Saturday, April the 29th, 2017.

Patti and I are in, Santa Fe NM.


Saturday morning, April the 29th, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We plan to head South for Albuquerque next, Tuesday May the 2nd.


Patti will fly North to Alaska and to Anchorage leaving from Albuquerque New Mexico on Wednesday May the 3rd. I have published a Post about this decision.

And? And my plans? I have no idea whatsoever about my own plans.

Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..


I will do my utmost to update this page as necessary to keep-it-current.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


21 thoughts on “TRAVEL

  1. Tom E.

    Cap, Patti, Merry Christmas, safe travels, I am going out tonight and tomorrow am (12-24) to do bell ringing, 61 f. here as I post this from Royal Oak MI Library. Hello to Hong Kong & neighboring cities, be sure to watch 12-31-15 8pm U.S. Eastern time, Cotton Bowl, #2 Alabama vs. #3 Michigan State Spartans, winner goes to NCAA Championship 1-08-16. I see you may be traveling that evening, perhaps game will be on at an airport lounge. Blessed 2016!! Love Tom

  2. Shaddy

    I love these maps. You have a nicely organized adventure ahead which I’ll be following.

    I pray any additional drama is minimal, in lower case letters as I have shown it.


  3. Tom Engel

    Cap-Howdy! May 4, ….snow ?? Yikes Watching Tigers vs. Cleveland on the tube.Can not wait to see you and Patti. Be safe, enjoy the Oprea.Hello to all our friends in Ulan Baatar & neighboring cities!

  4. Robert 94596

    You continue to amaze me with your concentration on all matters.

    Gay and I will be in Croatia in mid June, returning 9July. Then off to Morocco in mid October. Both trips are guided tours.

    Any chance of seeing you two late May?

    1. Cap Chastain

      No Robert. I fly into SeaTac 24 May and then to Reno 26 May then to Apple Valley 1 June then to Detroit 4 June then a road trip to the East Coast and back to Anchorage on 7 July. Smiles .. Cap.

  5. Michael d.`

    Dear Cap and Patti,
    I always get so much enjoyment out of reading and seeing pictures of your grand adventures. Cap, welcome back to the good ol’ U.S. of A.! I left a phone message on Patti’s phone this a.m., not having yet checked your website. How exciting to be going to your home in Detroit and on to the East Coast. Do you folks have plans to visit Stepping Stones? I’m very eager to visit there sometime this summer. Let me know what your itinerary is when you reach your resting place.
    I pray all is well with you both. You look fantastic!
    I always speak fondly of our trips together and of your never-ending spiritual journeys. I thought of you the other night while watching a movie of Mother Theresa. I cried tears of joy and humility.
    Enough for now, I hope you two have a most joyful, divine and delicious trip.

  6. Shelby Peel

    Enjoy your day Cap and Patti! It was awesome to meet you both last Sunday. Blessings on your journey! Hugs.

    💜 Shelby

  7. Ginny Cummins-Cook

    Cap, I received your text but couldn’t reply. I left Patti a voicemail that you arrived safely in Dubai. Can’t wait for all the interesting stories you’ll be telling us, and the good news on others recovery, you’re an awesome teacher! Love Ginny

  8. Grant Sanders

    I got you Cap!!! I am really looking forward to seeing you here in Hong Kong soon. You have been missed….Keller sends her warm regards, hopefully we can all get the boat from Aberdeen to APLEICHAU!

    To all the friends of Bill out there God bless you all!

    Grant in Hong Kong.

  9. Ginny Cummins-Cook

    Hi Cap, enjoy your travels. I was looking at your hotel and dining experiences, looks like things are going well! Keep up your great work you are doing there. Love, smiles and hugs
    Ps, talked to Tandi today, she’s awesome as you know!

  10. Michael de Grasse

    My dear friends, Cap and Patti! I think you know how very much you enrich my life, my happiness by allowing me to share precious time (see, two seconds ago is already the past!) with you in your travels around the South West! It was sheer bliss and joy to see you, get mucho long awaited hugs, do lunch and dinner at Juicy’s (twice! In Lake Havasu, and again in Needles!) And our dinner last night was sublime! Although I hurt from too much later last night! lol Yes, Patti, I will always be a steadfast grazer! Too much ingested all at once is not a good thing for Michael!
    It was such a joy to attend and commune with like-minded people with our fellowship and share our common Courage, Strength and Hope (Cap reminded me of the acronym for HOPE…’Hearing Other People’s Experience!”) It is at the root of our common recovery. Thank you Cap for so convincingly and so very real, sharing the topic at the Sun Group here in LHC!
    Bon Voyage mi amigos. Vaya con Dios! Que tienen un viaje muy fabuloso!
    I loved the ‘group hugs’ and will always love you.
    PS. – I have shared many times with my fellows here of my spiritual guides and mentors, both of you, Cap and Patti. They now know that you are larger than life and so very real!

  11. Ginny

    I read your updates get out of the flagstar snow lol

    You are right by Sedona

    Happy travels, praying all is well, glad you are getting around.

    Love and smiles, Ginny :)

    1. Cap Chastain

      Thank you so much Ginny. You said in your text that Sedona was a 2-hr drive from Phoenix and to call Denise for answers about Sedona. So I figured you thought we were in Phoenix. Smiles .. Cap

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