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There are Forty (43) Holidays on April the 27th!

You think that I love Pretzels? Well I certainly do BUT..

I really Love Gummi Bears too..


Gummi bears are a sweet treat that brings joy to people of all ages. On April 27, let’s celebrate National Gummi Bear Day and the memorable treat of childhood that’s timelessly fun.

Few treats are as cute and sweet as gummi bears. Fruity and fun, these colorful chews have been charming us since 1922. That’s right, the gummi bear is 100 years old! HARIBO® founder Hans Riegel started the company in 1920 from his home kitchen. Two years later he created the world’s first gummi bear. Today, they’re known as Goldbears® are an iconic treat all over the world.

HARIBO® founded National Gummi Bear Day to celebrate the 100-plus years of joy gummi bears have brought and continue to bring to people of all ages. Established in 1920, the company is a family-owned business with a century-long heritage. Founder Hans Riegel built HARIBO on a foundation of quality, while delivering moments of joy through its products. The name HARIBO is an acronym that contains the founder’s name and the city in which the company was born (Bonn, Germany): HAns RIegel BOnn. HARIBO is proud to continue making playful gummies that are meant to be shared so our inner child can always experience joy through this cute and sweet treat.

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How on earth could I not show this wonderful April 27th Holiday?

Don’t the children “radiate” happiness!


At National Today, we are preparing our favorite snacks and reserving coveted spots for storytelling events this National Tell A Story Day on April 27. Stories have the undeniable quality of transporting us to another time and place as we sit snug in our seats. Stories are also great bonding material since people create memories as they immerse themselves in the storytelling activity. Whether they happened in real life or are a product of our imagination, stories form an interesting part of human society. In the old days, they were used as history recording tools as well as entertainment. From “Aesop’s Fables” and ancient Egypt’s hieroglyphics to modern-day Harry Potter, storytelling is no different today with the advent of shows, books, poetry, etc.

National Tell A Story Day was first celebrated in 2009 by George Rafeedie, a businessman who runs a creative marketing agency called Tell Your Story, Inc. Rafeedie’s business relies on promoting and marketing a brand through storytelling techniques. By creating a story with the product as the main character, the product is central to the plot and is viewed as important in continuing the storyline. Storytelling, at its most basic form, thus, contributes to highlighting certain themes, be it for moral purposes and/or entertainment.

The storytelling art is an ancient practice that has been used by humans for thousands of years now. “Aesop’s Fables” is one of the most well-known stories even today. Started somewhere in 500 B.C., “Aesop’s Fables” were passed down orally. Centuries later, they were also printed onto paper and now can be found even on the internet! Going further back to 30,000 B.C., people also used pigments to paint stories on cave walls, and one prominent example is the Chauvet Cave paintings. These portray hunting rituals and so forth. Another instance includes Greek and Roman mythology from 1000 B.C. where stories were either visually represented through paintings on walls, vases, ceramics, etc., or told verbally.

In modern times, print and digital media have seen quite significant progress in storytelling techniques. Cameras, both the professional ones and the ones on mobile phones, have allowed unique stories to come forward, from depicting the horrendous effects of war to joyous events like the first rainfall. On the other hand, digital media tools like TVs and the internet have become spaces for professional and non-professional storytellers to relay their ideas to the world.

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Taa – Daa !

WOW !!

And a Red Head !!


National Patricia Day is celebrated on April 27. ‘Patricia’ is a regal name meaning ‘noble.’ This classic and vintage name had been adopted by many famous singers and actresses throughout the years. If you’re thinking of choosing this name for your child, your Patricia will be in great company among Patti Smith and Patti LuPone. Read on to find out more about the history of this interesting name.

The name Patricia is a feminine name with Latin origins meaning ‘noble.’ The name Patricia is derived from the Latin ‘patrician,’ which means ‘an aristocrat or nobleman.’ The masculine form of this name is Patrick. Common nicknames include Pat, Patty, Patti and Patsy. Those wanting to branch out from this common and old-fashioned name may choose ‘Trish,’ or ‘Trisha’ as an alternative.

The name Patricia has a long history in Ancient Rome beginning with the patricians. The patricians were ruling class families in ancient Rome from around 500 B.C. This group ruled over Rome and controlled the government. The patricians owned most of the land inside Rome and gave land outside the city to the class below them, the plebeians. The plebeians sought to change this unjust social order and started a social movement called the Conflict of Order which lasted from 494 B.C. to 287 B.C. The movement helped the plebeians regain some of their rights. With the fall of the Roman Empire, the term shifted from being used as a high honorary title to becoming a term used for aristocrats and the bourgeoisie.

This name skyrocketed in popularity from 1937 to 1943, becoming the third most used name in the U.S. (My Patti was born in this time frame, in 1940.) Since then, it has continued to drop down. Some opt to use the alternative Patrice, which is used as a masculine name in France. It’s more commonly used as a feminine name in the U.S. This alternative had its ups and downs throughout the year while Patricia remained in the top 1,000.

Whodda Thunk !! Patti Has Her Very Own Holiday! April the 27th.

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How can I top this?

Cap and Patti

BTW .. Tomorrow, Sunday, April the 28th, we are driving from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, North to Laughlin, Nevada, where we will stay at our favorite Edgewater Hotel until we fly North to Anchorage, Alaska, next Friday, May the 3rd.

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