For What It’s Worth. To all who wished us Blessings and Happy 30th Anniversary celebrating the day (August 6, 1992) we two met, thanks so very much.

As I have been trying to do, from time to time, not daily but relatively often, I post spiritual words of wisdom that we both receive from our friends (especially Loran down in Phoenix, Arizona) as well as those we two have found on our own.

Sports!! Oh My Oh My!! Yes Sports!!

Both Patti and I are (I’d say) pretty avid sports fans. As such, we have our own sports pundits (noun : an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called on to give opinions about it to the public).

One of them is Colin Cowherd who has quite a following (numbered in the millions) because of his many years as one of ESPN’s primary newscasters and who is now active with the Fox Sports Network. Well we have a book Colin authored and have found more than a few ‘words of wisdom from Colin Cowherd’ ..

A few Wikipedia words about our man Colin Cowherd ..

If you peruse the above link, as you will quickly learn, Colin is outspoken and to a degree controversial.

So ?? Just to lighten things up a tad (some / most of the spiritual sayings, are very deep and intense) I’m going to quote some of Colin’s witty ‘words of wisdom’. We’ll see just how far this adventure will take us.

Google is absolutely beyond amazing isn’t it? Google almost anything and (often) reams of information will appear.

Sutton’s Law : The Willie Sutton Rule is often taught to medical students as Sutton’s Law. It states that when making a diagnosis, it is worthwhile to first focus on the obvious and conduct medical tests that may confirm the most likely diagnosis, rather than trying to diagnose a relatively uncommon medical condition.

Colin Says : It’s always good to remember Sutton’s Law. IF you hear hoofbeats behind you, think horses, not zebras!!

We had a good chuckle out of that quote!

Smiling .. Cap and Patti


Thirty (30) years ago today, it was on a Thursday, August 6th, 1992, Patti and I met in a noon meeting here in Anchorage, Alaska. Snap your fingers and thirty (30) years have passed. Oh My, Oh My, we are not able to list each and every single one of the incredible adventures that we two have shared since that most special day in our lives.

Our days are getting shorter, yet for many of you, they are still longer than your days!

The below photos were snapped in our local Sitka Street Park yesterday evening at 10:10PM.

The sun set at 10:26PM.

It was a wonderfully cool, 59° F, evening.

Cap and Patti