JUL 20, 15 (Post 1) .. That didn’t take long…. did it…

It seems Cap’s talent for attracting the best in others is alive and well in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia! 


He is wasting little time getting to know his way around as is evidenced by the communique I received from Patti this afternoon….
“The latest update is … a couple of the locals have lined him up with a place to rent for a month … $175 U.S. dollars for the month … so, of course, he is relocating into the rental today and staying for the month.”
“They will be lining him up with train routes, locations out of the city to visit, and people at these locations to meet him at each destination and show him around.”
“Cap lives a charmed life!!!”
I will see if it is somehow possible for photo’s to be posted as I obtain further details..
Andrej .. I am Cap’s webmaster ..

2 thoughts on “JUL 20, 15 (Post 1) .. That didn’t take long…. did it…

  1. zilla

    Monday, July 20, 2015 – 11:00 am – So Cal

    Hi Andrej,

    Again it’s great to receive a post from Cap-Patti-Andrej! Especially I would like to thank Andrej for your “tie-in” to Google by entering (that is “clicking-on”) “Ulaanbaatar Mongolia” in your first sentence! It opened a book all about Mongolia with lots of information and beautiful pictures! It’s amazing by just a few “clicks” and we are in Mongolia! Super nifty!!

    Of course, we know Cap will get surely on line – however if he doesn’t – we will be interested in seeing Andrej pull off a miracle and enter photos sent from Cap!

    I see from Google that the summers are pretty nice, but the winters can be very cold – just like Cap’s home State of Alaska!


    1. cap chastain

      As I write this reply to you ‘Zilla and to you Andrej and to you Patti who called Andrej with my news .. I sit here stunned at all of the events that have come together to establish a presence for me here in Mongolia. I write the name of the capital city as Ulaan Baatar but Andrej is correct in writing it as one word .. Ullanbaatar. The word baatar means warrior or honored hero or some such. So I am finding it more and more in other city names .. Sukhbaatar where I hope to be going this upcoming weekend July the 24th to 27th. Smiles .. Kap the small Kan ..

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