Some thoughts on RETIREMENT.

Just when we think we’ve got things figured out, everything changes.

Now that we have much more time to do things, it takes us much longer to do them.

We’ve saved some money, but the prices are all skyrocketing to the sky.

I would fix my own vehicle but they don’t make the parts any more. And the new cars are so technically advanced there is no way to do any service without expensive and complicated equipment along with the knowledge requried to use it.

Now that we’ve more time to visit with family and friends, covid appeared and we can’t comfortably travel. And many of our friends have moved or worse, passed away.

We used to think we were pretty smart but now we can’t even understand the questions.

The only thing we are sure of these days is that the Good Lord has blessed us with wonderful lives.

Wishing YOU many blessings.

Cap and Patti

– – – – – – – – 

Under the heading : All’s well that ends well.

Yesterday, Saturday the 25th. Patti had a 10am to 11:30am ladies meeting down in South Anchorage. We wanted to attend a 12 noon meeting closer to our Condo but there was not enough time for Patti to come home and pick me up and get to the 12 noon meeting on time.  So I solved the problem telling Patti that I would walk to the 12 noon meeting (a walk of 2 miles). I began walking at 11am. At 11:40am I’d walked 1 – 1/2 miles and, half a mile from the 12 noon meeting, shocked and disappointed at myself, I simply couldn’t walk any more. I texted Patti who was approaching the 12 noon meeting and she doubled back and picked me up allowing us to arrive early at 11:50am. So my walking, be it only, 1 – 1/2 miles, saved the day.

This morning we got to an 11am morning meeting. Stayed after the meeting for a 1/2 hour monthly group conscience meeting and, on our way home, we went to FedEx Kinkos (who have moved away from being very close to us) where I seemingly had to relearn how to make simple xerox copies and to print some pages from a thumb drive.  

Today our BIG DEAL was to watch game 6 of the Stanley Cup Ice Hockey Finals. I slept before the game to be rested and alert. It was a great game, the Colorado Avalanch won the game 2 to 1 and, by so doing, won the Stanley Cup. I lay down between the periods (a 15 minute time window) so I could remain alert. When I returned for the third and final period Patti was laying down on our living room couch. I should have suspected Patti was not feeling well but didn’t. After the game was over and well into the post game celebration (I’d say perhaps a full hour) Patti said she had a splitting headache. I urged her to take some bufferin and lay down which she did (she got into bed under the covers and really went to sleep). I lay down with her to emotionally support her. Now, at 11:30pm, I am up writing this Post and she remains in bed sleeping. Before she went to bed she told me that, while I was in FedEx Kinkos making copies, she nearly went to sleep in the truck as she waited for me. 

Sport Fans, as we wrote yesterday, this last bout with covid has really taken a toll on the two of us. Among Patti’s remaining other symptoms (a lasting cough being the primary symptom) is a bothersome bout with several weeks of diarrhea that continues. From the internet : Diarrhea is a possible symptom of COVID-19. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. 

For me it is fatigue and a lasting, running-nose bad head cold. But (on the postive side of things) I’ve tested negative using an at home testing kit. At this writing, Patti has opted not to do an at home test.

And That is That for now. Our weather is absolutely ten notches above being spectacular.

Cap and Patti 


From Loran, this really fits me today..

Something IS happening here, BUT I sure don’t understand what. So I’ve no choice but to trust the journey. 

Why? Only because someone reading along here may be having the same experience and will get some (perhaps tiny) solace reading along here.

I have been dealing with this issue of, call it EXTREME Fatigue for going on two and one half (2-1/2) years now.

I have felt all along that what I have been dealing with is a Long Term Covid Issue. And, try as I have tried to just calmly accept it and move on, I have not been totally successful. Now comes an interesting thing. IF Covid had a personality and could communicate with me, it is now saying to me : “Captain, you only think you have been dealing with my fatigue. Now that you have come down with me for a second time (the first time being in late 2019 while still in Asia) I am really going to up-the-ante!”

Example : Patti and I were watching game four of the Stanley Cup Ice Hockey playoffs this past Wednesday between the Colorado Avalanche and the Tampa Bay Lightning. During the second period of the game, as we were intently watching the game on T.V., I calmly told Patti that I was suddenly so exhausted / fatigued that I had to go lie down and sleep for awhile. And I did. And after maybe 20 minutes of sleep, I was able to get myself back up and watched the rest of the game into the thriling overtime win by the Avalanche. 

Trust me, it is not ordinary for me to go lie down and sleep while watching a very interesting-to-me sporting event. I mean this IS the Super Bowl of Ice Hockey. The Stanley Cup Finals.

On with Wandering the Streets of my Mind.

On June 17th I wanted to write (but didn’t) that on June 17th 1954 I graduated from High School and I simply can’t fathom that sixty (68) years have passed. And that my closest friends dating all the way back to Kindergarden through High School Graduation, Bob Kelly and Ed Baldwin, have both passed away and here I remain.

This I KNOW : It does help me to publish these Posts BUT the EXTREME Fatigue is hindering me from doing so. And YOU are saying to yourself (see I CAN read minds) ..

You’re thinking .. “Captain IF you feel so bad how can you publish this long and somewhat complex Post?” 

My reply .. “I DO have some very good moments.”

Last Sunday, June 19th, I enjoyed an exceptional, a phenomenal, an absolutely outstanding day, ALL DAY long. The best in recent memory.

Last Monday, June 20th (the next day) I told Patti .. “This may be my last day alive here on earth!”

That Sports Fans is a good example of a very drastic mood swing!

So it certainly could be worse (but between EXTREME Fatigue challenges) Patti and I continue to get-out-and-go to meetings and do shopping and check our mail and (you make the call) ..

And Patti?

Patti had a long anticipated appointment with her hair stylist yesterday. We arrived and her hair stylist was sick as sick can be. Covid? It looked like it but we don’t know. Her hair stylist is one very savvy lady.  She told us she has Covid home test kits and knows how to use them because she has done so in the past.  In her business she is in very close contact with her very many hair styling clients.

And Patti? She too is paying her dues with (I feel a number of significant) after effects from this second Covid infection we picked up going down to Michigan on May 13-14. 

Hi Danny (aka) Ziggie.

Danny texted me that His Beast was very (as in VERY) unhappy because I showed photos of Little White Car ..

And photos of Magic Red Pickup Truck.

Danny’s Beast wanted (he considers his Beast a female but don’t ask me why. I guess to have Beasts keep coming along you have to have female Beasts don’t you?).

So to keep some peace in Danny’s family of cars and trucks, here is a very VERY nice photo of Danny’s Beast !!


Patti and I are really (as in REALLY) into watching the finals of the Stanley Cup Ice Hockey Playoffs. Last night the Tampa Bay Lightning shocked (I think) the Sports World (maybe including those in Tampa Bay) when on the road, in-Denver, trailing in the Stanley Cup Finals down 1 game to 3 for Colorado, they really showed up. Tampa never trailed. From 1-0 to 1-1 to 2-1 to 2-2 and finally 3-2 for the win. Colorado really helped out when, with about 3 minutes left in the third period, Colorado took a 2 minute penalty playing short handed until only 1 minute remained in the game.

And? Yes I could go on for awhile because the past several hours I’ve been HOT and ROCKING. But I’m going to sign off for now. 

Ciao4now. Over and Out. Cheery Oh. That’s All Folks.

Cap and Patti

Post Script from Patti : Now you see THE problem. When Cap sees all of these doctors he gets revved up and not one of them understands why he is talking about fatigue and they all say to us : “I hope I am doing as well as you are doing when I am age 85 years!”