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Patti picked this Holiday out for us. It’s a great one!

In life, for many reasons, you simply can not pay back a good deed or favor done to us.

This is true especially when absolute total strangers help us out.

How can we “repay” our own parents for all they have done for us? 

So today’s Holiday is a great one.


Pay some of the good deeds you’ve received forward on Global Pay It Forward Day, celebrated annually on April 28. If you’ve believed in paying back kindness all your life, allow us to introduce you to a more refined and helpful initiative — paying kindness forward! This day is celebrated in over 80 countries, encouraging us to collectively perform random acts of kindness in a bid to pay forward some of the kindness we may have been shown in the past.

Every day most of us are faced with several opportunities to spread some kindness in the littlest ways, even though we often don’t recognize it. That overwhelmingly warm, happy feeling you get when someone does an unexpected nice thing for you like taking care of a bill or giving you a warm hug, is what we’re encouraged to pay forward to others.


This concept has been around way longer than we may think. It is taught in certain principles in the Bible and other religious books and was the key plot element in a 317 B.C. play by Menander called “Dyskolos.” The phrase itself however is seen to have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her book, “In the Garden of Delight,” and was further popularized in Robert Heinlein’s novel “Between Planets.”

Another vivid example of the paying it forward concept appears in the novel “Pay It Forward” by American novelist Catherine Ryan Hyde. This novel instantly became a best-seller and was adapted into a film in 2000. It’s then no surprise that this book is also the foundation on which Global Pay It Forward Day was established.

International speaker and author Blake Beattie was inspired by Hyde’s book to create this day in 2007. It is now celebrated in over 80 countries worldwide, to create a global change caused by spreading kindness and also to reach over 10 million acts of kindness around the world. It is celebrated annually on April 28.

Thank You Again Patti for “selecting” PAY IT FORWARD DAY for all of us to contemplate.

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Today, Sunday the 28th of April, Patti and I begin our journey back North to Alaska. We will drive one hour North to Laughlin, Nevada. We will stay in Laughlin for five nights and visit our great friends Tom and Ginny. We also really enjoy staying at The Edgewater Casino and Hotel in Laughlin.

Next Friday, the 3rd of May, Tom will drive us up to Las Vegas, Nevada, and we will fly to Seattle, Washington, have a brief “lay over” in Seattle and then fly North to Anchorage, Alaska.


Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “APR 28, 24 .. NATIONAL TODAY.. TRAVEL DAY..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Gullible. Snow Birds is a real misnomer! We are SUN BIRDS looking for sunny skies without any snow! What do you think? Smiles.. Cap and Patti

  1. Kathleen Brady

    I had to catch up on a few days so I missed Library Day and Hairball Awareness.

    I lived at the library as a child. When I was old enough to go by myself, I rode my bike in decent weather (not during the cold North Dakota winters). To this day, I still love to read. I can totally immerse myself in a book for hours.

    At my house, I am always aware of hairballs. Sometimes at 3 am. Sometimes my bare foot finds it first. It happens when I forget to administer hairball goop. Or when he decides he no longer likes it. That went on for a month until I tried adding kitty gravy to it. He loved that idea. We are back on track. Hopefully, no more hairballs at odd hours or odd places (unless I forget to give him his weekly goop.)

    Safe travels. Enjoy your favorite slot machine at the Edgewater.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Kathleen. Did you “go back” to April 26th to read about hairballs? We are happy you and your cat have worked out a solution to his hairballs. You and Patti are “Library Junkies” Kathleen. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

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