JUL 2, 24 .. THANKS DANNY 48073 and MICHAEL 86403.. UFOs.. DID YOU FORGET?..

Yesterday morning, Danny 48073 pointed out (with emphasis I mean to say!) that I did not include the nation of Canada as a Special Day on July the 1st.

Let me, allow me, to tell you all I corrected THAT error in one, very short New York Minute.

Either just scroll down at the bottom of this Post or the below link will take you to yesterday’s Post immediately. Canada now stands at the top of yesterday’s Post!


Again, thanks so very much Danny.

Today I mailed you a Thank You Card so look for it.

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Michael 86403 made a significant contribution to our June 30th Post about Social Media. 


Michael’s addition begins with the 7th paragraph from the top that begins .. Our friend Michael, down in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Thank You so very much Michael for sending us this additional information.

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This first Day intrigued me. But, then again, the entire history of UFO’s has always intrigued me. 

On July 2, it won’t only be sci-fi enthusiasts trying out their ET (Extra-Terrestrial) sleuthing skills, as everyone on planet earth will have the opportunity to celebrate World UFO Day. UFOs have been the stuff of legend for centuries, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that freaky flying saucers grabbed national and international mainstream attention. Since then, UFOs have captured the minds of old and young alike, and witness’ stories have proliferated around the world. World UFO Day serves as a way for everyone to come together and watch the skies on the same night in search of UFOs, but that’s not its only purpose. Many see the holiday as a way to spread knowledge and awareness of UFOs, making a case for their existence, and hoping to make disciples out of the dubious. So why July 2? For many, this date represents the anniversary of the famed and all-but-confirmed 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico. Believers claim a UFO crash landed here, deep in the American southwest, but that the government has been covering it up ever since.

What do you believe? Patti and I suggest that you go in person to Roswell, New Mexico, spend a few days in Roswell visiting the UFO Museum, as we did during late April of 2017. Then you draw your own conclusions.

There are more than enough stories, legends and actual scientific findings on UFOs and space exploration to keep you busy for a day. Use the power of the internet to separate fact from fiction, and try coming up with your own theories on whether the truth really is out there. Finish the evening by gazing up at the stars before going to bed. You never know what you might see.

Another Big Thank You to Michael 86403 who went to great effort to find the movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, so Patti could see it. The below link shows only a small part of our evening with Michael and “Close Encounters”.


Below is a link to our blogspot Post about “Close Encounters”.


All thanks to you Michael.

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Perfect Day! Absolutely Perfect Day for all of we “Senior Citizens”!

I Forgot Day is celebrated each year on July 2 and is dedicated to forgetfulness. While we may be surrounded by calendars all around, whether physical or digital, we still forget. Are you prone to forget important dates, occasions, or tasks? Fret not, there’s a day you can celebrate that — note it down, so you don’t forget it next time!

This unusual holiday was created by Gaye Anderson, from DeMotte, Indiana. She started this holiday because there was a period in her life where she was having a hard time remembering simple things. She was known in her core group and extended family to forget her own daughter’s birthday every year. Not only that, but she often forgot her wedding anniversary as well. However, instead of being bothered with her forgetfulness, she created this day to just relax and well, forget. She also started celebrating her daughter’s birthday and wedding anniversary on July 2 every year. The irony is that she does not remember when she started celebrating this day!

Several people can’t remember anyone’s birthdays or special events, and some have a list of things they have been meaning to do for ages, but they simply keep forgetting! However, several factors contribute to this, such as stress, a sedentary lifestyle, an unhealthy diet, illness, anxiety, etc. In fact, one of the most unusual causes for forgetting is walking through a door. Some scientists believe that the brain perceives the world as a series of scenes or frames and passing through a door can make the brain deem the information from the previous room as largely unnecessary.

While some levels of forgetfulness may occur occasionally, you can take some measures to tackle them. Get organized, set reminders, make post-it notes of important tasks, and stick them in your house where you can easily see them. Also, sleep and eat well, and exercise your mind regularly.

I Forgot Day encourages people to apologize and make up for all the events and occasions they might have forgotten. This is the day to put an end to forgetfulness and create an action plan that will help you not forget.

Good Luck On The Above Suggestions! Smiling!

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Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “JUL 2, 24 .. THANKS DANNY 48073 and MICHAEL 86403.. UFOs.. DID YOU FORGET?..

  1. Kit Raye

    Now that it is July, Tim and I will travel the hour plus beautiful road to Devil’s Tower, WY. The month of June each year, they “ask” the mountain climbers to not scale the tower so falcons nesting isn’t disturbed and tribes, who relate this as a very spiritual place, come to pray and tie prayer cloths to trees all around the base. One can feel it is a very spiritual place. No wonder it served such an important role in “Close Encounters.” It is truly one of my favorite places to visit.
    Thanks for your post.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank you Kit for your comment. Yes indeed, it was you Kit, and your three photos that you sent to us last November 2023 showing the Wyoming Devil’s Tower, that gave me the idea to have Patti see the movie “Close Encounters”. It looks to me like it would take “Serious Mountain Climbers” to be able to scale the Devil’s Tower! Yes it seems like a truly spiritual place. Smiles Kit .. Cap and Patti

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