Yes I am still participating in Physical Therapy as a result of my fall (injuring my right arm and shoulder) last September the 27th during our visit to our cabin up North in Manley Hot Springs.

Today I had an end-of-the-day appointment. With the facility to ourselves (my therapist and me) I asked if it would be OK for me to snap a few photos since there were no other patients present. I got the ‘go ahead’ and snapped the following photos.

Sitting in the waiting room prior to my appointment.

Below you can see the ‘business end’ of the Clinic.

I truly feel that this is a state-of-the-art Physical Therapy Clinic. I have really been pleased with the front desk staff and with my two hands-on physical therapists. 

Patti joined me for my first several appointments so she too got a nice look at the facilities.

Smiling .. Cap

Yes Oh Yes. Recovery IS a process NOT an event. I have come a considerable distance from our beginngs in early October but work remains to be accomplished. Soon I will be on-my-own to complete my process here at home.