Every day .. as Patti is settling down for the night .. we have a good night conversation. And lately during our little ritual .. Patti will ask me ..

“Are you going to put up a Post today?” .. meaning my day here in Hong Kong.

When we say goodnight quite often it is 3 PM the next day for me in Hong Kong and 11 PM the prior day for Patti in Anchorage.


3PM in Hong Kong on Monday June 8th .. is

11PM in Anchorage on Sunday June 7th ..

Lately my standard reply has been either ..

“Patti I don’t have a clue.”  This reply leaves-the-door-open to a Post.

Or ..

“No. I have no plans to do a Post today.” This reply shuts-the-door. Even with the door-shut I have been putting up Posts.

THE BOTTOM LINE NOW IS .. Patti says .. “I will check dot net when I get up in the morning.”

Below Sports Fans is how this actual Post suddenly came to life!! I had no idea I was going to put this Post up!!

I just ‘had’ to go to the toilet. No big deal. So I got up and headed for the restroom totally ‘clueless’ to the fact my next Post was immediately at hand!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

So off I went to the restroom here at the library. When finished I discovered that the toilet would NOT FLUSH!

After thinking to myself .. “Thank goodness it was just a tinkle.” .. I told the library staff of this issue.

Almost INSTANTLY a maintenance man was at my side. I explained the situation to him and we two headed for the toilet. He was smiling KNOWINGLY and when we walked into the toilet he pointed to a sign on the wall.

Since I can read-minds I KNEW that he was thinking .. “Sir! Just read the sign!”

So I did ..


We both smiled. I was NOT able to ‘get-it’. So he again pointed to the sign. I looked at the sign much closer .. like you will below.


What the sign above was trying in vain in Chinese English to tell me is that there is no water in the toilet reservoir because of the above problems. With no water in the reservoir there will be NO FLUSHING!

Then .. still smiling .. still patient with me .. he POINTED TO THE BELOW BLUE bucket full of water with a large RED laddle floating in the bucket.


And he pointed to the toilet ..


INSTANTLY I GOT IT! And I should have gotten it sooner because I put up a Post a few days ago about India specifically pointing out the use(s) for the buckets in most Indian toilets.

In my own defense I am so used to buckets in toilets that I did not really notice that the bucket was being kept full of water. That is why the poor maintenance man was so handy. All day long he is filling up buckets with water here in the toilets.

In the United States we just close the toilet .. hang up a sign on the now locked door saying .. Out-Of-Order .. and it is ‘tough cookies’ IF you have to ‘GO’.

I believe that once-upon-a-time we would have done as the Chinese are doing here and now.. SOLVING THE PROBLEM NOW AND ON-THE-SPOT!!

I also believe that in the U.S. most of our citizens would throw a ‘hissy-fit’ IF they were asked to do what the people here just do to solve the problem and move-on.

So Patti .. Here is your Post for you to proof-read for me.

Much Joy .. An Amused .. Cap ..


6 thoughts on “JUN 8, 15 .. TOO MUCH FUN HERE ..

  1. Patti

    It only seems reasonable that in hi-tech Hong Kong, they also consider the very basics … no flushing water, provide a bucket full of water … far more accommodating than simply slapping an “Out of Order” sign up and locking the door. Like you, I love Hong Kong!! Glad you once again had fodder for a post!! Love, Patti

  2. Skip Herdon

    You missed a great point. You need to have mentioned that most citizens of the U.S. would probably ‘use the water IN the bucket’ to do their business and NOT use the water in the bucket to flush waste put into the toilet proper! ..

  3. Shaddy Peters

    I get the biggest kick out of blogs that pertain to everyday activities. Toilets (except my own) and I don’t get along. I wouldn’t have noticed the sign either and may have done more than “tinkle.” Need I say more?


    1. cap chastain

      Every day activities are what our lives are composed of Shaddy. Pure and
      simple. It seems over in this part of the world I am more conscious of such every day activities. Cheerio .. Cap ..

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