In yesterday’s Post, SEP 28, 23, we showed you photos that we snapped of the Alaska Veterans Memorial and Mt. Denali, as we were driving North from Anchorage to Fairbanks on Tuesday, the 19th of September.

Below are the photos that we snapped as we continued North from the Veterans Memorial to Fairbanks.

Do we have any “Eagle Eyes” following along here? Study the below photo for a moment.

What on this good earth do I mean : Do we have any “Eagle Eyes” following along here?

In the above photo, the white mass behind the trees is a cloud! Not a mountain! Did I fool anyone?

Back to mountains!

I can’t kid any of you with the below photo! It truly IS a photo of the river that we followed for awhile.

You will see the rest of the photos that we snapped as we returned home from Fairbanks to Anchorage, Sunday, the 24th of September, in a later Post.

We sure hope you are enjoying sharing with us some of the wonderful Alaskan scenery.

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This will “Do It” for another day here on dotnet with the two of us!

Cap and Patti

By The Way! Just in case you don’t think that we are still following the National Football League games, guess again!



Exactly 147 miles North of Anchorage, at Milepost 147 on the East side of the George Parks Highway, is the..

Alaska Veterans Memorial.

Summer / Winter / Spring / Fall, no matter the time of day, going North or going South, we stop here at the Alaska Veterans Memorial. We have stopped in the dark of an Alaskan Winter night to view the Northern Lights.

Both on Tuesday, September the 19th, and again on Sunday, September the 24th, we stopped here. The Autumn weather was wonderful on both days!

If you now turn around 180°, with the above “Scout” at your back, you look directly at..

Alaska’s Denali / Mt. McKinley.

On the eve of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary in 2016, the name of the highest peak in North America changed from “Mount McKinley” to “Denali.”

Denali is the white, snow capped mountain, straight ahead in the distance.

As you can see in the below two photos, with various weather conditions, Denali can blend into the sky and clouds and become “difficult or invisible” to see. But you know you are looking at the mountain just standing in this position of the Veterans Memorial.

We say : “Denali is out” when the mountain is really visible.

“Denali IS OUT!!”

You are “spot on correct”! The next two photos below were not taken from the Alaska Veterans Memorial! They were taken from the Denali Viewpoint South at Milepost 135 on the Parks Highway.

Patti really loves Denali!

Back we go to the..

Alaska Veterans Memorial.

Behind our “scout” in the above photo, are memorials for each of the five United States Armed Services.

I have a very personal tradition that I perform on each and every visit here. Starting on the right with the Coast Guard plaque in front of me .. and then moving one-by-one to the left .. Air Force .. Navy .. Marine Corps .. and Army ..

I stand ‘at-attention’ and formally salute each service .. stating..

“Ladies and Gentlemen .. Officers and Men .. of the United States Coast Guard / Air Force / Navy / Marine Corps / Army .. I salute you!” .. and I say these words solemnly and formally and crisply.

I am proud to say ..

My father served in the Coast Guard during WWII. My youngest son served in the Air Force. I was a commissioned officer in the Navy and an enlisted man in the Marine Corps. My oldest son served in the Army.

Patti’s father served in the Merchant Marine and the Navy in WWII and Korea. Patti’s older brother served in the Navy.

Sad to say, the time has come to publish this Post. I hope that several of you enjoyed our visit along with Patti and me!

I am very proud of this Post!

Cap and Patti