I am writing this late on ..

Monday, October 25th.

Last Friday both Patti and I received our Moderna Covid-19 Booster Shots. So far no after affects.

On the other hand, two close friends (who also recently received a Booster Shot) have had very significant after affects.

Then, while sitting at lunch today with friends in a restaurant, I suddenly felt like I was going to ‘black out’ right there at the table in the restaurant. I gathered my wits and regained my composure and all was (more or less) well.

Then Patti and I (after a several hour visit here at our condo with our friends) went out to run a series of errands. Home we came, watched Jeopardy and the end of the Seattle Seahawks – New Orleans Saints Monday night football game and suddenly I again felt disoriented, and was having some balance issues. I told Patti I was going to lay down which I did.

While lying in bed with Patti beside me suddenly I ‘did the math’. Last Friday to today is three days. Ah ha, what I am experiencing is a reaction to our Covid-19 Moderna Booster Shot.

The good news. I was hungry. I was able to get up, and with Patti’s assistance prepare dinner, and to eat and to enjoy a full dinner. And ?? I feel well enough to write these few words here.

Over and Out for Now .. Cap


Two, taken-at-random, photos as Autumn draws to a close and Winter knocks at our door!

As I write these few words, it now looks very much like we two will be ‘heading South’ to Nevada and Arizona at the very end of November. We hope to get settled (to rent an apartment) in the Kingman, Arizona, area and commute to Phoenix (and stay there in motels if necessary) for our Mayo Clinic Medical appointments.

Cap and Patti