AGAIN I MUST absolutely emphasize the importance of the support that I am receiving here in Mongolia from a small cadre of intensely helpful new friends. Without this support from these local Mongolian friends I simply would be unable to do what I have been doing let alone as fast and as efficiently as I have been accomplishing certain critical actions here.

Below I will summarize my initial support upon arriving here in Mongolia. Then I will continue with a summary of vital and critical ongoing support.

As were several other friends and acquaintanances .. I was not alone when I came here to Mongolia by invitation accompanied by nothing less that a powerful and spiritual God Calling. With this invitation came certain benefits such as:

We invitees were met at the Ulaanbaatar Airport upon arrival.


Oldokh on the left and Deegi (pronounced as DAY ghee) on the right.

Local transportation was provided for us.


We each had overnight reservations made on our behalf.

First the wonderful experience of staying the night in a Mongolian Ger in a remote area.



And then in a hotel.


We all were taken on a tour of some local attractions here in the Ulaanbaatar area that began Thursday evening the 16th that lasted until Friday evening the 17th.




On Monday the 20th our ‘formal’ association with our Mongolian friends officially concluded. Prior to coming to Mongolia I had opted to stay longer than the others who joined me here in Ulaanbaatar.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Where am I going to stay!

Oh My .. OH MY! will you look again at my accomodations here in Ulaanbaatar.



I could not believe the belowA DELL DESKTOP at my disposal.


How exactly do I .. How exactly can I .. ‘repay’ my host Happy!


I had several very important things to accomplish.

Enter now an extremely hands-on member of my support team that you have not met until this instant.

Living in Hong Kong I have learned that many Chinese residents have both a formal traditional Chinese name (Lau Yin Man) and also an English name (Ruby). Many of my Mongolian friends also have two names .. traditional and English.

Please meet Khosbayar. For short he also goes by Khoso. Both of these names are quite Mongolian.


Khosbayar also has an English name .. it is .. taa-daa .. CHANGER!!

“Changer I desperately need a Mongolian SIM Card for my cell phone.”


“That will be no problem Cap .. Come along with me and we will get it accomplished.”


“Thank You So Very Much CHANGERIt is working.

I needed to extend my Mongolian Airlines ticket. I tried and I tried and I tried some more .. by on-line-internet and by over the telephone communication(s). I was told over-the-telephone ..

“Sir you MUST come in person to our downtown Ulaanbaatar Ticketing Office. We cannot do this over the telephone Sir.”

“CHANGER how and where do I accomplish this?”


“I am so pleased you asked me for my assistance Cap. We shall get-it-accomlished.”


“How do I find the Mongolian Airlines Official Ticket Office?” .. “Just follow me Cap.”


“A piece of cake Cap.”

I just love the alphabet. See the ‘backwards N’ below?


Welcome to Mongolian Airline’s Ticket Office in downtown Ulaanbaatar. Do you all see the Mongolian Airlines flying horse above and below.



“We will be with you shortly Sir. Please wait a moment.” Do any of you see my man Changer in the below photo? He is one busy man.




Below is the lady who made the departure date change for me. I now will return to Hong Kong on Friday August 28th which is Patti’s birthday.


“Thank You Sir. We are so happy to help you Sir.”


“Cap .. Let’s Fly Out of Here!”


“Off we go Changer! 

“Cap if you are staying longer than thirty (30 ) days you have seven (7) business days  to formally register with the Mongolian Immigration Office.”

“Changer I had no idea. Nowhere did I see or hear about this requirement.”

“But but but .. How and where to do this CHANGER?”

“I remain pleased to assist you Cap. Let’s go Do-It-NOW Cap.”



I believe that the below map in the Immigration Office shows the growth of the Mongolian Empire.



Where would I be without all of the assistance that I have been receiving.

A last personal aside here. As I have just explained .. Khosbayar goes by the name Changer. Somehow and in someway my mind has gotten Changer’s name changed from Changer to CHARGER!

Do you think that it might just be because Changer just CHARGES all over the place. I mean he is one DO-IT-NOW Man.

Over And Out for today.

Smiles .. Cap ..


  1. Patti

    Nice, nice, nice to see the pictures of your “support group” … your friends, your assistants, your helpers there in Mongolia, specifically in Ulaanbaatar…Deegi, Happy and Changer … and no pictures yet, but Amaara has also been very helpful. I am very grateful to all of them for helping you and being so nice. Smiles and love, Patti

  2. cap chastain

    I mention supporters here in Ulaanbaatar. The support I am getting from YOU and others such as Andrej and Gullible my two webmasters is also invaluable. Each and every time I ‘title-a-post’ I think of ‘Zilla who told me several years ago .. “Cap I cannot find your past archived and historical Posts that you refer to.” So I went back in history and added to each post a specific date reference .. such as JUL 30, 15. Without the interest of yet all of my other supporters who read and who follow along here all of this would be for naught. It is 3:49am in the early morning July the 30th here in Ulaanbaatar and for some reason the internet is again slow. Thank YOU for your support. Love .. Cap ..

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