As most of you know .. I write a lot of post cards. Of all of the post cards that I have written in my lifetime .. I think that the number one category of post cards that I have sent are post cards of ..

Taa – Daa .. THE TAJ MAHAL ..

With my most recent .. and still on-going .. efforts sending TAJ MAHAL post cards I have asked quite a few of you the below RHETORICAL QUESTION..

 Robert .. Robbie .. ‘Zilla .. Jerry .. Grego .. Patti .. and of course there are many more of you ..

 “I wonder how many post cards of the Taj Mahal I have sent you?”


Cap – – –  Here is the word on postcards.  Surprisingly, I have only 8 of the Taj Mahal from your India trips.  But I have 28 other postcards from your India trips that include Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Singapore, etc.  Then there are 81 postcards from various other places, i.e., Alaska, the lower 48, and Canada. Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Australia all circa 1997?

The oldest card is dated Dec 1970 from Acapulco. I sent that one when Bev and the boys and I were coming west after working for Bud Moore.

The first Taj Mahal card is dated 7Nov90 and must be one that I got in New Delhi of The Taj because I did not actually visit the Taj Mahal until December 1990 when a German Chef and I went to Agra together.

Have lots of your FWIW from the postal days.  Also, many photos.

It was great to again peruse your adventures before the internet.  And of course, your blogs are tremendous. I have 3 Hong Kong natives here clued into your blogs.  One commented that she learned of the nunnery you described and is looking forward to visiting it on her next trip back to visit relatives.

ROBERT .. EXCLUDING PATTI who has gotten probably five or more TAJ post cards  just on this trip .. eight (8) would actually sound about right. I wonder IF any are duplicates? As in .. “Cap you have sent me this post card of The Taj!”


Thanks .. Cap in Hong Kong ..

Captain Oh Captain? .. Are you actually going to publish this? Watch me!

6 thoughts on “JUN 12, 15 .. ROBERT 94956 .. AMAZING .. ASTOUNDING .. PHENOMENAL ..

  1. Patti

    Robert is AMAZING! It does not surprise me one wit that Robert has all of your postcards, has them counted, and can tell you the date of your first postcard, and likely every one to date. You engineers astound me!!! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Yes Robert IS amazing. I do not have my mail logs with me so can’t comment BUT when I was racing (1969 – 1970) I thought I sent him a post card or two from the deep South or from Indianapolis when I was there for the Indy ‘500’ in late April 1969 through May 1969. Smiles and Love .. Cap ..

  2. Shaddy Peters

    I have 5 postcards from you.

    4 Nov 2014 Henry David Thoreau postcard
    3 Dec 2014 Hong Kong postcard with several sights
    27 Dec 2014 Hong Kong Dragon postcard
    6 Mar 2015 Hong Kong Dragon postcard
    17 May 2015 Taj Mahal postcard

    You can write more on a postcard than I ever imagined was possible. You are endlessly creative.

    I cherish all of them,

  3. Robert 94596

    Well, I’ve just climbed back up from being down in the archives. Have more details.

    The first Taj Mahal card was indeed from Delhi before you went to Agra. The next two were shortly after, being dated 14Nov90 and 4Dec90. The Nov one does not have a location indicated; the Dec one is from Agra. The fourth one I received was on your second trip and is dated 13Jan93.

    Then while there were many other cards, I got no Taj Mahal cards until 2008. One from Calcutta (23Nov08), one from New Delhi (16Jul08), one from not indicated (11Nov11), and two from Pondicherry (21Jan12 and 2Mar13). Finally, this year the one (19May and received 1Jun) that started my trip to the depths of my archives.

    The two Pondicherry cards were more for the huge beautiful stamps. But surprisingly in each of the two you wondered how many cards of the Taj Mahal you had sent!

    Your biggest outputs of cards were pre-India (and pre FWIW I believe) with a total of 54.

    Oh, memory lane is marvelous. I’ve got on paper, you’ve got it all in your head of great memories, facts, etc.


    1. cap chastain

      Now this is phenomenal .. past amazing .. I had not picked up this comment until today since I have been working on a long Post about my three weeks in India. You are indeed amazing Robert .. Smiles .. Cap in Hong Kong ..

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