Friday, February 22nd. We are back ‘home’ in Irkutsk Russian Siberia.


Today on Friday the 22nd of February, Patti and I flew from Seoul (lower red balloon ), South Korea, back to Irkutsk (upper red balloon ), Russian Siberia. Now we are really going to settle down in Irkutsk and make plans for the rest of our stay in Russian Siberia. We plan to remain in Russian Siberia for some months. This may be our one-last-time visit. We don’t want to leave feeling that there are things we still want to do.

When we leave Russia, we plan to fly south to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (upper red balloon) and then down to Hong Kong (lower red balloon).



Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..


I will do my utmost to update this page  as necessary to keep-it-current.

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