IF I waited to get each and to get every single Post perfect .. I MIGHT still be back on the first Post ever. My Post of yesterday is no exception. In yesterday’s Post I was showing you MANY of the foods that I eat .. Principally the Instant Noodles .. Of which I now have SIX count them below .. choices!


After I published yesterday’s Post .. I went home and went to bed. I got up today and DID my day. Sometime about mid-afternoon IT HIT ME like a Thunder Bolt that I had completely .. as in 100% .. forgotten to show you one of my MAJOR FOOD GROUPS!

So I have gone back to yesterday’s Post and edited it to show below one of my MAJOR FOOD GROUPS. PLEASE DO NOT take the time nor go to the effort to re-visit yesterday’s Post because I am showing below what I just edited into it.

DISCLAIMER ! .. IF you fall over laughing at this MAJOR FOOD GROUP of mine and IF you injure yourself I will NOT take responsibility for any injuries or legal bills that you may incur!

MR and MS barristers TWO in 97801 what do you TWO think of my legal statement above? Will it hold-up-in-Court?

Below is one of my MOST MAJOR FOOD GROUPSI call it MY ‘ZILLA FOOD GROUPWhy on this good green earth do I call it MY ‘ZILLA FOOD GROUPI am happy that you asked me!

SIMPLE.. Because ‘ZILLA himself told me about this FOOD GROUP many years ago.


“What’s that you say ‘ZILLA? You do NOT have your reading glasses with you?” .. O.K. good friend since October of 1975 .. Is the below photo better for you?


And Now .. The Rest Of The Story ..

It seems that ‘ZILLA is diabetic. From time-to-time diabetic people risk a low-blood-sugar crash. When this happens a diabetic is in serious condition. UNLESS they get some sugar into their bodies immediately A.S.A.P. they risk diabetic shock and other major complications. So during a visit with ‘ZILLA some years ago in his home as we were having a little CHIT-CHAT .. he casually popped out a mini-SNICKERS-bar and ate it. I was puzzled because I always thought that diabetics had to AVOID SUGAR.

In response to my questioning his eating a little BIG TIME sugar .. it was then that ‘ZILLA explained to me this phenomenon of a low-blood-sugar crash and the importance of a diabetic ingesting sugar immediately. He went on to explain that a SNICKERS-mini-bar is an excellent solution to a low-blood-sugar crash because it has a good balance of ingredients. As a result of our conversation I figured that IF it was a good thing for ‘ZILLA then maybe it was a good thing for me!

Thank You Mister Paul Harvey for .. The Rest Of Your Stories .. for OH so many years.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

If You Build It They Will Come .. from the movie .. Field Of Dreams .. circa 1989 ..

IF I start a Post .. a Post will happen ..

Below is a photograph of Patti working at the computer (AS I AM NOW DOING) here at the HOMY INN.

Behind Patti (and me right now this instant) .. diagonally to the right .. is the desk that the housekeepers use during their daily activities. I use the white telephone you see to make calls to Patti and possibly to YOU also.



Aren’t the two of them absolutely priceless!



Miu Miu (age 8) in the center above .. with her mother on the left above ‘surfing’ her smart phone! and Jessica (age 6) on the right. Miu Miu’s mother is a house keeper here at the HOMY INN working Floors 6 and 7. As I have just shown you above .. their desk is immediately behind me so I have gotten-to-know Miu Miu and her mother a little because on weekends Miu Miu comes in to spend time with her mother.


I met Jessica for the first time this past weekend. Jessica’s mother .. who is also a house keeper here .. works on floors other than 6 and 7 at the HOMY INN so I have not gotten to know her at all.



Not only are these children attractive .. they are BRIGHT AS BUTTONS !

Last Wednesday the two of them were here with their mothers very quietly visiting with one another. Then suddenly and very SHYLY the two of them gave to me their below drawings. How interesting Miu Miu thinks of herself as a Mermaid! Miu Miu calls me Cap Tain ..


Being age 6 Jessica’s drawing was not quite as developed as was Miu Miu’s drawing. Jesica has me as Captain.


I believe that Jessica wishes she had VERY LONG hair!


WHEW ! Huh ?

And here I thought the two of them were working on their homework .. they were very busy and pre-occupied.




Miu Miu CONCENTRATING on the computer. These children can REALLY concentrate.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And speaking of concentrating .. I have had to make notes to myself to follow as I am now DAILY navigating the Hong Kong MTR Subway System.


Time To Call It A Wrap !



4 thoughts on “JAN 2, 15 .. THE ‘ZILLA MAJOR FOOD GROUP ..

  1. zilla

    Friday, January 2, 2015 – 11:30 am PDT

    You hit the nail on the head with the “zilla food group” Very nifty!! Yes being a diabetic it’s important to know what your body is doing thoughtout the day! A little sugar will pick you up in a flash if you feel a little say – light headed – even though I feel light headed at times and not due to the lack of sugar! Ha!

    Regarding your two little girl friends, I am sure you will have them speaking some English during your tour! Super nifty!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      THANKS SO MUCH Ol’ buddy for your feedback. I am serious .. 100% because of you .. I have been keeping mini-halloween-size SNICKERS bars handy even in the U.S.

      I am not diabetic BUT I MUST on occasion have some food as in NOW! This comes from a light-headed feeling and an INABILITY to make simple decisions. Patti and I both watch me for this. I have been checked over and over and OVER AGAIN for diabetes and NO positive results. EXCESS production of urine is another sign of diabetes and I have THAT too .. but again .. no clinical diabetes determination has ever been made. This goes back several decades with me.

      So while ‘sort-of-in-jest’ .. at the same time this Post was very serious too.

  2. Patti

    Yep…snickers ARE a regular part of your food groups that you keep handy…and if you wind up with the larger ones, you cut them into small slices!! Re Miu Miu and Jessica, that’s a pretty big deal when the small children start making pictures for you, and especially if they personalize them with your name. I think you are in solid with THEM!! Priceless. And I love the “How do I get there” notes that you have posted on your wall. You get to moving so fast sometimes that they are a good reminder for you on where you are going each time you go out the door. Great idea. Hope you are enjoying “Phantom” as I am writing this. Love you. Patti

  3. Shaddy Peters

    Miu Miu and Jessica can write in English!! That’s amazing to me. They truly are as cute as can be.

    Snickers are wonderful. With peanuts, caramel and chocolate, who can resist? Although, I often choose Three Musketeer fun size candy bars because they have less fat and calories but still satisfy my sweet tooth.

    I would need notes to navigate also, Cap. Notes can ease our mind since we don’t have to remember so many things.

    Smiling back,

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