Well this is not quite another post re-visiting Ooty.

South, and to the East of Ooty, is a small town named Coonoor. There is a Toy-Train that travels from Ooty down to Coonoor. Taking this trip is something ‘not to miss’ if you are in Ooty and if you have time for a short, scenic, day-trip.

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Cap and Patti


In our post yesterday, we began with the following words : Patti and I are oh so lucky to have the rich and full lives we are living with our world travels and friends in other countries.

Yesterday’s post was about our international friend Olga.

One of our subtitles above is : We NEVER know.

Well?? Do we EVER know what’s coming down the road of our lives?? We think NOT!! We may think we know but .. you all get the idea!!

For instance we NEVER know what text messages or phone calls from unknown-to-us numbers will pop up on our smart phones do we? IF YOU are anything like Patti and me, we are under constant bombardment (and I mean bombardment!!) with unwanted text messages and calls from phone numbers we don’t recognize!

We will now proceed with an adventure that began with a text message from someone with a phone number we did not recognize!

– – – – – – – – 

Sunday, September 18th, 2022

Incoming text : Hello dear Cap. How are you. Do you remember me ???

I’m thinking .. No! I don’t remember you! Who are you? I’ve no idea of your gender, nor do I recognize your phone number !! And who are you to address me Hello dear Cap?

Incoming text : My name is Sergei. I’m living in the USA now. You can call me anytime!!

I’ve still no idea who this male is, nor do I recognize his phone number !!

I checked the area code 646 and it is Manhattan and Bronx areas of New York City !! Better beware of this text!!

Then comes a real shocker.

The below photo arrives by text. That’s a photo of my texter with me!!

Gulp! Holy Moly ! Obviously I DO know him!

My Reply : Hi Sergei. Are you in New York City? Sergei, when and where was the photo of us, you and me, taken? Cap

Incoming text with photo :

I’m on Daytona Beach, FLORIDA …

My reply : Hi Sergei, when and where was the photo of us, you and me, taken? NOT on Daytona Beach FLORIDA!! Cap

Incoming text : This photo was taken at my home in Russia.

My reply : Irkutsk? Or Where Sergei?

Incoming text : Ulan-Ude, Buryatiya Republic, Russian Federation. 2017 year, Summer ..

Incoming text : You lived in my house. You stayed in my bedroom.

Incoming text : Remember??

Now how can I possibly and intelligently reply to him??

So off onto the internet I dashed going into my blogspot posts for the summer of year 2017.

And! Voila! There, within my own blogspot posts, was the answer to who Sergei is!

My reply : Yes Sergei!! I rememer you! I stayed with you during the first week of August 2017. You were my host and you owned a taxi and you drove me all over Ulan-Ude !! Cap

Incoming text : Yes. I live and work in USA now. I’m living in Brooklyn, NY.

Incoming text : I’m working as a truck driver long distance hauling.

Incoming text : Good day my brother. I must sleep. Tomorrow working day early will begin ..

– – – – – – – –

Monday, September 19th 2022

My text : Sergei, will you send me a photo of your truck? Spasibo!

Incoming text with photos : Hello my friend ! My truck is a Hino 268 26 ..

Incoming text : It’s not a very big truck, it’s a middle truck..

Incoming text : I want to drive a semi truck with a 53 foot trailer soon!

My reply : Nice!! Spasibo!! Thanks Sergei very VERY MUCH !! For your great photos !! Cap

– – – – – – – – 

And now.. The Rest of the Sergei and August 2017 Story ..

The trip that I made from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, North to Ulan-Ude, Russian Siberia, and back home to Ulaanbaater, took place from August 1st until Agusust 7th 2017. I stayed two nights with Sergei.

IF you only look at the first 14 photos in the below link, you will see for yourselves what an enormously important part Sergei played in my visit to Ulan-Ude, my first ever visit into Russian Siberia!!

I can’t believe, I simply cannot fathom, that I did not instantly recognize who Sergei was!!

I am putting in a second link below just in case you would like to see a little more of this adventure back in early August 2017.

As of this moment, Sergei and I have not been in touch again. However, I have no doubt we will stay-in-touch.

Do you see why Patti and I are oh so lucky to have the rich and full lives we are living with our world travels and friends in other countries.

Cap and Patti