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Whewie ! We are deep into following the NBA playoffs. Last night the Phoenix Suns upset the Los Angeles Lakers to win their quarter-final playoff series, 4 games to 2. Phoenix will now play the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference semi-final series. 

Set your watches for 6pm in Alaska and you will find us watching Jeopardy and yet another guest host. 

And? Daily life goes on.

Yesterday I had an appointment with one of my doctors in a (so far) vain attempt to explain the basis for this fatigue syndrome I contine to experience. 

We have all been experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic this past (has it been that long) year and a half. I date the pandemic to my return from Asia in mid December 2019 when I was so sick that I stopped in Seattle, Washington, en route home from Seoul, South Korea, to Anchorage, Alaska, to go to the Virginia Mason Hospital Emergency Room only to be told nothing was wrong with me. I will die believing that I contacted the Covid-19 virus in South Korea en route home from Irkutsk, Russian Siberia and carried it to Patti who got seriously ill within days of my arrival home in Anchorage in late December 2019. So this fatigue syndrome seems to be a long-haul Covid-19 after effect. Not one of my (Mayo and local) doctors has debated this with me, conceding that they have no better explanation than my own based on their myriad of blood and other testing over the past year and counting.

I am living daily life as if I am up to my waist in quick sand. My stamina is very low. I can sleep 10 hours and awaken ready to sleep more. One good thing : I don’t feel bad per se. I am fatigued with low energy but don’t feel bad (if this makes one whit of sense).

And? I AM enjoying Jeopardy and the basketball games and many other aspects of my life.

And? This is the last you will hear this for awhile. This is not the first time I’ve discussed my fatigue.

Patti herself (based upon all that I DO accomplish on a daily basis) can’t really grasp this except  almost daily I hit a fatigue wall and disappear for an hour or more nap. 

And? One of my very closest and best friends, Danny in Royal Oak, Michigan, is suffering much more serious long-haul Covid-19 symptoms (serious pneumonia for one). He would trade places with me in one New York Minute!

Still Smiling for ALL that I do have to be grateful for, and I have pages of such items.

And? I remain active here on line so go figure huh?


MAY 31, 21 .. MEMORIAL DAY 2021

Memorial Day 2021. In honor of, and honoring our veterans, a most sacred holiday for sure. To all who served I salute and I thank you. I am proud to say that my father, myself, and my two sons, each of us served in our military service.

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Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti

We had a 6.0 earthquake a few minutes ago and both of us are just a tad rattled. It was a real shaker!