AUG 11, 22 .. THOR .. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU ..

THANKS so very much Thor for sending us some great spiritual thoughts.

When I was at Costco this week, I just happened to be parked next to a pickup truck.


Thor I just had to snap the below photo for you! C’Mon up Thor! Alaska is waiting for you!

Again Thor, thanks so very much for your support.

Smiles Thor from Patti and myself ..


For What It’s Worth, as a follow up to our AUG 1, 22 post on blogspot, the one inspired by Gullible, I have decided to spend the month of August doing some re-visits to some of our adventures in Mongolia. And it just so happens that Gullible, Patti and I took several trips together during the time period from October 25, 2015 when Gullilble and Patti landed in Hong Kong, up to November 17, 2015, when we three flew South from Ulaanbaater, Mongolia, to Hong Kong and Gullible returned home to Alaska.

Below is the link to our latest blogspot post showing the beginning of our trip from Ulaanbaatar up to Khuvsgul Lake, in the Northwest corner of Mongolia.

There will be a lot to see for those who wish to visit the above link.

Cap and Patti