Odd as this may seem to some of you, with respect to our two websites, babakaps.net (which I call dot.net) and bobbacaps.blogspot.com (which I call blogspot), I have no really accurate idea of who, and of how many of you, follow our adventures.

Oh yes, YES INDEED, I most certainly do know who our, through thick-and-thin, ‘loyal followers’ are. All ten of you!

Sad-to-say, some of our very closest, some of our most intimate friends, and even family members, DO NOT follow along with us.

Here is how I (somewhat inadvertently) stir-up Patti. I just speak, what is truth-to-me.

We get phone calls from said intimate friends and family members. They say to me and / or to Patti .. “Where are you and what are you doing?”

I say / or think the thought .. “Tell them to bookmark us and see for themselves. IF they are really interested, which of course they are NOT REALLY interested or they would take the few seconds necessary to click on a bookmark.”

Patti responds .. “Great. And you won’t spend 3-minutes bringing them up-to-date on our travels.”

Now back to the heart of the matter.

Do only certain ‘followers’ read both of our websites.  Or do they read and follow just one?

To the point here :

I can NOT assume all of you following along here on dot.net also read blogspot.

I CAN assume that, when and if you read a dot.net Post, you do NOT go back and re-read it.

And, from time-to-time, I do return to an already published Post and add to it.

So, just-in-case you are interested and do not normally check blogspot, I am giving you a link to my most recent post (with 101 photos) yesterday on blogspot.


I do this because, for the last many month(s), I have only been averaging one Post per month over on blogspot. So many /most / all of you stop checking blogspot.

“Houston, we have lift off. Our Captain is re-activating blogspot.”

Of course Gullible has the answer : Why in the @#* do you have four websites anyway. One-and-Done is all you need.


OK (I promise). Over And Out (OAO) on this subject.

NO wonder your subtitle reads .. Wandering The Streets of My Mind. And with a 17-hour jet lag no less. Sigh.

/s/ Gullible

Over and Out for now.

Cap .. Patti ..


Our new Traveling Bobbseys ..

Well! One-of-you is following along. YOU noticed the chopsticks that have joined the sporks and black plastic knife on our Traveling Team. I was up late last night fixing something for Terry and needed a chopstick to do my work. So I found them in the famous kitchen drawer.

And when they had done their work (actually only one chopstick was used) they petitioned me to come along and get out of the kitchen drawer. First the one I actually used wanted its mate along. Then that pair wanted the other pair to join in the fun.


The Dinkey Bird IS Singing In the Amfalulu Tree.

Terry, Kathy and I are watching the HBO Movie, ‘Robin Williams : Come Inside My Mind’

God Bless You Robin Williams! May You Be Resting In Peace!

Captain! Just press Publish!

OCT 19, 18 .. DAD .. WE HEARD YOU WERE HERE DAD .. And The Dinkey Bird Is Singing In The Amfalula Tree!

As I was getting ready to prepare my breakfast this morning (over here in Seoul, South Korea, it is now actually Saturday morning the 20th) when I opened up one of the kitchen drawers here in Terry and Kathy’s kitchen ..

I heard some very faint and very shy little voices speaking to me ..

” Dad ! We heard you were here Dad ! “

” Dad ! You don’t mean it Dad ! “

” We have joined your team. We are now  part-and-parcel of your very own Traveling Bobbsey Team Dad ?”

” Oh Yes. Yes Indeed little plastic ‘sporks’ and ‘black knife’. You’re on the Traveling Team.”

” You guys are just-what-I-need on this trip. In fact, you are absolutely, 100%, perfect.”

Just in case you don’t recall the Story of The Dinkey Bird, if you want to refresh your memory, click onto the below link.


You may notice my small collection of food-stuffs in their kitchen. Lemon-Lime Gatorade, Chocolate Ensure, my Zone Food Bars and Raisin Bran.

Smiling .. Cap

Yes I very well may-be-losing-it .. BUT .. I am having fun.

After watching, on the plane from Seattle to Seoul, after ‘really getting into’, the 1-hour 57-minute HBO special, ‘Come Inside My Mind’, detailing the life of Robin Williams, this morning I really feel like embracing my own mental illness issues.

“Great Captain, good prep for your talk this evening at the Birthday Meeting.”

“I’ll just ask them if they knew Bob Earll and then explain that Bob was one of my heros.”