Let me give you my names for my two web sites. Each has its own name and its own ‘personality’!

On August 16, 2011, THIS WEB SITE that you are now viewing was created. This is and will forever be my first and my original web site. I titled it, Baba Kaps Doxology. I call this web site because its internet name is read as baba kaps dot net.

On October 22, 2011, my SECOND WEB SITE Bobba Caps Doxology was created. I call my second web site blogspot simply because it is hosted by GOOGLE BLOGSPOT.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Why, when I had set up in August of 2011, was blogspot ever created. There is ONE REASON and one reason alone, photographs.

When was created in August of 2011 I could NOT post photographs as I wanted to post photographs. I could only post photographs in ‘Galleries’ and I wanted to post photographs individually and be able to write text descriptions above or below or along the sides of individual photographs just like Gullible was doing. 

My GOOGLE blogspot web site was created in October 2011 100% BECAUSE blogspot allowed me to post photographs as I wanted to post them. Pure and simple this photograph posting issue was THE ONLY REASON that blogspot came into existence for me. The one .. The Only .. One of The Best of The Best .. GULLIBLE .. Established BLOGSPOT for me.

There were ‘technical’ reasons with that would not allow me to post photographs as I wanted to and this issue has been solved. But ..’s photo issues were not solved for a year or so and during this time blogspot really ‘took hold’ of its share of my market!

In blogspot’s ‘humble opinion’ .. “I own your photo market Captain!” .. Hold on Andrej .. E-Z does it .. more shall be revealed!

Again .. blogspot was created solely to post photographs. began as an all purpose web site for writing text and for posting photographs. Had been able to do both successfully, blogspot would never have been born.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

At this point in time .. I feel that the vast majority of my readers and followers PREFER to see photographs with a minimal amount of text explaining the photos. blogspot fulfills this preference to a T. But now so too does

MY blogspot READERS are like tourists who want to see the sights of the world I visit.

On the other hand .. I feel that my readers and followers have an interest in me on a personal basis and want some insights as to what is going on between the lines. Some of these friends have told me that they actually PREFER to read text posts where I go into some depth regarding discussions and topics I want to expound upon. satisfies this interest.

So ORIGINALLYfor this reason and for this reason alone .. the posting of photographs .. I have two web sites!

But now I can more fully satisfy the interests of these two readership bases with the two web sites.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Simply because I now have over three years invested in each web site and I am not willing to let either of them become extinct and thus lose all of the posts (Four to Five Hundred) each would lose if I closed one of the sites.

The fact remains that the touristy PHOTO LOVERS (the majority of my blogspot followers) do NOT want to read reams and reams of text writing! They want to see photographs.

At I can just sit down for a little chit-chat knowing the photo lovers can just ‘tune it all out’ !

BUT .. in this High-Tech world we live in .. a world in which a computer product is OFTEN outdated on the day it hits the market .. THINGS CHANGE SWIFTLY AND PROFOUNDLY.

As I write this update to the question .. “Why do I have two web sites?” .. is now not only capable of posting photographs as I want them posted .. but in MANY WAYS now has outpaced blogspot. Part of this has to do with the technical issues within each web site .. but a BIG part of becoming very user friendly to my photo posting has to do with the fact that I myself have become much more proficient as a web site host and Andrej my web master and I have .. over three years .. really gotten to know one another.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

This plot now thickens!

I own .. I pay money .. for  My web master Andrej can do anything we want done on

blogspot began as a free service of GOOGLE. GOOGLE, not Cap, dictates what happens on blogspot and what does NOT happen on blogspot. I can NOT go directly to any single person working for GOOGLE and ask so much as one simple question. GOOGLE is a GIGANTIC undertaking with no personal time available for the average (OR ANY?) user.

In December of 2012 blogspot with absolutely no warning hit me with an ultimatum! Pay us money! Your web site has exceeded its capacity! And until you set up a monthly credit card payment program you cannot post photographs.

This is an absolute NO BRAINER!

I like blogspot. I like GOOGLE. I have absolutely no reluctance nor have I any hesitation about paying them a fee of a few dollars a month for the excellent service they provide to me and millions of other people using blogspot.

Then GOOGLE said .. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH PAY US MORE! And frustrated because I could not talk to an individual and the automated system would not tell me how much more money they wanted for how much more storage capacity I sat stuck and in limbo. Not a good feeling with several years invested in blogspot.

So back in December of 2012 and into January of 2013 I wondered WHAT TO DO. Eventually it all was worked out and recently my monthly payments were reduced to $1.99 a month.

But GOOGLES ability to dictate to me (Taxation without representation!) causes me to feel that it serves me well to have two web site options ..

So there you have it! My answer to the question of why I have two web sites.

Smiles .. Kap ( .. Cap (blogspot) ..

Gosh Captain can’t we have just ONE photo?  /signed/ .. a blogspot fan .. who accidently got caught up in the above mish-mash! Of course you can .. I have the perfect photo for you!


So here is some DRAMA!

IF one someone put a gun to my head and said .. “Captain .. The God Of Web Sites has reviewed your two web sites and has dictated that you MUST pick one and only one web site!  Which will it be!”

The envelope please .. crinkle crinkle (the envelope is being opened) .. and the winner is:

It would be ..

PATTI !  .. will you PLEASE telephone .. You Know Who .. up in 97801 and so advise the respected barrister / brother that I have posted this Post just for .. You Know Who!

6 thoughts on “DEC 26, 14 .. WHY DO I HAVE TWO (2) WEB SITES ?

  1. Patti

    Very thorough explanation about why you have two websites! I will be sure to let “the barrister” know you have posted this so that he can get his answer!! Love you…Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It is a good question and I did not forget it that he had asked ‘the why’about it. I wanted to do my reply justice so-to-speak and so I took my time and when in the right mood wrote it. Much Joy .. Cap ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      KNOCK ME DOWN MY TRUSTED WEB MASTER ANDREJ .. I am flattered and I am honored that you took the time to read this post and THEN to comment on it! KNOCK ME DOWN!

      I AM really using the photo library to go back in time and find older photos. Here is a comment .. When I select a prior month .. let’s say November 2014 .. I then am taken back to all the photos I put into the library for November 2014. Single file top to bottom. Here is the issue .. when I find a photo .. I click onto it .. select it .. size it .. and then press the button to insert into the post. IT HAPPENED that I used a LOT of November 2014 photos. EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME ANDREJ I HAD TO START AT SQUARE ONE. Is there a way that once I select a prior month .. that prior month can remain up and present so that I can select other photos for that month without going through the entire process yet again? One photo at a time took a long time since there is a loading process that takes some time. Smiles .. Cap .. Do you understand?

  2. Danny

    I knew there must be a good reason, but MULTIPLE reasons so intricately intertwined through time, space and circumstance, technological intrigue and impersonal financial backhanding of Big Brotherhood versus the irreplaceable and priceless embrace of real human attention, the deep investments in two bulging banks of personal history… this is truly DRAMA (and comedy, the whole range of human experience) played out over years, in exotic locations, with a cast of thousands (literally), so thank goodness you are able to shoulder the work of keeping up both, and in response to YOU ASKED I can say NOW I KNOW! Thanks for the entertaining telling of the tale!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      How about a little .. THE REST OF THE STORY .. Danny? I have a third anonymous website in addition to these two .. Smiles and THANKS FOR A GREAT REPLY .. Cap in Hong Kong ..

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