JUN 3, 15 .. THE TAJ MAHAL ..


I have one hundred and seventy eight (178) photos of the Taj. I have decided to show you every fourth photo. This will help me to not get caught up in the paralysis of analysis .. of ‘should I show this photo or not’.

With this method of showing every fourth photo .. I can do four Posts .. with from 44 to 45 photos in each Post. They will be in the proper sequence as I walked through the grounds and not one single photo will be duplicated.

For each photo you see below .. there are three in the sequence of photos you do not see.

I will just begin with the trip to the Taj on a bicycle rickshaw and comment as I see the need.

TAJ 001

TAJ 002

TAJ 003

TAJ 004

We have arrived at the beginning of the West Entrance into the Taj. You can walk or ride to the actual entrance into the Taj.

TAJ 005

The camel carts are one of the several ways to ride not walk.

TAJ 006

TAJ 007

Now we are at the ticket counter area. The cost for a foreign tourist is IRS 750 or US$ 11.81. Not bad for a world wonder.

TAJ 008

A photo back at the ticketing area.

TAJ 009

This was the first small ‘peek’ at the Taj Mahal from outside of the main grounds.

TAJ 010

The entire area surrounding the Taj is special and beautiful. Below is the South entrance into the grounds.

TAJ 011

We are directly facing the South entrance into the Taj grounds.

TAJ 012

We turn around 180 Degrees from the South entrance above and face the one main entrance into the Taj grounds proper. You can .. it is a strain .. see the Taj through the entryway.

TAJ 014

We are inside the main Taj grounds. Below is one of the famous views of the Taj looking out from inside of a long corridor that looks out at the Taj.

TAJ 015

Looking to left from the above photo.

TAJ II 002

The grounds are just phenomenal.

TAJ II 003

I present to you Mumtaz .. The Taj Mahal .. her burial site.

TAJ II 004

To get some of the photos such as the one above .. I would just step out to my right from the below walkway and snap a photo of the Taj and then get back into the shade.

TAJ 001

It seemed like every single shrub and tree was identified. Such love for the grounds.

TAJ 003



There are several important buildings on the main grounds. All beautiful.

TAJ 002

TAJ 004

TAJ 005

TAJ 006

TAJ 007

Yes indeed! I was not all alone! There were other people with me!

TAJ 008

This is one of my few visits to the Taj where there was actually water in the lovely reflecting pools.


The below photo looks back from The Taj towards the MAIN GATE.



A close-up of the reflecting pool.

TAJ 009

TAJ 010

The photo above looks directly back from the Taj at the main entrance.

TAJ 011

TAJ 012

Above .. looking back at the main entrance. To go up onto the Taj proper you must either remove your shoes and walk on burning hot marble as you go barefoot or put ‘booties’ on top of your shoes.

TAJ 013

Two photos from the back of the Taj at the Yamuna river that the Taj looks out upon.

TAJ 014


Again looking back from the Taj at the grounds and the main entrance.

TAJ 015

TAJ 016

I am again back in the shady walkway along the side of the main reflecting pool.

TAJ 017

The main entrance. The Taj is back to my right.

TAJ 018

TAJ 019

A new crop of visitors coming into the grounds above.

TAJ 020

On the way home!

TAJ 021

A photo of my bicycle rickshaw man. I really liked him and I gave him double his asking price when we got back to the Hotel Pawan.

TAJ 022


Smiles and Joy from Cap ..

3 thoughts on “JUN 3, 15 .. THE TAJ MAHAL ..

  1. Patti

    Quite a “tour” of your Taj Mahal picture taking day. Loved that you did it all in sequence … the roadways and signs thereon leading up to approaching the Taj “neighborhood”, the “glimpses” of the Taj as you are getting closer, the famed (and likely my favorite) arch frame of the Taj, the walk up to the Taj, the Taj itself and the surrounding buildings … and then, your gentle looking bicycle rickshaw man who delivered you back to the Hotel Pawan. Nice day at the Taj Mahal. Thank you for letting me revisit her! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for dropping back and posting this comment. I really appreciate that! Yes it was nice .. and easier on myself .. to take the photos in order on a systematic planned and thought out walk-through .. and then to post them in the exact order snapped. I went out to the Taj with that as a plan and it worked well. Yes a very nice bicycle rickshaw man indeed. Much Love .. Cap ..

  2. S Barve

    Hello there, thanks for posting some very good images of Taj.
    I visited last month however could not capture any great images because of the crowd.
    I recently read an interesting book about the origins of Taj.
    I request you to please read it and it will change your outlook on Taj.
    The book is Taj Mahal- the true story. Oxford Press .(P.N.Oak)
    The author claims that this magnificent building existed atleast a few hundred years before ShahJahan who claims to have built it(in the memory of one of his 400 wives !)
    If we question why a ‘tomb’ has to have hundreds of rooms in it, with places for cows, a huge well, and so on- we tend to believe in the ‘take over ‘story as the author claims. If true, it could be the greatest story of this century – similar to the great mosque in Turkey.
    My request to you is please read it, and also read more on Google .
    I will love to see more pictures and informative articles by foreigners on this subject.
    Many thanks and best regards

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