We remain back-home in Anchorage, Alaska, BUT ..

We HAD a booked and paid for airline flight from Anchorage, Alaska (upper left red balloon), to Seattle, Washington (center red balloon), and then on to Las Vegas, Nevada (bottom red balloon), on December 5th. We then planned to continue on to Phoenix, Arizona, for medical appointments at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix scheduled and commencing in mid-December.

We have (at least for the time-being) cancelled the above reservations. With covid 19 cases perhaps spiking 4 to 6 days after Thanksgiving Day, we fear getting to the Mayo Clinic (with the risks associated having 3 airports and 2 flights etc et all to deal with) and being unable to access medical care IF they are overloaded with covid 19 cases. The same reasoning now applies to Christmas with millions of people flying.

Right now, this instant, we are looking at re-scheduling our appointments into early or mid-February 2021.



Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..


I will do my utmost to update this page  as necessary to keep-it-current.

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