JUL 19, 15 .. The “bird” has landed…

I have just received a text message from Patti.

“Cap is safely in Mongolia and having a wonderful time.

He is already saying he may stay longer than August 3rd…”

I will update as I receive news.

Admin Andrej



4 thoughts on “JUL 19, 15 .. The “bird” has landed…

  1. zilla

    Sun, Jul 19, 2015 – noon – so cal

    Hi Andrej!

    Glad that you are carrying the “torch” for Cap while he is traveling in Mongolia! Looking forward to some very interesting stories that I am sure Cap will “cook-up”.

    My thanks to you Andrej!


  2. Patti

    Could not be happier about the excitement I hear in Cap’s voice … he is DElighted to be in Mongolia and the people are being very helpful. Thanks Andrej for your help!! Patti

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