I am going to assume that, if not all of you, the large majority of you know what Costco is. 

Costco is a “membership” warehouse club ($60 per year) and Patti and I are members.

According to Wikipedia, Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world. 

The other day I went to Costco to purchase a bowl of Costco fresh salad.

In the Delicatessen area I saw the below sign above some fresh salads. I called and read it to Patti.

CHIPOTLE CHICKEN BOWL W/ CILANRTO LIME RICE. Grilled Seasoned Chicken, Tomato Salsa, Shredded Cheese, Cilantro Lime Rice, KS Guacamole and Limes.

Patti said it really sounded good and so I purchased a bowl of the CHIPOTLE CHICKEN.

A closer look at the CHIPOTLE CHICKEN Salad Bowls.

Here it is, at home, in our kitchen.

Taa Daa, served in a bowl and ready to enjoy.


What you see above did not have even one bite of Chicken, salsa or guacamole. Nor does it look or taste like what its sign said it was.

Well it was delicious and we enjoyed it.

On my next trip to Costco, I politely told management about the wrong sign being above the salad.

They smiled and said it would be corrected.

And it was corrected.

The correct sign above for the Salad we purchased below.

We are now on our third (3rd) purchase of GRAIN & CELERY SALAD W/APPLE CIDER VINAIGARETTE!

After at least several decades of Shopping at Costco, these salads and, some days soups, are completely new to us.

I know! But we had fun with this little adventure!

– – – – – – – – –



Wear your best smile to this party as we celebrate National Smile Day every year on May 31. Founded by dentists Dr. Tim Stirneman and Jim Wojdyla of Compassionate Dental Care in Lake in the Hills, Illinois, this day is meant to, you guessed it, “Share with the world what the power of a healthy smile can do!” The best part, this day heralds the beginning of National Smile Month!

The history of the smile can be traced back to monkeys and apes, according to primatologist Signe Preuschoft. These animals bare their teeth in a facsimile of a smile to show dominance or warn off predators. The theory is that humans copied this behavior and, over time, the smile evolved to show amusement and enjoyment. Research indicates that on the way to portraying happiness, smiles were a way of attracting mates among early humans.

A French neurologist, Guillaume Duchenne, who studied the mechanism of facial expression, discovered there are two types of smiles: a Duchenne smile and a non-Duchenne smile. The former smiles with the eyes or is a genuine smile, whereas the latter is an ambiguous, non-genuine, or simply polite smile.

– – – – – – – –


The focus is strictly on our mental health for What You Think Upon Grows Day, celebrated annually on May 31. Obscure as this holiday may seem, it is one of the most positive holidays you can celebrate and leaves us feeling better than we were. Although there is no history about who started this day, it was placed on this date in honor of one of the pioneers of modern positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale. He was a clergyman, an author, served as a pastor in Marble Collegiate Church, New York, and was one of the many people who embraced and popularized the concept of positive thinking.

Today is all about the power of positive thinking! Before you prejudge this holiday or roll your eyes due to all the motivational content you’ve come across about this, allow us to give you a fresh perspective by delving into what this is all about.

They say it all starts with the mind, but where did it start? Positive thinking or the positive mental attitude is said to have begun as a concept in the 1930s, even though the principle has been inculcated within various practices, ideologies, religions, and beliefs in several ways. As a concept, it began with self-help author Oliver Napolean Hill and his book, “Think and Grow Rich.” In this book, Hill discusses positive thinking as a necessity for success, however, he never outrightly used the term, saving that for his future book, “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude,” which he wrote alongside W. Clement Stone.

Positive thinking is the philosophy that encourages an optimistic mindset, asserting it as a key to attracting positive changes and happenings in our lives. It includes prioritizing the small joys of life, dwelling on them, and being content with them.

– – – – – – – –


A Web Designer has to be a GEEK.

Web Designer Day is celebrated annually on May 31. Ever admired the vastness of the internet and bemoan the fact that you have no idea how it all came to be? A web designer created and designed every page and site on the internet. It required a human being doing genuine labor to bring you the wonders that flood across the information superhighway every day. Whether it was a professional carving out every single bit of code or a hobbyist using a pre-built site and themes.

In much the same way that the history of a building is the history of its construction, the history of web designers is just the history of the web and how it came to be. Someone had to spend time developing the first website ever since the internet was conceived. We eventually built dozens of video and audio protocols, as well as many web browsers. Chat rooms arose, and YouTube was born, all of which were developed by a quiet army of folks who got to sit back and watch us reap the benefits of their labors. We rarely know their names, though.

We all know Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook but behind the scenes, an army of nameless developers keeps the service functioning. Web designers don’t only build the gorgeous sections; they also produce all of the little bits and pieces that keep a site functioning in the background, and they typically have varied specialties. They channel their creativity into creating the alternate world we have all come to rely upon. Without web designers, the world would surely be a far more uninteresting hunk of dirt. This observance allows us to recognize the important work they do. Whether it’s creating an e-commerce store or social media platform, we cannot ignore the important role these heroes play in the modern age.

So don’t forget to appreciate web designers for their efforts on Web Designer Day. They deserve all the thanks we can give them.

Nor forget our friends The Geeks!

– – – – – – – –

Like we said above .. Smiles. 

Cap and Patti

6 thoughts on “MAY 31, 24 .. SOME COSTCO FUN.. NATIONAL TODAY..

  1. Eryn

    Yum! I will have to try that salad next time I’m at Costco, it sounds and looks delish. Not being much of a shopper, Costco is one of the few stores I enjoy going to.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank you Eryn for your comment. Here’s the deal. These Costco Salads, and oh yes their delicious Soups too, are new to us. So far we have learned that not every day do they have the same Salads and or Soups. What got us started was our upstairs neighbor gave us a helping of Chicken Noodle Soup. After we finished the Soup (three or four days) we went back for more Chicken Noodle Soup BUT they didn’t have any Soups at all. Instead they had the Grain & Celery Salad that we wrote about in our Costco Post MAY 31, 24. So it looks like you can’t “count on” a particular Salad or Soup being available each and every day. Smiles .. Patti and Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Love YOUR great photo of us that you snapped in your Laughlin apartment. THAT is some great photo Ginny. Love you back!! Cap and Patti

  2. Michael

    Oooh, Yes! I’m with Eryn! That salad sounds tantalizingly delicious! It will be a future must on my agenda to sample both….not on the same day/trip, mind you!
    Always a joy to see both of your smiles. We miss those F2F, in person intimate smiles and ((Hugs!)).
    BTW…we saw Finley and your neighbor down on the channel the other day. I brought him up to date on your return home; he sends his warmest regards.
    Sending endless love and prayers,
    Michael and Little Bit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Michael, as we just replied to Eryn, it looks like you can’t “count on” a particular Salad or Soup being available each and every day at Costco. I am assuming Las Vegas would be your Costco Warehouse. Of course we visit Costco in Phoenix when we are there for Mayo Clinic appointments. So far we’ve not “found” the Las Vegas Costco Warehouses. We “finally” got it.. F2F is Face To Face in person smiles! It took awhile and some thinking. Texting you or Ginny was our next option. Along with, and right beside Little Bit, John’s Finley is one sweet little dog. Smiles and thanks for your comment. Cap and Patti

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