I KNOW some, many of you get numb looking at the same-old-news here. Well .. I have some new news IF you will read down further*** ..

Patti and I are home-based* in Anchorage, Alaska.

*Home-based. We are in Anchorage but are making trips within Alaska.



***Now what?  All this is IFFY as of now BUT ..

AT THIS MOMENT, on this upcoming October 8th, 2018, I am ‘planning* ‘ to fly from Anchorage, Alaska, to Seattle, Washington, and then on to Seoul, Korea. I ‘plan* ‘ to stay in Seoul, Korea, for a week-or-two-or-three, and then fly from Seoul, to either Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, or directly to Irkutsk, Russian Siberia.

*Plan for me means this is written in-pencil subject to some change BUT I am in-touch with a best-of-friends in Seoul, Korea, who will welcome me and show-me-around. This is way-past the idle-chit-chat stage.

Lord God In Heaven Above, If It Be Your Will, I really want to make another trip over to Asia to carry the message YOU God have given to me to carry.

The closing of the Russian Consulate in Seattle, Washington, is important to any travel plans we may consider over in Asia involving Southern Russian Siberia.  It was in Seattle that our visas were issued. Who knows the ramifications forthcoming IF any. So far there seems to be nothing whatsoever happening good / or bad.

Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..


I will do my utmost to update this page  as necessary to keep-it-current.

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