Now A Promise Made Is A Debt Unpaid .. 

Robert W. Service .. The Cremation Of Sam McGee

Because we are no longer doing any International travelling, without all of your support we could not keep this website going. So we love it when we get input (via email, text messages, comments, etc) from you. 

Our friend Olga from Chita .. Чита .. Asked us a question about our spiritual pocket stones. We have shown (see the below photo) these to you here on dotnet dating back to last February.

In response to Olga’s question, I posted a reply over on blogspot. If you would like to read it, please click onto the below link ..

Today, being Sunday, Patti and I will be attending a morning meeting, getting our truck washed, going to our local recycling center, making some copies at FedEx, stopping by Walmart, and ?? You betcha Red Ryder .. we will be watching a little bit of some NFL football games. 

Ciao4now .. Over and Out ..

Cap and Patti

Because many of you do not check our website each and every day, we are going to repeat this message several times throughout the upcoming week.

Next Saturday, December the 3rd, we will be flying from Anchorage down to Seattle and then onward to Las Vegas. We will then travel by automobile South to Laughlin, Nevada, where we will enjoy a six night stay at the Edgewater Hotel and Casino Resort. Friday the 9th of December, we will head for Phoenix, Arizona, and some upcoming medical appointments at the Mayo Clinic.


For Thanksgiving, Patti and I had a plan : Stay home. Stay in. Relax and just chill out. 

We successfully worked our plan. We had no interest in attending any of the group functions we were invited to attend.

We texted Thanksgiving messages to our friends. We received a plethora of text messages in return. We watched parts of two NFL football games. We watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I finally ended the day with an extremely long and challenging Post about falling in the Dubai airport six years ago. Bedtime was 2:30am. 

We decided to share with you some of the many Thanksgiving Day greetings and messages that we received.

We will begin with the first message below, one we received from Ginny the day before Thanksgiving and which we forwarded to many friends. Everyone seemed to really like and appreciate it. Just Breathe !

Along with each and everyone of you, Patti and I have much to be thankful for.

Cap and Patti

We hope that yesterday, Black Friday, each and everyone of you followed Frank’s suggestion !

By The Way, Gullible has returned home to Alaska from her recent trip to Africa and has published her first Post. It is very short and to the point but the below link will take you to her latest post in well over a month from October 10th to November 25th.

Nice to have you back home Gullible.