When I signed off last night here in New Delhi .. I mentioned the small 2 1/2 Hour Jet Lag I was feeling. I will translate that for you. It was 9:30PM in the late evening. I had experienced a challenging day. And I was bushed .. Tired out down to my very bones. Then I realized that 9:30PM in New Delhi is 12AM Midnight in Hong Kong. I have been going to bed early in Hong Kong so my body is used to beginning my night time sleep cycle a full three or so hours before I lay down last night. THAT IS JET LAG for you. Exhaustion coupled with staying up three more hours than one is used to doing. I have friends who scoff at Jet Lag saying it is all mental. Countless studies of circadian sleep rhythms have more-than-confirmed Jet Lag is real. I have a particularly difficult time with it on a personal level.

I now have a working cell phone here in India! Patti and I spoke last night after I published my Post and again today several (or more) times. I call Patti and hang up. This is Patti’s signal to call me using an international phone card that works extremely well. For Patti to call me (as opposed me calling Patti) is 1/15 the cost. The cost of Patti calling me is 1 Rupee per minute. For me to call Patti the cost is 15 Rupees per minute. With a pre-paid cell phone service I closely watch my cash balance.

I am now across Connaught Place in the center of New Delhi from the YMCA and I have checked into the Hotel Capital Residency. I took a nap and I still feel tired from the heat. May is NOT the ideal month to travel to India!

Not much of a Post in my opinion I know but it has to be what it has to be ..

SMILES .. Cap in New Delhi ..


I was just out on the Main Bazar Road here in Pahar Ganj (the area immediately opposite the New Delhi Railway Station is called Pahar Ganj) across from the New Delhi Railway Station and the oddest thought came into my mind!


“Goodness there sure are a lot of Indians here!”

Then I suddenly ‘caught-myself’ and just giggled! Howled is more like it!


On all of the maps I publish .. To Zoom In .. Press the (+) button on the left of the map and to .. Zoom Out .. Press the (-) button. Go ahead and try it!

6 thoughts on “MAY 14, 15 .. A NEW DAY IN NEW DELHI ..

  1. Patti

    Nice that your phone is up and running in India and that we have been able to talk. Hope you have been having a good nap since we last spoke. Hmmm, there are a LOT of Indians there … go figure!! Love and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Well now you can see for yourself .. There sure are a lot of Indians in Pahar Ganj in New Delhi .. See the photo I added May 17th .. Smiles ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Guides can NOT figure out computers .. And the Computer Geeks in New Delhi that were in the computer cafes were at a loss Jeanne as to why my photos were not loading .. Smiles ..

  2. Shaddy Peters

    Don’t you ever dare to trash any of your blog posts, no matter how bad they may appear to you. We who don’t travel like you, marvel at how difficult it is to get from place to place by airplanes, trains and so on. There’s something special about knowing exactly how another person is feeling and you have a great talent for that. The way you reduced the size of the words as you wrote, “Smiles, weakly, Cap” is priceless. And marveling at all the Indians in India.

    I appreciate that you go to the effort to share your experiences, even when you’re exhausted.

    Smiling back at you,

    1. cap chastain

      SHADDY my webmaster Andrej does not quite appreciate how I use the super large bold type and the super small type .. But being the man Andrej is he sure set me up with the ability to emphasize things in terms of print size .. LOVED that you appreciated my sign off .. Smiling Weakly.. Can You Imagine Me Thinking .. “There sure are a lot of Indians here!” .. THAT is exhaustion .. Cheerio ..

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