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“Cap? Did you see what I just saw along the edge of Interstate 40 just now?”

“No Patti I didn’t notice anything in particular.”


“Sure enough Patti! There is snow alongside of I-40.”


We had an overall ‘mellow’ drive from Needles California East to Flagstaff Arizona. We drove the 210 miles in a little-over 4-Hours.

We checked into Motel ‘6’ and got settled.



No frills No fringes at Motel ‘6’. Just a basic, reasonable room.



Do all of you see what is located immediately outside of our room?


Our GMC Suburban, ‘Black Beauty’, is immediately outside of our room.

At Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Laughlin Nevada ..


We had to park ‘Black Beauty’ in a multi-story parking garage (lower left in the above photo and to the right in the below photo). It took me 3-Hours 20-Minutes to get our belongings from the parking garage to our room on the 17th floor of our building on the left of the photo above.


It was wonderful, beyond-the-beyond, to be able to walk only 10-feet or so to get our belongings into our room at Motel ‘6’.


“Are you hungry Patti?”


In the below photo, look to the right at the area below the television set.


We have never ever been into a SUBWAY Cafe. Wow. It was very pleasant.






We each got an amazing Subway Salad. Subway has totally re-vamped their salad-making technique.


“Cap?” ..

“Yes Patti?” ..

“Did you hear on the CBS news weather report we are going to have snow tonight?”

“Sleep tight My Dear One, it has been a long day for us!”

Oh My!

It began with a sudden, severe, sleet-storm. Can you all see the sleet on ‘Black Beauty’ who was wondering, “What is this about?”


I was up at 3 o’clock in the morning and caught the below photo.


Day dawned on March the 23rd 2017 here in Flagstaff Arizona. In the above two photos, you can see the snow on ‘Black Beauty’s’ hood. In the below photo, you can see that the snow had already melted off the hood.


My best estimate, see below photo, is that we had at the very minimum, 6-8 inches of snow last night.


The above photo of the snow on the roof of ‘Black Beauty’ measured 6-inches. There had been considerable melting prior to my snapping this photo.



Hello to you, Flagstaff Arizona, on a Thursday March the 23rd 2017.







“Yes ‘Black Beauty?”

“Dad can you explain how we all got back to Alaska last night? Dad I am really confused!”

“So too are Patti and I ‘Black Beauty’.”


Great way to sign off here ..

Confused .. Patti and Cap



Back, I mean WAY BACK, in early August of 1958 ..

YES, nineteen fifty EIGHT ..

YES, fifty-eight (58) years ago ‘and counting’..

I was age 21 and an enlisted member of the United States Marine Corps with a newly-wed wife (Bev and I were married on August 2, 1958) and we two were driving across the country from Westfield New York (right red balloon) to Marine Corps Base Camp Joseph H. Pendleton (left red balloon) in Southern California.

Talk about the song Moon River.

Two drifters, off to see the world, there’s such a lot of world to see !! 

In 1958, the way to drive from Westfield New York to Southern California, and all of its environs, was to drive from Westfield to St. Louis Missouri and then get onto the legendary highway ROUTE 66.


Lord God in Heaven Above.

On 2-lane roads in August it was a long and a hot drive. In 1958, it was not all that unusual for one’s automobile to NOT have air conditioning. Our auto did not have A / C. 

When Bev and I arrived into Needles, and I will never forget this, it was sometime around 2AM, it was HOT as unholy hell. We two probably stopped for a minute or two or three to attempt to cool off just a little and on we went, headed in the relative cool-of-the-night, for our next stopping point, Barstow California.

That was it for Needles California on a hot night in August of 1958.

Yet, that being said, to be back again in Needles is still somewhat of a Sentimental Journey. I will never ever forget that drive. We were under a time deadline as I had to report for duty to Camp Pendleton thus we could not lolly-gaggle along enjoying the drive.

What a challenging ‘honeymoon’ that drive was! What a way to begin a marriage!

This being a-program-of-honesty, life with yours truly can be, and has been, a real challenge. I wonder if poor Bev ever totally recovered from that ‘honeymoon’ drive and all of the life-changing events (including the birth of our first son one year later) that followed as I led the life of an enlsited U.S. Marine in the months / years to follow.


There are somewhere in the neighborhood of just under 5,000 people living here in Needles. I don’t know whether or not that number includes ‘snow birds’ who own a residence here in Needles and spend a few lovely, sunny, warm months a year here, escaping the challenging winter months up in the Northern tier states and Canadian Provinces.

In the following two maps, you can see the general location of Needles (red balloon).

We drove down here from Laughlin Nevada yesterday to spend a few nights here while visiting a good friend in Lake Havasu City Arizona.

Can any one of you surmise that I absolutely love the famous Welcome To Needles display?DSCN5120[1]


I also love the below, Welcome To Needles, monument.




“Ah Captain, could it be that, for reasons completely unknown to God and to mankind, you just love Needles California?”

Don’t you just love it! NAT! Needles Area Transit.


Looking past the above sign we see the below closeup ..



The historic ROUTE 66 and the old Needles railway station.


Below is a closeup of the sign in the distance above.



Historic ROUTE 66 is a big deal here in Needles and all along ROUTE 66.



I feel, deep in my heart, a sadness for Needles. It seems that time, and our fast paced civilization, have sort of, to some degree, bypassed Needles.



It looks like time, and our fast paced civilization, at least here in Needles, have also by-passed JC Penney’s as well.


Do all of you? Do any of you? Get it?

Needles California is just emblematic for me. I, your very own Captain, am feeling very much like life, and our fast paced civilization, are passing yours truly by!

Oh Yes! Yes Indeed! McDonald’s is here in Needles. In fact McDonald’s is very much alive, and doing very well! Thank You Very Much.







Ahhhhh Yes! On a blazing hot Needles afternoon, a tall Arnold Palmer (Iced Tea / Lemonade) and a Shamrock Milkshake hit-the-spot!


Who, I ask you? Give the two-of-us a break! Who on this good Earth ever has just-one-drink?


Why are we staying in Needles? Why not stay in Lake Havasu City Arizona where our pal Michael lives?




Our Pal Michael with the gigantic, with the humongous, with the phenomenal, computer layout. Look at the rest of the room furniture to get a true feeling of how large Michael’s computer screen is!


In the above photo, in the extreme left corner of the room, you can see an even larger computer screen that Michael is about to put-on-line using a new computer with a far larger capacity than his present one.

In the above photo, the small screen between the two gigantic screens, is like what most of us ‘earthlings’ use.

Below, on Michael’s computer’s gigantic screen, is a photo of Nachos at Harrah’s from one of my Trip Advisor Posts. I mean come on now? Do Patti and I have some high-tech-savvy friends? You betcha!



I guess (I can’t speak for Patti) I just wanted to commune with Needles.

Besides! Last night I wet-the-bed. Wet it? No I sopped it! So I had to get up to let things dry out. Wouldn’t that have been a mess at your spiffy digs Michael?

In light of last nights drama, there certainly seem to be things-going-on with me health wise.

The other night, in Harrah’s in Laughlin Nevada, during the middle-of-the-night, I felt odd and disoriented and I pondered ..

“Did I just have a mini-stroke or was it a mini-heart attack.”

Me thinks that a mere wet bed pales in comparison with a stroke or heart attack!

Now you all know, The-Rest-Of-The-Story, about this Post.

I had nothing-else-to-do after I mopped up, first me and then set the bedding out to dry. So here you have it, a Post. What better way to let the bed dry out than to get involved in a Post.

Thank You Priceline for yet another great motel here in Needles.






The next two photos below show something that deeply touched my heart.


There is just so much pride and caring and love shown in the presentation of our bath mat and wash cloth.


The cost of our room with blazing fast wifi? Thirty buckaroos ($30) a night.

Well friends and sports fans, for now, this will have to be it for Needles and for this Post.

Sign us as ..

Patti (in her very own dry bed) and Your Captain.

Good Lord! What else to do after my night time adventure? Just get on with it! In the grand scheme of things, it is no big deal is it Aunt Patti? There may be, after all, someone else (another doddering octogenarian like myself) out there who has had a similar night time incident and been too embarrassed to even talk about it. You just make a little tent by putting things under the sheets and in a few hours you have a dry bed. You also have to wash / dry some of your night clothing.



Oh for goodness sakes Captain! Someone may think this has happened to you before because you seem to know, from experience, how to dry things out.

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