Patti and I arrived here in Gaylord last night about 9:30pm. Both of us are just a tad road-weary.



We plan to stay here an absolute minimum of three (3) nights and could stay an additional two nights extending our stay into this upcoming Sunday the 24th of September.

We have medical appointments next Monday the 25th in the Detroit area that we already have pushed back a full week and we intend to keep these appointments.

Now to Part II of II.

Smiles ..

Patti and Cap


In this Post are photos of our visit yesterday, Tuesday the 19th, to Mackinac Island, Michigan.



To get to Mackinac Island, we drove North from our hotel in Mackinaw City to St. Ignace. Then we caught a ferry from St. Ignace out to Mackinac Island.

I-75 North, the Mackinac Bridge between Mackinaw City and St. Ignace, Michigan.

We board our ferry out to Mackinac Island.

The Mackinac Bridge as viewed from our ferry boat.

Each day, weather permitting, just two ferry boats between St. Ignace and Mackinac Island make a side trip under the Mackinac Bridge. We planned our day to be sure we were on one of the boats going under the bridge.

Looking up at the bottom side of the Mackinac Bridge.

We are approaching Mackinac Island. In the distance is the famous Grand Hotel.

We have arrived on the island.

Thank You Chad 45039  for the recommendation that we visit Horn’s Bar & Restaurant.

Horn’s Bar & Restaurant.

Super Nachos at Horn’s. They are also called Loaded Nachos.

Just look at these beautiful nachos. Never ever have we had better nachos anywhere any time.

“Oh Hi Crocodile Dundee. How nice of you to stop by for a visit.”

“Now THAT’S a bowl of salsa Captain!”

Goodbye Horn’s. Thanks for a great visit.

Our carriage ride was to begin at 2:40pm. We entered Horn’s about 1:15pm so we just relaxed and chilled out. When 2:30pm arrived out we went to board our carriage.

And we are off to see some of Mackinac Island.

We two sat in the front row of seats. Because we were first in line, we debated where to sit because we had our choice of seats. We really enjoyed being front and center.

Sixty years ago, during the summer of 1957, I worked at The Grand Hotel.

We changed carriages and again, we had our pick of seats. Notice this was a team of three (3) horses.

Mackinac Island is a beautiful place. Our day was also picture perfect weatherwise.

Arch Rock is a famous attraction on the island.

The lighthouse.

The Time Has Come To Leave Mackinac Island.

Out we go, past the lighthouse.

Spectacular day and visit to Mackinac Island.

A last look at The Grand Hotel.

In July of 1957, while working at The Grand Hotel, I looked into a pair of blue eyes and thought, “I will marry this lady.”

Just over one year later, my first wife Beverly and I were married on August 2nd, 1958. I proposed to her in a park beside The Grand Hotel.

We are back in St. Ignace.

“Patti I am hungry.” .. “Cap so am I.”

Two bowls, one for each of us, of Patti’s favorite. Roasted tomato basil soup.

A Club Sandwich to go with the tomato basil soup.

Goodnight and Goodbye to Harrison’s Diner in St. Ignace, Michigan

It was a full one hour drive South to Gaylord. I was ‘toast’. Patti drove.



Bedtime in Gaylord.

As we sign off here, the clock has turned another 24-hours and it is once again bedtime.

Patti has always wanted to visit Mackinac Island and we did it up right.

With Joy.

Patti and Cap.