For What It’s Worth, yes I may be DOWN, and I continue the struggle with this fatigue issue, but I am NOT out!

I have decided to offer anyone who wishes to do so, a chance to go back in time and look at some of my older Posts. Over on blogspot I have nine hundred (900) Posts and some of them are absolutely amazing. Patti herself just looked over my revisit to The Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Patti seemed to really enjoy the experience. 

While I was exploring my blogspot photo archives, I came upon this photo of Patti taken in Arambol Beach, Goa, India, in October of 2015

So, IF you are willing to go back in time and revisit The Taj Mahal, please go to the below blogspot link.


For What It’s Worth, this project was not a free ride. It took me well over two (2) hours to put it together BUT, I hope that me getting past this first learning curve will enable me to do future revisits to older Posts quicker.

Smiles, Cap