Patti and I remain in Anchorage, Alaska.



A closer look-see for you all.



At this instant, read my lips wink-wink, we have the below travel plans in place..

Patti and I are going to Phoenix, Arizona, in mid-February 2018. Patti will attend an International Women’s Assembly. We will stay a week or two or three. Both of us have medical appointments firmly in place and scheduled at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, for the week beginning February the 19th. Then I want to head directly for Hong Kong and Mongolia and Irkutsk in Russian Siberia. God Willing and the creek-don’t-rise, I want to return to Asia a.s.a.p. Patti’s Jury is out as to whether or not she will join me returning to Asia in late February / early March 2018.

Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..


I will do my utmost to update this page  as necessary to keep-it-current.

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