indeed! Patti and I watched the Dallas Cowboys play the Philadelphia Eagles this afternoon.

With five (5) seconds left in the game, the Cowboys still had a chance to win the game. So it was “quite a game”.

– – – – – – – –


One month ago today, Friday afternoon, October the 6th, it was a dark and a rainy day. Patti and I, after doing some shopping and errands, went to our local pharmacy where we each received both a flu and a Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, inoculation. Two weeks later, we got our Covid Booster Shots and THAT drama began!

Our Condo is on the ground level. I snapped these photos so you could get an idea of the “setting”.

As you can see above, we have a favorite parking place close to our unit.

This is very handy. When we have groceries that we need to get from our truck into our Condo, Patti goes into our building, into our Condo, comes to the window, opens it and I hand packages to Patti. As I said, October 6th was a dark and a rainy late afternoon.

Having almost 30 years of experience doing this, I have a very “keen” idea of just how long it will take Patti to get into the building, get into our Condo, and come to our window. It is about four (4) minutes. 

With several bags of groceries, because it was raining, after waiting very ample time to let Patti get inside, I got out of our Suburban and walked up to the exterior of our Condo window you see above. I had waited far long enough that I fully expected Patti to be there, ready, and waiting. 

Hummmm. No sign of Patti. I waited, and I waited, and I was getting wet and feeling cold and no sign of Patti.

Ohhh Ohhh, I had a bad feeling that “Something has happened to Patti”.

So into our building I went. Down the stairs I went. Our front door had been opened. In I went and when I rounded the corner and began to enter our bedroom, there on the floor, on her hands and knees, desperately attempting to crawl forward and in great distress, was Patti! 

Patti said later she was hoping I would see her on the floor from the outside and come to assist her. Of course I had not seen her because she was not yet close enough to be visible to me from the outside.

We got Patti into bed. To this instant, she does not know what happened, why she fell. On the floor by our Condo Door, with great effort, she was able to reach up, unlock the door and let herself in. She then began her desperate crawl towards our bedroom.


After getting Patti settled in bed and resting, I went back outside (in the rain) and gathered up what I had left there on the lawn outside of our window. In coming back into our Condo, coming down our seven step stairway, I missed the bottom step and I fell hard myself. I let out a scream that brought poor Patti to find me on the floor! 

So what? I don’t know. I debated long and hard about whether or not to go into this and decided to do so. 

Lesson Learned : Sorry. I haven’t got one. Both of us are super careful NOT to fall and here we are.. Falling.

Thanks to those of you who read this far for your caring. We are hoping against hope to get to Arizona while we are able. 

Snow and Ice are not our friends.

Over And Out.

Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “NOV 6, 23 .. THE SNOW ARRIVED.. SUNDAY NOV 5th..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Sorry Ginny. I went back and revised the Post slightly and made it more evident (highlighted it in red) Patti and I fell a month ago back on October the 6th. Thanks for your concern and for your comment. Cap and Patti

  1. Michael

    Oh, NO! Your mishaps, falls, slips…whatever the reason are so frightening for you, Patti and us ‘old-timers!’ You have my head and heart racing and head spinning, praying that neither were injured in the process. How unfortunate and more than odd you both would find yourself hitting the floor and crawling on your hands and knees. A FB friend who resides in Anchorage stated the first snows were ‘wet-n-heavy’. Do you think you had snow embedded in the bottoms of your shoes? Whatever the reason, again I pray you didn’t experience much pain nor bruised and battered knees. Keep us updated, please.
    Love and tender ((Hugs!))

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Michael, you asked us to keep you updated. Here we go Michael. You are not the only one who thought that Patti and I fell recently. I went back and revised the Post slightly and made it more evident (highlighted it in red) Patti and I fell a month ago back on October the 6th. So we did not have any snow on our shoes. Yes the snow is heavy and wet. Driving is a real challenge as well. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

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