I am going to begin here by asking My Buddy ‘Zilla a quick question. I must tell you, and ‘Zilla understands full-well that ..


Here we go.

” ‘Zilla? What do you see below my friend?”

“Cap I see a telephone.”

” ‘Zilla, you just earned, a hard-to-earn, ATTA-BOY’ !  ”

I will NOT ask ‘Zilla the following question.

“Why is having a telephone ..”

“Here in my room at the Santa Fe Inn in Pueblo, Colorado, a big deal?” 

It is a big-deal to have a telephone in my room here ..

BECAUSE !! At Ye Ol’ Downtown Motel in Trinidad, Colorado ..

I DID NOT have a telephone in my room at the above motel in Trinidad, CO.

Happiness sure can be different things at different times can’t it?

Where was I ? .. Where was I going here ? .. Got It.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pueblo, Colorado.

Yesterday, Saturday the 20th of May, I had a very, easy-duty, 85-mile drive up here to Pueblo from Trinidad. It took me just under 2-hours.



A few photos I snapped ‘along-the-way’ to show you what Southeast Colorado looks like along the Interstate 25 corridor.

I must have snapped 10 photos to get the one below.

Into Pueblo I arrived and went straight to my motel.

The Santa Fe Inn & Suites, Pueblo, Colorado.

Knowing-The-Ropes, I got here at 3pm, so I was very early for my check-in.

“Yes Sir! We have your reservation! Smoking room! Upstairs on the 2nd floor.”

Knowing-The-Ropes, I got here very early for a check-in, because, if you show-up late-in-the-day or worse in-the-evening you have either little, or absolutely NO CHOICE of which room you will get.

“Your name please?” .. “Melissa Sir.” .. “Melissa I am not able to climb stairs. I do NOT smoke, never-have-never-will. What can we do here?”

“No problem Sir. I will do some ‘juggling-for-you’. Juggle Juggle Juggle. Got it Sir. Downstairs. Right next to the office here. Handicapped Parking Space. Newly and completely renovated room.”

“Lord God in Heaven Above, why exactly do all of these good things keep happening to me in my life?”

“Melissa. You are wonderful.”

“Thank You So Very Much Melissa.”

“Sir you are most welcome. Anything I can do to assist you please dial ‘0’ on your room phone.”

I did not say the words out-loud but I thought to myself,

“My God! I get a phone in my room?”

Into my room in Pueblo, Colorado we walk.

Are you all sitting-down so you don’t fall over and hurt yourselves? The above room here in Pueblo cost me twenty-nine cents ($0.29) a day more that the below room in Trinidad that was tiny and had no telephone.

“Oh My God! I have died-and-gone-to-Heaven.”

“Careful My Little Captain about what you are saying.” /God here Captain /

Notice below, if you will, the stuffed, easy-chair, in the right corner of the room.

“Hello Dad. Come on over and sit down with me for a minute-or-two.”

Notice my feet in the below photo! As I sit in Mister Easy Chair above!

“Dad. I will be your ‘table’ for you to sit at and for you to enjoy your breakfast of Raisin Bran Cereal, Ensure Chocolate Drink / Water, Kashi Food Bar, Unsalted Mixed Nuts and your vitamins.”

“Very nice Mister Easy Chair!”

A closer look at some of my amenities. Nice table for my laptop. Large, flat-screen T.V. Microwave. Refrigerator. Ironing Board with an iron.

Love .. Love .. LOVE the counter space.

Another question for ‘Zilla.

” ‘Zilla. What do you see in the below photos?”

“I see a ‘nifty’ laundry room Cap.”


“Died and .. ” .. “Watch it My Little Captain!” / God here /

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Oh My! I am so hungry I could eat a horse!

You all will never guess what is right-next-door to my motel.

MoMo Japanese Restaurant. 

Looking at MoMo’s (on the center and / or the right) in relation to the Santa Fe Inn (on the left).

MoMo Japanese Restaurant. 

Inside we go to experience the very nice ambiance at MoMo’s Japanese Restaurant.

The below photo shows my table and the stripped-lighting as the sun shone through the venetian blinds.

Now you understand the stripped-lighting-patterns on my delicious meal as you look at the photos below.

Excellent soup.

And now, the piece de resistance (the main course of a meal), Beef Teriyaki with Vegetables and Rice.

It equaled any of the best meals I have enjoyed in some time. I was ‘starving’ and the preparation of the entree was outstanding.

And now? Over-And-Out for now.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-odyssey! This mini-tome.

With Joy and Gratitude For My Many Blessings!



“Cap?” ..

“Yes Patti My Dear One.” ..

“What did I suggest that you do Cap, what did I caution you to do Cap?” ..

“You suggested that I keep-close-contact with The Weather Channel.”

Yesterday, the 19th of May, when I pulled out of Taos, New Mexico, heading North and East for Trinidad, Colorado ..



My last photo of Taos looked like this ..

“What do you see above Mister ‘Zilla??”  / signed / Cap

“I see clear skies. I see sunlight.”  / signed / ‘Zilla

“Welcome to Colorado Captain!”  / signed / Miss Colorado

“Whoa Miss Colorado! Are you kidding me Miss Colorado?”

“Captain? Does it look like I am kidding you?” / signed / Miss Colorado

“No Miss Colorado .. BUT ..”

“I’ll have NO BUTs Captain!”  / signed / Miss Colorado

“You Captain, not I, chose to come over Raton Pass. You Captain shouldda done your homework Captain?”

“Is that you on the right below Miss Colorado?”

“Yep Captain. My nickname is .. One Tough Ol’ Broad!”


“You call this scenic Miss Colorado?”

“Yep! Yer Pays Yer Money Captain and Yer Takes Yer Chances Wit Me!”

/ signed / You Know Who Captain

“Would Good Ol’ John F. Kennedy, our beloved and honored WW II war hero and President, approve of this Miss Colorado?”

“Captain Oh Captain! Ask me IF I give a rip about past presidents, or present presidents for that matter Captain!”

“GEEZ DAD!” .. “I feel like I am freezing Dad.”

“What on this good, ever-loving earth was that all about Dad?”

/ sign me / Your Black Beauty

“Black Beauty, I’d tell you to ask Miss Colorado, BUT that would do you absolutely NO GOOD Black Beauty.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Lord God In Heaven Above! When I rolled into Trinidad, Colorado, after that ride I was bushed.

A few photos of my most recent rooms.

Not that any of you are going to do this, but, IF you would go back and look again at the above four photos of my most recent rooms I would appreciate the favor.

“Well? What have you got for me here, in the way of a nice room, in Trinidad, Miss Colorado?”

“Am-m-m, my motel looks, Ah-h-h-h, a little quaint (that’s the word) Miss Colorado.”

“The Downtown MOTEL.” .. “Their sign needs, ah-h-h, a little work.”

“Kind of, I am reaching for some words, I don’t want to upset her, an Old Fashioned Motel Miss Colorado.”

“Nice. Very Nice. I can park right outside of my room Miss Colorado.”

“Kind of Old Fashioned? My room is right out of the Wild-West Miss Colorado.”

Television. Refrigerator. Photos on the walls. Easy Chair (see it at the foot of the bed?). Do all of you see my room heater  in the photo below? It is black and white standing next to the TV stand between the TV stand and the refrigerator?

It was in the mid-to-high 30s and, being exhausted from my drive, I was, ah-h-h-h, a tad chilly. The room was freezing and I needed some heat.

Thank You Oh God In Heaven Above, I actually have two of these room heaters so I knew what it was, and better yet I knew how to fire it off. It only took a few hours to come up to heat and by then I was in bed, breathing my warm breath under the covers, to get warm.

“Basic. Yes that’s it. My room here in Trinidad is BASIC Miss Colorado.”

“WHAT? Captain WHAT have you done to my toilet?”

“It looks like you have ruined my toilet Captain!”

“Captain you may DIE DEAD for this transgression!”

“Look Miss Colorado! YOU break your hip and you will find out, in one brief New-York-minute, that you must have an elevated toilet seat!”

“Gosh Captain! I have broken both of my hips wrestling and wrangling cattle and falling of horses! I never knew about such a contraption out here on the Western Prairie!” .. “Where can I get one of these Captain?” .. “Wal-Mart!” .. “Where Captain?”

“Cow Gal you will figure it out.”

Good news. Really great news.

I have Wi-Fi and it is really fantastic. It is Library quality Wi-Fi and that is as good as it gets.

More good news. More really great news.

The manager here, Nate, is a really great young man. I told him ..

“Kind Sir. The great big stuffed chair will NOT work at the table where I have my laptop.”

In one brief New-York-minute he dialed me up a perfect chair!

After my get-warm nap under the covers, suddenly I realized I could eat-a-horse.

“Captain! You are OK! I like that Colorado-saying that you could eat-a-horse.”

“Come over here Captain. That’s it. Get a little closer to me Captain. I am going to whisper something into your ear Captain. You go on up to Pueblo, Colorado, tomorrow. I have a really great room for you up there in Pueblo Captain now that I know you are one tough road-warrior and one all-right hombre!”



It now is fact : Booked and paid for and guaranteed .. The Santa Fe Inn, Pueblo, Colorado, check in tonight Saturday and check out this upcoming Tuesday, May the 23rd.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Friday night, time for dinner in Trinidad, Colorado.

“You go on down to Double D’s Grill for dinner Captain.” / You know who. /

“I know you will like it Captain. It is BASIC  My Captain.”

“Basic it sure is Miss Colorado. But where is everyone.”

“They go to bed early here in Trinidad Captain.”

Chips and Salsa. Both very nice.

A most unusual Cobb Salad Miss Colorado but it worked out just fine.

Well .. That-Is-That for now.

No! AS in NO WAY did I have the time to do this Post. But I know that My Man Nate will give me a little breathing-room as to my check-out time here at the ..

In Trinidad, Colorado. That is, IF I need it. I very well may not need any extra time to check out.

Smiling .. Ear to Ear ..


“I didn’t flinch, not one time did I Miss Colorado?”

“Honey you sure didn’t. I thought when I threw Raton Pass in your face you’d turn-tail and run-right-back to New Mexico. No one told me you are from .. Alaska.

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