October has arrived. September has now passed into the pages of history. Ah the cycles of life itself.

And, as this past September 25th came and went (rushed past us), I completely failed to realize that it was the 3rd Anniversary of my very first ever smart phone.


And now Patti and I have six of them. Five are up and active and one (of Patti’s) is retired for the time being. My first one, my Samsung Galaxy A10, sold to me with the understanding it would only function in the 17 or so countries around Mongolia, Korea, and Russia, is still up and running great guns. All he needs is the internet and he is off and running. We use him for YouTube viewing of Jeopardy as well as for other functions such as photos and google searches etc (and I mean ETC!!). He can do a lot even without a SIM Card (meaning he will not function as a telephone) but our local GCI service center installed a working SIM Card into him a few years back when we needed, and, thanks to him, we received, service up north in Manley Hot Springs.

Moving right along here.

The link to the below post over on blogspot will wrap up our look-back at my travels in Ooty and Coonoor India in April of 2013. Patti and I hope some of you enjoy these blasts-from-the-past.  When we ourselves are unable to remember every detail of them (going back ten years) and enjoy looking back then some of you certainly may feel the same.

If you click onto the below link, you will see photos of the beautiful and, in my opinion, the mesmerizing Tea Plantations in, and around, Coonoor.


Two photos to whet your appetite.

It was indeed a foggy day. Come rain and high water, I had one opportunity to visit this area and had to make the most of it.

Happy October to One and To All. Up here winter is in-the-wings.

Cap and Patti


For What It’s Worth, IF Patti and I have misled any of you we apologize.

Explanation : Most (if not all) of our recents photos of, and around, our condominium that we have posted here on dotnet have been taken on sunny days leading you to believe that we have had a basically sunny summer.

Up until mid July we indeed had a sunny summer. Patti was disappointed that our green grass was brown, wilted and dying and more or less prayed for rain (not in those words but you get the idea).

Au contraire!! Basically since mid July it has been dark and overcast with rain, rain and more rain. And? The green grass love it.

Looking out in front of our condo yesterday.

Looking out from our living room yesterday.

Oh My! Some of our friends down in Arizona would enjoy a few rainy days with the tempertature in the 50’s.

Make no mistake!! We’re not complaining !!

Cap and Patti