Yesterday, my webmaster Andrej and I had a nice, very lengthy, telephone visit. During our telephone conversation, Andrej stated that he was concerned about my health issues and that I had not put up a post here on in over a week.

So I promised Andrej that I would put up a short post..


And A Promise Made Is A Debt Unpaid.

Almost two full months ago, it was Saturday, March 24th, in Phoenix, Arizona, I was body-slammed with what at that time I considered to be food poisoning. In hindsight, and after speaking with Mayo Clinic staffers, I think I was hit with a version of the flu.

This past weekend, as I continue coming-off the 14-day regimen of taking CIPRO to combat a urinary tract infection that perhaps arose from flu, for the first time since March 24th, I actually felt pretty good.

Yesterday, I again really felt very good. And Patti has noticed my spirits have risen.

So, with some guarded reservations because this flu has continued to re-cycle back into my life several times, I am willing to (again, guardedly) say I think I am over this flu issue.

Do I feel 100%? I am willing to concede that perhaps, never again in this lifetime, am I going to feel 100% like I did back-in-the-day when I was 20-years or so younger, as in a mere age 60-years.

The clock of life continues to tick and I am feeling it.

Smiling however we will sign off for now.

Cap and Patti


I AM down. I AM NOT OUT.

This week two very close friends sent me the below e-mails :

From Rick :

I too was stuck down with some sort of flu. Coughing & chest congestion were my severest symptoms. But also loss of appetite. Coffee tasted bitter. Absolutely no energy & no desire to do anything. Luckily for me I have many duties to perform & I dragged myself to them. Couldn’t wait to get home & lie down. Slept for 12 hours more than once. This persisted for a month. The will to live had even disappeared. I felt maybe He was calling me. But it has passed, only Indian food has any taste for me.

PS : This malady was caught in Mexico

From Jer :

I am sorry you and Patti had, or are, dealing with the nasty effects of whatever flu or virus you encountered. As Patti notes, you guys are no longer spring chickens.

The flu hit others I know real bad, a couple of my band mates and others, and it took them a long time, as much as a month, to get over it. I’ve been lucky so far. A nurse friend told me that her ER has never encountered such a high number of cases, in a very long time.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you whenever you feel like it. I hope your energy is gradually coming back, I’m sure that has bothered you mentally. It certainly would bother me, it’s only human. And I know you’re an eager beaver when it comes to daily life and travel….

Take care, Cap, and say hi to Patti for me..

Thanks so very much Rick and Jer. It is nice to know I am not alone with this challenge. You two both summed-it-up perfectly.

Last Thursday, the 10th of May, I finished my 14-day CIPRO regimen. Last Friday I took my once-monthly dose of Risedronate.

The urinrary tract infection appears to have been cleared up. I am happy that my doctor here in Anchorage had me do a full two week CIPRO regimen. He said he wanted to be positive it was cleared up.

I do feel better but I am far from feeling chipper. The lethargy and lack of energy continue but what-the-heck, I just sleep a lot and feel better for so doing. Patti and I are enjoying reading to one another and I would NOT trade whatever health challenge I have for the health challenges of so many others.

I have no idea as to when I will feel like the two of us traveling overseas to Asia.

Over and out for now. I hope to resume publishing my posts but don’t count on it yet.

Still Smiling, Cap and Patti

A local Moose calf pays us a visit.

I took a nice 2-hour walk in our neighborhood last Friday.

Yes. The month of May in Alaska. Spring is just-around-the-corner.

Saturday night dinner last night in Eagle River, Alaska.

Will you just look at the view of the mountains out the front windown of the restaurant!

Fresh Spring Rolls and Pad Thai.

We really enjoyed our outing.

Down? Yes!

NOT OUT by any stretch of the imagination.