“It is the act of writing that calls ideas forth, not ideas that call forward writing.” JULIA CAMERON 

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Yesterday and last night I was thinking to myself .. over and over and over again ..

“Here it is .. Sunday Night .. one of the great games of the entire NFL* football season will be tonight on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.”

*The National Football League .. the premiere football league in the U.S.

“I wish I wish .. I wish I might .. See that football game tonight.”

A recent rivalry has emerged in the NFL .. The Seattle Seahawks vs the Green Bay Packers ..

NBC’s Sunday Night Football Game on September 20th 2015 featured these two giants. They each reached the Final Four of the NFL last season playing each other in the NFC Conference Final in January 2015. The Seahawks won a truly epic game and went to the Super Bowl. One reason the Seahawks may have won last years conference final game was because earlier in the 2014-15 football season Seattle beat Green Bay. By doing so the Seahawks won the tie-breaker (winner of the regular-season game between them) and hosted Green Bay IN Seattle. So a game such as this game can be very critical at the end of the season. Seattle has a great home-field playing advantage AS DO THE LEGENDARY GREEN BAY PACKERS. Both teams want to win this game very much!

“Well ..” .. I mused to myself .. “I will be able to ‘watch’ a re-creation of the game on the internet where there will be a written narrative and schematic diagrams of each play.” At best this gives me a great feel for the game BUT it is a far-cry from watching the game live-and-up-close!!

“I wish I wish .. I wish I might .. See that football game tonight.” .. I kept thinking to myself ..

To add additional interest to the game is the fact that Patti and Gullible and myself are Seattle Seahawks fans and Shaddy .. who lives IN Wisconsin .. the home-state of the Green Bay Packers .. is of course a fan of The Pack. In the lead-up to the game I sent e-mails to each of the others .. Patti and Gullible and Shaddy ..

I wanted Seattle to win because Seattle is ‘our’ team in Alaska. I wanted Seattle to win because my home-town-team .. the Detroit Lions .. are in the same division with Green Bay and a Green Bay loss would help my Lions.

At the University of Michigan in the mid-1950s I played a little freshman football with the Wolverines. Ron Kramer of the Wolverines went on to join Green Bay and became a star end for the Packers and later in his career played with the Detroit Lions. So I do have ‘some small connection’ to The Pack. Ron used to run me right smack dab into the ground during practice.

I like Seattle HOWEVER I picked Green Bay to win the game for several reasons :

  1. The game will be in Green Bay. It is the first home game of the 2015-16 season .. Green Bay’s home opener. They will be fired-up! Not to mention the pay-back factor from losing to the Seahawks twice last year. Green Bay won in Chicago last week playing a good solid game. Finally Aaron Rodgers winning record in Green Bay is phenomenal.
  2. Seattle lost last week in St. Louis in a lack-luster performance to say the least. They have been to two consecutive Super Bowls and teams just let-down after two years at the top. Two consecutive road-games across the country is hard on teams.

“What to do? What can I DO?” .. I kept thinking ..

As I was following the build-up to the game on I came across something very interesting ..



I wonder IF this GAME PASS would be available to me living here in Mongolia halfway around the world from the U.S.


I wonder IF I could really see all .. or parts of all of the above sixteen (16) games ..

“Well what the heck .. I think that I will try this plan out.”

So I signed up for the ‘WATCH FOR 7 DAYS’ plan at a cost of $14.99 ..


Halfway around the world .. Live and up close .. I cannot believe this .. I cannot quite grasp this ..

I called Patti and I surprised her with THIS GREAT NEWS ..

My Dear One .. We Two Will Be Watching This Game Together .. You And I! The two-of-us must have talked 15-20 times during the game !!

During the game I snapped one hundred and seven (107) photos. Because of the lighting here in my room being somewhat dark and having to use a slow shutter speed .. many photos were blurry. I ended up deleting about seventy  (70) photos. The up-side is that I did get some ‘keepers’.

Pre-game hype ..

The Seahawks Russell Wilson Nr. 3 on the left below and Aaron Rodgers Nr. 12 of The Pack on the right ..


Along the right edge of the screen throughout the broadcast was a listing of other games this weekend ..


Do you see at the bottom above .. ‘Welcome Cap’ .. a nice (nifty) touch ..

Hello Cris Collingsworth (LEFT) .. Hello Mister Al Michaels .. two premium announcers.


For several years now the two of you have been among the greatest announcing teams in all of sports ..




Below Number 27 of the Packers .. Eddie Lacy former Alabama star .. is one of the best running backs in the NFL. Later in the game he got injured and had to leave the game. He did not return.


The Green Bay quarterback .. Aaron Rodgers .. is at the top of the NFL with several other elite quarterbacks ..


These NFL games .. all sporting events for that matter .. come with a myriad of statistics!!


Below you see Aaron Rodgers’ Home Game Winning Record over eleven (11) seasons. After the first twelve games of his career were played .. he then went on to have a sensational record of 36 wins and only 3 losses. This is one reason I picked Green Bay to win this game!


During the games viewers are shown re-plays that detail many of the ‘Ins-And-Outs’ of the game. Below Nr. 72 of the Seahawks (yellow line) ran into the Green Bay backfield to stop a play.


Below (yellow line) shows the route the Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers took as he ran outside the left end.


I felt like I was on-the-field with the teams .. What broadcasting excellence.


The ongoing-game-strategy on the sidelines is constant .. It is also very high-tech!


These games are intense. With these two teams there are great football minds on each side of the playing field.


Yes indeed! The firms that pay to purchase advertising time make these broadcasts possible. Many of the viewers get up and run to the kitchen for more treats or to the bathroom during the commercial breaks.


What more could I ever ask for?

I sure could use a 12-inch Tuna Subway Footlong Sandwich .. that’s what more I could ask for!


Back to the game ..


A great view of Green Bay set to run a play ..


These games .. especially big games such as this game .. get really intense and often violent .. tempers flare ..


The referees (they are also called Zebras because of their stripes!) do a great job of keeping things in-line. One Seattle player was ejected from the game because of a flagrant foul on a Green Bay player.


The officials are right in among the players ..


They often meet together on the field to discuss certain game-calls to be sure they make the correct decision(s).


Seattle had a 17 -13 lead late in the 3rd Quarter .. So they certainly were in-the-game with a great opportunity to win.


It is now late in the game and Seattle has lost the above lead it once held. Below the Seahawks head coach .. Pete Carroll .. is concerned. Time is running out on his team.


The party is about to end in a sad way for the Seattle Seahawks. Below is Seattle’s great running back .. Marshawn Lynch .. looking pensive at games-end. ‘ZILLA I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT-ON-EARTH THE GREEN THING IS BEHIND HIS HEAD!!  PATTI JUST SAID THAT IT IS PART OF HIS CAP!!


Aaron Rodgers and The Pack emerged as the winners .. Green Bay 27 – 17 Seattle.


What fun it was! My Seahawks losing took away none of the fun of my being able to see this game. The Seahawks had the lead in the 4th Quarter and simply could not hold-onto-it. All one can ask of their team is to have a great shot at winning late in a game. Green Bay raced to an early 10-0 lead. Seattle eventually came back to lead the game but they could not hold the lead. This evening Green Bay was the better team.


A nice shot that I was able to capture ..


With my GAME PASS I got some added features with the Post Game show.


Peyton Manning was interviewed in the Post Game show after his spectacular game last Thursday against the Kansas City Chiefs.


Well That Was That .. What a great time Patti and I had watching the game together! Thank You Patti for your help editing this post ..


Much Joy .. Cap ..


This evening .. Monday the 21st of September 2015 .. I went-back-to-the-well to see IF I can get tonight’s Monday Night Football game.


Stand by for a few scenes from ESPN MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL !!


The New York Jets vs The Indianapolis Colts ..

The ESPN announcing team .. Jon Gruden (LEFT) and Mike Tirico.


The head coach of the Indianapolis Colts is Chuck Pagano. In 2012 Coach Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia and was forced to take a leave-of-absence from the team. Truly an inspirational story Coach Pagano returned at the end of the 2012-13 season to resume his duties.


The Colts in blue (LEFT) .. it is hard to see the Jets in green ..


A good look at the Jet’s green uniforms.

DSCN5735[1]Live and up close ..


The Jets are now on the left in the 2nd Quarter ..


The referees are here tonight ..


Cap is still welcome .. See the bottom right .. NIFTY HUH ?


Did I remember to tell you that the Indianapolis Colt’s team color is BLUE ..


The halftime show .. Chris Berman is also a famous announcer ..


That’s all folks for Monday Night Football .. NY Jets 20 – 7 Indianapolis Colts




7 thoughts on “SEP 21, 15 .. NFL SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL ..

  1. Patti

    What an amazing thing … to be able, play by play, to enjoy the Seattle/Green Bay game with you. I would not have been able to think that was possible until you called and said you were “tuned in”! Great pictures on your screen!! Welcome Cap!!! Wonders never cease … love and hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Truly it is BEYOND amazing My Dear One .. Then this evening to add to the mix full coverage of Monday Night Football .. WOW. As I never cease to get tired of telling you .. THANK YOU once again for your valuable contributions as my editor and proof reader par excellence helping me to clarify the Aaron Rodgers statistics about home game victories and other goodies you always add. Much Love .. Cap it is .. not Kanbaatar this post ..

  2. Cheryl Peters

    Of course I am pleased that the Packers were victorious but as Patti mentioned to me this game was extra special because I knew Patti, Gully and possibly you were sharing in the play by play action “together.”

    With you, where there’s a will, there’s a way. You wanted desperately to see the game but figured it was pretty unrealistic to expect that to happen. Lo and behold, you found a way. Praise the Lord!!!

    You took some awesome pictures of the game and your review of everything related to the game is wonderful. You are amazing.

    Thank you for steering me here. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this post.

    In closing, Alaska may be fabulous and Mongolia may be fabulous but Wisconsin is THE winning place to live.

    1. cap chastain

      Shaddy I haven’t asked you for many favors but I sure wanted you to see this post. Anyone who likes the NFL can NOT help but respect the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay being a small market team the NFL salary cap makes it possible for them to be truly competitive. You must have begun to wonder about The Pack when Seattle came storming-back in the second half and suddenly were leading the game by as much as 17 – 13. NO way was Green Bay going to let this game get-away from them and they prevailed.

      As I wrote in my post with the passing of time (getting older) hopefully one gets a certain maturity about sports. When your team has the lead in the late stages of a game .. this is all you can ask for. It then is up to your team to stand-and-deliver. IF they can wonderful and IF they can’t they don’t deserve it. Seattle has one star player still holding out for more money. It is disgusting the enormous money being paid to these athletes.

      Much Joy and Thanks for looking in here .. Cap ..

  3. zilla

    Tuesday, September 22, 2015 – 3:00 pm So Cal

    Hi Cap,

    Wow, wow, and wow! As we say super nifty! I watched both games and enjoyed them both! The power of the Internet – and naturally Cap – to say the least! I was rolling around the thought that you love football and wondered if you thought about seeing a game this “season”! Of course!! Great play by play and great pictures you took during the game a great blog of all the activity!

    Of course, the next question, the NHL will be gearing up in the next few weeks and I wonder if you will partake in the activities!?! Our local “Reigns” (AHL) team will have a pregame on October 2, 2015, a couple of games on the road and the first home game on Friday, October 23, 2015.

    The next question will you be able to get the same service and game pass in Hong Kong? I will keep my fingers crossed. I can’t remember, do you have a TV in your HK apartment? The next test!

    Great, have fun!


    1. cap chastain

      Great to see you are OK ‘Zilla. NO I don’t think that I will get into subscribing for the NHL. I don’t even know if the NHL offers GAME PASSES. I have no idea whatsoever about my NFL GAME PASS and IF it will be good in Hong Kong. Right now I bought just a 7-day GAME PASS that is now expiring. I was on the phone long distance last night from Mongolia with the NFL customer support team about a renewal for the whole season WITH NO RESOLUTION because they will NOT take a credit card payment by phone. Then I went onto a live chat-session with the same NFL customer support team and they told me .. “We are having problems with our website.” We simply left-it-there after 45-minutes of back-and-forth ‘chatting’ .. I was up half the night for a second night in a row .. no wonder I am tired today ..

      ‘Zilla DO IT NOW .. Write your about-to-be best selling book ..


      The world is waiting anxiously .. Smiles .. Cap ..

  4. admin_andrej

    It actually looks like the Cyrillic alphabet (courtesy of St. Cyril, 9th century).
    Almost the same one the Russians and a few other Slavic countries use.
    А а Б б В в Г г Д д Е е Ё ё Ж ж З з И и Й й
    К к Л л М м Н н О о П п Р р С с Т т У у Ф ф
    Х х Ц ц Ч ч Ш ш Щ щ Ъ ъ Ы ы Ь ь Э э Ю ю Я я

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