Early yesterday evening, Saturday the 3rd of December, at 7PM, Patti and my son David, wheeled me from my room down to the main entrance of The Mayo Clinic Hospital Phoenix into a waiting shuttle van to take me to our hotel here in the Phoenix Arizona Metro-Area.

We got there smartly. Into our room, with no drama and with no problems at all, I walked using my brand new ‘walker’.

I lay down. David got himself and Patti some dinner at a local take-out restaurant The Coconut Fish Cafe. We said our goodbyes to David who needed some rest before driving back to California at O’ Dark O’ Clock this early morning to miss the Los Angeles Metro-Area Sunday traffic.

What else to say? I am utterly exhausted. The reality of a 17-hour more or less ‘jet lag’ is right in my face. The reality of this past seven days beginning Friday the 25th of November at the Dubai International Airport and continuing to Hong Kong and to Seattle and finally here to Phoenix is in my face.

Time to chill out. Time to relax. Time to give thanks for all of my blessings. My ‘A’ Team ranks with the best of the best. Detroit Tiger Tom will be here in the morning with our GMC Suburban he is driving down from Detroit Michigan. We will have ‘serious wheels’. Just like that!

With Gratitude To Patti and to each of you who have been following along here with us.

Smiles, Cap


Yesterday, Thursday, December 1st, 2016, I had a total left hip replacement. As all of you may well imagine, there is a LOT of pre-surgery preparation that precedes the actual surgery. First of all there were two days of clearing up a gastro-intestinal infection with explosive diarrhea.

**Note: Patti is typing this while I am telling the story!

Yesterday we thought the surgery was going to be in the morning and Patti was here at 7 a.m., only to learn the surgery was to be at 2 p.m. The surgery DID happen at 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. The surgeon’s report post surgery was that everything went very, very well. I see the surgeon for a follow-up appointment in three weeks. Today, Friday the 2nd, I had a morning and afternoon physical therapy (P.T.) session.

It is just a tad challenging, at age 80-years, to have an age 20-ish young man explain to me how to walk. It is also challenging to be aroused from my bed to do P.T. when all I really want to do is to rest quietly with no disturbances. 

I do physical therapy again tomorrow and then am scheduled, likely, to be released tomorrow. The ONLY orders after the hospital release are to walk, walk, walk … no scheduled physical therapy. The surgeon feels this will be adequate since, as he stated, I am in such good physical health and have been so active prior to this.

As you might expect, I am very tired.

Sign us as .. Patti and Cap

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