I feel like I am getting old.

Yesterday, Sunday the 13th, was really a push for me. The long post on blogspot showing the Krasnoyarsk Victory Memorial Historical Museum really took a toll on me. Then I had to get ready to catch a train from Krasnoyarsk to Novosibirsk early this morning, Monday morning, the 14th of January 2019.

All went well. I got packed and Mike and I got out to the Krasnoyarsk Railway station early.

So my record-to-date remains perfect. So far, knock on wood,  I’ve NEVER EVER missed a flight or train or bus or car that I was scheduled to catch to make a trip. Some have really been close. Several times I’ve been almost ‘deathly ill’ but still managed. That happened once in Hong Kong. I had a flight back to the United States and when I lay down the night before I said to myself, “How am I ever going to get to the airport and go through security and immigration and live to tell the story?”

As a result I slept, as did Mike, a lot on the train.

Our point man Sergey here in Novosibirsk was on time, on our coach, at our cabin door, as our train stopped rolling.

What a man he is! I can barely lift my rolling bag. He picked it up, took it off the train, carried it up up up stairs, then back down down down stairs, and again up more stairs.

Then he got us to our new digs here in NOVOSIBIRSK / НОВОСИБИРСК. Literally just a short, call it 10-minute, walk from the railway station.

I’ve published a post on blogspot showing our NOVOSIBIRSK / НОВОСИБИРСК flat.



At least for now, this will be it.

I sleep or I FAINT and fall down and seriously risk hurting myself.

Cap and Patti

Oops. I forgot. We grabbed a bite to eat.

Now maybe I can sleep awhile.