I just sent Patti the below text message..

Whew. Just yesterday I napped while bathing in the sun. Today it won’t get above the building next door. And the world turns. Much Love. Cap

Poignant .. Adjective. Keen or strong in mental appeal: A subject of poignant interest. Affecting or moving the emotions: A poignant scene.

Back on September 23rd, I wrote about a raft-of-feelings that overcame me with the advent of Autumn. In case some of you did not read it, or wish to re-read it, below is a link to that post..


These and more feelings remain with me as Autumn continues to settle in. Our night time temperatures are now falling into the single digit realm. Last night it was 7°F. 

As I write, it is now 5:50pm (1750 hours) and I want to share the following poignant experience with you.

At 5:20pm I finished a call with Patti and told her that I was going to lay down and take a late afternoon nap.

What’s in a photo? The below photo was taken this afternoon at 5:25pm.

As I wrote in my above text message to Patti, yesterday, Saturday the 12th, I took a nap that spanned this precise time. When I awoke, I called Patti saying what a great nap it was and, as I slept, I was bathed by the warmth of the sun’s rays shining through the window upon me.

What’s in a photo? The below photo was taken this afternoon at 5:35pm.

Today, just a short 24-hours later, the sun did not rise above the roof of the buildings nearest me and across from me and so I was in shade as I began to lay down to take a nap.

I then pondered silently to myself.. “Will yesterday be the last time that here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, during a late afternoon nap, I was bathed by the sun?”

Dusk is falling. 

I had to get up and turn on the overhead lights in my room. As you can see in the below photo, so too did others in the buildings near and across from me.

Poignant. The word fits perfectly with what I am feeling.

I wonder if just one other person is feeling what I am feeling? 



This Saturday morning here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, it was chilly in my room when I awoke and so I knew it must be cold outdoors. It was. The ambient outdoor temperature was 9°F.

I had one and I had only one PRIMARY MISSION today.

Get more peanut butter.


A week ago yesterday, Friday the 4th of October, I found, for the first time in four and one half years here in Ulaanbaatar, peanut butter. Back in July of 2015, not knowing any better, I walked into a local grocery store here and bought some Skippy brand, crunchy peanut butter. When I went back a few days later, it was gone, and never until last Friday the 4th of October 2019, have I found it again.

Wowie! Peanut Butter. I’ll buy one jar, take it home, try it out.

Wowie! It was beyond wonderful and so I went back and bought three more jars of it.

And there was more left for me to come back later and restock.


abysmal.. adjective.. Of or like an abyss; Immeasurably deep or great. Extremely or hopelessly bad or severe:

It was gone. I scoured the store from basement to the main floor. Gone. Absolutely, positively gone. Just like back in July of 2015. 

The only good thing is this: I now have an empty jar to take with me to begin shopping for more.


I found a bottle brush.


I figured out how to hang it up over my kitchen sink.

In amongst my Team of Bobbseys, I carry wire for such miscellaneous projects.

He is really happy to have become one of my Team of Bobbseys.


A week ago yesterday, Friday the 4th of October, I found and purchased some canned tuna. I got it at the same store that I found the peanut butter.

Aha! I’ve got to improve what I am eating so I’ll get a can and try it out. Great find.


It was so bad that I did not even take a photo of it fearing some child would see the photo and think it was vomit. It was ground up like hamburger meat and, although I did eat every bit of it, it was distasteful.


Today, at my local Nomin Supermarket ..

I found a supply of the below tuna. A Korean product.

I took it home and heated it up and then put it over noodles.


It was to-die-for-good.

Being a stock item on the Nomin shelves I can rely on getting more.


And so I have! Gotten more!

Notice ( on the right ) it comes in two sizes.

That’s it for today friends and neighbors.

Smiling .. Cap