Both of us really like and enjoy Flagstaff. We are staying here until next Friday the 23rd of April so (counting the three days we’ve already been here) we will have a total of 9 days in Flag (the local nickname for Flagstaff).

We are looking forward to visiting the local skiing resort located at elevation 10,000 feet to check out the snowpack up there. All in all we plan to just relax and enjoy the cool weather. We are seeing night time temperatures down in the 30s and high 20s.

Smiles and Hugs .. Cap and Patti

*NO I did NOT mispell the name of the State we are in. When I lived here in the latter part of 1963 into mid-1964, many of the local people called their home state Aridzona. So NO I did not make it up.


Wednesday, April 14th ..

We left Yuma, Arizona, at 9am and pulled into Phoenix about 11:40am. THEN we had to pick up our truck (said vehicle having gotten a transmission overhaul costing $2,734.17) THEN we had to return our Enterprise rental car. THEN we stopped into our Chevrolet Dealer in Phoenix and I used their (customer waiting room) internet to cancel our Phoenix motel room and reschedule a room up North in Flagstaff, Arizona.

We two pulled out of Phoenix at 1:35pm and onto I-17 North arriving at our Flagstaff motel at 3:35pm. All told today I drove around 325 miles.

We got ourselves settled into our room here in Flagstaff. Patti watched her news hour (5pm to 6pm) while I took a short nap.

Then we went out for a short drive and returned back to our room to see Aaron Rodgers host his 8th Jeopardy show. His two week, 10 show stint, will end Friday.

ODD JEOPARDY TRIVIA : In Green Valley, the show aired at 3:30pm. In Yuma, the show aired at 4:30pm. Here in Flagstaff, it airs at 7:30pm.

The Weather Report.

Patti and I have been here in Arizona for just over 5 weeks (March 9th to April 14th). During this time the ambient daytime temperatures have varied from 85°F up to 95°F. Believe this or not, our physical bodies have adjusted to this temperature range. We left Phoenix with the ambient temperature being 86°F. As we climbed up to Flagstaff (elevation 7,000 feet) the temperature dropped steadily ending up at 53°F. 

And? We are Really feeling cold.

So much so that when we made a Walmart run after watching Jeopardy we had the heater in our truck running on high.

Nutty huh?

This week we see that the night time temperatures may drop (get this) into the mid 20°F temperature range.

By the way, the ski bowl here in Flagstaff sits at 10,000 feet.

Go figure.

Over And Out .. Cap and Patti

At this writing we are looking forward to remaining here in Flagstaff until next Thursday the 22nd of April when we head back to Phoenix for a Mayo Clinic CT Scan of Patti’s head. With more Mayo Clinic appointments to follow.