MAY 6, 15 .. M O N G O L I A ..

Did I miss something in the translation GOD? Did you really say .. MONGOLIA?

I have been saying MONGOLIA to you my Little Captain for one full month!

Well my ears were NOT hearing too well GOD!

Should I use one of ANDREJ’S nice maps to find MONGOLIA GOD?

Just in case you did not know where on this good earth MONGOLIA is located .. below is one of Andrej’s NIFTY MAPS!

I myself did NOT REALLY HAVE A CLUE as to where MONGOLIA is located.

Do you all see MONGOLIA sitting there between Russia and China?



In the below map you can see where MONGOLIA and HONG KONG are relative to one another.


Below we have a little closer look-see at MONGOLIA .. The balloon points to the Capital of MONGOLIA .. Ulaanbaatar ..

Here in Hong Kong .. The Hip .. The Slick .. The Cool .. just casually say .. “We are going to UB. Do you want to come along?”  Said Hip Slick Cool ones break the name into two parts .. Ulaan Baatar .. thus UB fits.

GOD I would not trade my life with anyone! Can you imagine! Yesterday I hadn’t a clue where MONGOLIA is and now I know where it is and I know the name of its Capital City!  Why exactly is it that I am so lucky and so blessed GOD? 


WHAT! WHAT! You expect me to actually fly on Mongolian Airlines into Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Ah-h-h GOD? Is there someone else up there I can chat with for a minute?


Friday July the 17th to Sunday July the 19th .. MORE SHALL BE REVEALED CAPTAIN!

Standing By .. Cap ..

One believes .. or One does NOT believe. It is really that simple. You DO or you DO NOT. There is really nothing to discuss.  FAITH is publishing this POST and NOT waiting until at least a tad more is revealed.

Genghis Khan and his grandson Kublai Khan .. the Mongols conquered China and established the Yuan Dynasty ..  GOOD LORD MY CAPTAIN WHERE ON EARTH HAST THOU BEEN!

See .. I TOLD YOU! .. More is already being revealed!

In the 1900s almost half of the adult male population of Mongolia were Buddhist Monks.

SHUSSSSH GULLIBLE !.. JUST SHUSSSSSH ! .. I am an engineer NOT a historian ..

See my TRAVEL PLANS for some new information on my upcoming travels ..


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    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes BUT .. I may go ahead of them .. and I may go with them .. I probably will stay a full week or more longer than them .. THEM includes some from Singapore and some from Australia also ..

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