I know, there is nothing any of us can do about getting old. 

After months of post card inactivity while in Russian Siberia, I have resumed writing and sending post cards. 

These two photos, taken in my kitchen, show what my writing post cards looks like.

When I go to a library or any location outside of my residence, I have a small writing kit that goes with me that holds all of my writing instruments.

As you can see, it is a small, double zipper, blue and orange, soft little nylon kit.

Below is every thing I need to write post cards or letters for that matter. All of them go into my writing kit.

So this afternoon, I went downtown to mail the first ten post cards that I wrote yesterday evening.

I also took my laptop downtown with me to see if I could get on-line at the Blue Sky Hotel via their Wi-Fi.

And, I also wanted to write some additional Post Cards while at the Blue Sky Hotel, so I took with me my writing kit. 

So into my backpack went my laptop, its mouse, one camera around my neck and a second camera in my backpack, and my writing kit.

My backpack has three separate compartments.

Into the center compartment I put my camera and writing kit. Into the large bottom compartment I put my laptop.

After putting everything into my back pack, out and off I went.

And in so doing, I took a ‘real hit’.

I lost the camera in my back pack (with its digital memory chip having thousands of photos) and my most valuable Bobbsey when it comes to writing post cards, my writing kit.

When I got to the Blue Sky Hotel..

I was stunned to see that I had failed to zip shut the compartments of my back pack.

While on a crowded bus, some one had taken my camera and little writing kit.

Both were gone. They did not take my lap top figuring I would feel it being taken out of my back pack.

Do any of you want a ‘real bummer’ !

Above you have a ‘real bummer’ !

Today’s Rhetorical Question : Do any of you know how many times Patti has told me, as we were leaving a place..

“Cap! Your back pack is NOT zipped shut!”

Luckily I had put my ten post cards, along with unwritten post cards and $30 dollars worth of stamps, in with my lap top.


When I got home, there on my bed, was my missing / stolen camera and my missing /stolen writing kit.

I had forgotten to pack them.

I am out of words and I am out of thoughts ..