Last Sunday Winter announced to us that : “I, winter, am here.” .. Going on to say : “Autumn be on your way.”

Today Autumn replied : “No so fast and not yet Mister Winter !! “

Today was a magnificent and truly classic Autumn Day. Yes it is cool and yes winter is coming but not quite yet to stay.

Patti accompanied me to my Physical Therapy session this afternoon. Recovery is a process NOT an event. It looks like it is going to take some time before my right arm is even close to being back to normal (IF indeed it is ever fully normal). Yet I am so lucky that nothing was seriously broken or otherwise physically damaged other than some (and they are painful) muscular strains.

My right arm (from my right wrist to my arm pit) sure took-a-hit Sunday the 27th of September up at our cabin in Manley Hot Springs.

My Mission : NOT to take another fall.

Smiles Cap and Hugs Patti


Today one really good thing happened to Patti and me. So good that it over rode a bunch of the other nonsense going on in my life (this dratted reaction to the shingles innoculation, having an aching / ailing right arm from wrist to shoulder and so on).

Patti and I up and voted in the upcoming November Election.

This was no mean feat. First we (me Cap) had to face a long (as in LONG) line (say maybe 500 feet). The successful navigation of the LONG line took one full hour. We took a chair that Patti sat upon at the actual entrance into the voting booth area and waited for me to eventually appear. I stood (and paid our dues) in the LONG line with the others. Everyone was in a good mood.

We had an earthquake (7.5 on the Richter Scale) today and the folks ahead of me in the LONG line were discussing it. When they quieted down I said : “Earthquake? Do you mean what happened to Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers in yesterday’s game against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?” The three of them (obviously understood and) let our a roar and howled in delight. We really bonded at that point. The man in front of me (tall, snow white hair) suggested I go sit with Patti and they’d let us come in when they got to the election booths. I politely declined his kind offer. 

A friend spied Patti and visited with her for perhaps half an hour as I slowly approached the end of the LONG line.

And then we voted.

Oh, By The Way, yesterday we had our first snow of the 2020 – 2021 Winter. 

IF you want to see thirty seven (37) more photos like the above two please go to the below link over on blogspot ..


The shingles reaction. Getting better since I began to use ice packs upon it. My right arm? Recovery is a process NOT an event. I’m feeling like it will be a long process. In a few hours I will have my second Physical Therapy appointment.

Still continuing to SMILE ..