The two of us found pretty slim pickings for May the 24th. We nearly did not name a Holiday but decided to show the below Holiday because it is of interest to us.


They did sort of “lure us on” saying.. “Think you know all about the “Great American Road Trip? We’ll see about that!”

National Road Trip Day occurs on the Friday before Memorial Day in the U.S. (on the last Monday of May), so this year it falls on May 24. There’s a reason why ‘The Great American Road Trip’ is now a catchphrase — because the U.S. is the one country where road trips count as a holiday in themselves. Whether it’s to pay tribute to fallen national heroes by visiting war memorials across the country, or an excuse to get out of town and have a change of scenery; the road trip has been loved by Americans throughout history. From great works of literature inspired by the road to songs that we know and love — road trips mean something to everyone, which is why we are excited that the road trip has a special day of its own. Plus, who wouldn’t want to make the most of the long weekend by going out of town, and that’s where we come in, with tips to help you scratch that travel-bug itch.

National Road Trip Day became an official holiday in 2019, thanks to Pilot Flying J, the largest travel center operator in North America. They chose the Friday before Memorial Day because of the long weekend ahead and, with May being the start of summer, it kickstarts the travel season, too. Since travel stories are ingrained into the very history of America, with wagon trains heading out West in the 1840s and Native Americans exploring the country long before that — it makes sense to observe a day that celebrates travel by road.

The first recorded road trip across the U.S. began in 1903 with a bet. Someone bet Horatio Nelson Jackson (a physician and automobile pioneer) that he could not travel from San Francisco to New York City in less than 90 days. Accompanied by mechanic Sewall K. Crocker, and a dog named Bud, they set off in a 20-horsepower Winston to prove them wrong. Despite numerous mishaps, Jackson and Crocker completed the trip in 63 days.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

By the 1930s, the famous Route 66 opened America up for cross-country travel. Many began to migrate West, while others took to the road for vacations. By the 1950s, America was the world’s largest car manufacturer, and nearly 75% of American families owned a car, which became a symbol of American pop culture. Road trips became the typical holiday of the American middle classes, leading to a boom in drive-ins and roadside motel businesses, too. Hippies in the ’60s then converted the road trip into a full-blown lifestyle, turning vans and buses into homes on wheels.

In the ’80s and ’90s, road travel dipped with the rise of air travel but, today, the road trip still has a special charm of its own. The ‘Great American Road Trip’ stands for the freedom and adventure that only the road can bring!

Patti and I have done our share of road trips, up and down the Alcan going back and forth from Alaska to the “Lower 48”, as well as trips across the country from west to east and east to west.  We came to love saying to one another as we started a new morning, “Well, shall we turn left this morning or shall we turn right?”  Either way, it always led to an enjoyable day on the road!!

We did NOT find CARB DAY all that interesting.

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I am trying to, somewhat re-activate our blogspot website, after not publishing a Post for almost seven (7) weeks.

We enjoyed a pleasant Guest Contribution from our friends John and Martha.

One of their great photos.

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Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “MAY 24, 24 .. NATIONAL TODAY.. GUEST POST ON BLOGSPOT..

  1. Kathleen Brady

    Road trip!!! Said that often in the early days of sobriety when we would all pile in the car. I’ve taken many long road trips, my favorite being the 2 week trips on my motorcycle, come rain or shine, through the western US and Canada. Something about rolling down the highway, listening to music when in the car, sometimes AA speaker tapes or CDs. There was a sense of purpose and a lot to see. Aaah the good old days. Thanks for the memories.

    Now on to CARBS! Yum, love carbs and I think I will indulge in some popcorn tonight. And probably chocolate.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Happy that the Road Trip Day “rang a bell” for you Kathleen. Even we, who pick out the Holidays, don’t know for sure what will “ring our bell”. So far several days have been very IFFY as to a Holiday. But so far, at least one “called to us”. Aaah the good old days! You are welcome for the memories. How can anyone in our age group ever forget Bob Hope and his song, “Thanks For The Memories”! Cap and Patti

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