Because I like-to-know where-I-am in a major city .. I undertook the below project.

AMAZING Absolutely and Positively AMAZING I have found my building here in Ulaanbaatar on .. taa-daa .. MISTER ANDREJ’S GOOGLE MAPS ..

A bow please Mister Monsieur ANDREJ ..


To show you my location here in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia I am going to use the well-known and world-famous ..

MONGOLIAN TECHNIQUE of educational instruction ..

An educational technique that dates back centuries to educational GERS such as the one below that I visited.


This well-known and world-famous MONGOLIAN TECHNIQUE of educational instruction follows the One-Step-At-A-Time method. Slow and easy and exceedingly preciseTaking a cue from the Mongolians and very likely from the famous Mongolian Supreme Military Commander Chinggis Khaan ..


The United States Marine Corps uses the MONGOLIAN TECHNIQUE of educational instruction

During my Marine Corps Boot Camp experience from February to June of 1958 I learned this excellent technique. Would you argue with either Chinggis Khaan or your Marine Corps Drill Instructor? I think not. You simply say .. “Yes Sir.”

Here we go .. slow and easy .. one step at a time .. exceedingly precise ..

The first map please .. Where On Earth Is Mongolia Captain? Mongolia is shown by the (hint) red balloon below.

“Do you see the red balloon and do you understand where Mongolia is!” .. “Yes Sir.”

Each and every single time I look at the below map I MARVEL at the enormous size of Russia!


The second map please .. Where On Earth is Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Captain? Do you see it below? Hint: The red balloon .. 

“Do you understand?”.. “Yes Sir.”


A general overview of Ulaanbaatar Mongolia .. This shows that Ulaanbaater Mongolia is basically a city that runs from East to West. I am on the West side of Ulaanbaatar and I am on Peace Avenue. Do you see it on the map below? Peace Avenue is THE MAJOR East-West road in Ulaanbaatar.


I am in District Number 10 ..


I am in Building Number 8 (RED BALLOON) in Ulaanbaatar District Number 10 on the West side of Ulaanbaatar.


The below view looks straight at the front of my building. My apartment is on the right side of the building.


Below is the entrance. You need a code to enter the secure building.



Another view of the front of Building Number 8.


This is the back of Building Number 8. You can see the number 8 above the mini-mart.


The two red balloons toward the bottom of the map point to my two bus stops. Have I got THIS NAILED!


Below are my two bus stops. The first photo is my bus stop going downtown.


And my bus stop as I return from downtown.


How on earth did I accomplish the above mission of finding my building? I began with the below map of the very center of Ulaanbaatar. I found MY POST OFFICE and to the right of my Post Office I saw the CHINGGIS KHAAN GARDEN and further I saw my bus stop (the third red balloon to the lower right) so I knew for sure that Peace Avenue was the main road (NOT named in the below map) and I knew I had to go to my left (or West) because of my bus riding experience.


My Post Office ..


The Chinggis Khaan Garden below. Yes .. It is still raining here in Ulaanbaatar ..


My bus stop as I come from my apartment in Western Ulaanbaatar and arrive downtown.


So as I slowly .. and it was a slow journey .. worked my way West on the map I suddenly saw my famous two land-marks .. My GASOLINE STATION and my IRISH PUB.




The final map below shows my Building 8 in District 10 on the left and the Post Office building on the right ..


As we proof-read this post .. Patti said to me .. “Do you see the railway station in this map?” .. To be honest .. THIS IS A PROGRAM OF HONESTY CAPTAIN!  .. This fact had totally slipped past me. And it is I who is the train affectionado.






Happy on the left who is making all of this happen and yours truly on the right ..


4 thoughts on “AUG 2, 15 .. ULAANBAATAR .. MY BUILDING ON GOOGLE MAPS ..

  1. Patti

    Yet another fun and very informative post … I LOVE the maps!!! You make me feel as though I am almost there with you!!! Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      These maps are phenomenal. I am happy you feel like you are here. Now let’s see IF we can make-that-happen. You will love it here I am sure. Love .. Cap

  2. zilla

    Sun, August 2, 2015 – 2:00 pm – So Cal

    Hi Cap,

    A great story! I just love maps – and maps with great detail! I am sure you may have had some assistance by Andrej – but really nice to see some details of a city which I will never see – but like the comment by Patti I do feel that I could touch your apartment as I wade through 2 inches of water to your apartment! Ha!

    A question for you: when you travel in a big city like UB and with a foreign language do you ever buy a “city travel map” which is normally setup to assist tourists when they travel in a foreign country and city?

    It is certainly great you have a super apartment and computer to provide so much interesting stories and photos! Very nifty!


  3. cap chastain

    Here is the problem ‘Zilla. IF you have no clue as to where you are on a map .. the map does you no good. IF you can’t spell a word it is hard to find the word in the Dictionary. So NO I do not buy travel maps since I won’t know where I am. And they just add to the bulk of things I have. NOW .. at this point .. I could use a map to navigate but I will not buy one. GOOGLE MAPS really do-the-job. In Asia .. unlike in Europe .. such maps are not readily available either. Smiles .. Cap ..

    YES OF COURSE .. IF I had a map .. I could ask a friend to show me on the map where my apartment is BUT BUT BUT how do I explain to the friend where it is when I don’t know. Only my landlord Happy could do that but Happy is totally unable to speak English. But when I ‘really research’ it like I did here then I REALLY GET ORIENTED .. Besides Ol’ Pal .. it is fun to do what I did here ..

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